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SHOES FOR CREWS Introduces New Balance, Dockers And ACE To Its Slip-Resistant Footwear Offering

Press Release from Shoes for Crews LLC/Mighty Mat LLC

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Aug. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- SHOES FOR CREWS, LLC ("SHOES FOR CREWS®"), a global leader in slip resistant footwear, announced today that it is adding well-known brands New Balance® and Dockers® to its Fall 2017 collection. SHOES FOR CREWS is also relaunching its premium industrial collection, ACE.

SHOES FOR CREWS CEO Stuart Jenkins, in a photo from 1980, surrounded by his collection of New Balance running shoes.

"We relaunched the SHOES FOR CREWS brand in April, when we introduced 77 completely new styles with improved comfort, on-trend styling and upgraded safety innovations," said CEO Stuart Jenkins. "Now it's time for us to bring established and popular brands into the SHOES FOR CREWS family so our customers have an even wider range of choices. New Balance brings us branded athletic performance styles while Dockers is a respected men's brand that is a great addition to our dress collection."

Slips and falls in the workplace cost US employers more than $16.1 billion annually, according to Liberty Mutual's 2017 Workplace Safety Index. Accounting for indirect costs including lost productivity, replacing workers and management time spent, that figure rises to nearly $35 billion. One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce such accidents is slip resistant footwear, and SHOES FOR CREWS has, since 1984, pioneered corporate programs that provide slip resistant footwear to more than 15,000 companies and 100,000 locations worldwide, while also selling direct to the consumer through its catalog and websites.

SHOES FOR CREWS will initially offer women's and men's New Balance styles 510 in five colors and 623 in two colors with a slip-resistant SureGrip outsole, with additional styles and colors coming in early 2018. "I've been running in New Balance shoes since 1980," said Jenkins, who ran the Boston Marathon in New Balance running shoes in 1980, "and I am excited to bring the brand's storied athletic performance heritage to the work environment." With the addition of the New Balance styles, SHOES FOR CREWS now offers a total of 49 wide styles.

SHOES FOR CREWS will offer Dockers men's styles the "Partner" in black and the "Director" in brown and black, both featuring Stain Defender technology and a slip-resistant SureGrip outsole. "We've been bringing workers home safe since 1984," added Jenkins. "Adding established brands to our own offerings makes us even more competitive, and makes SHOES FOR CREWS the one-stop shop for slip-resistant safety footwear for both our corporate and individual customers."

Another competitive advantage is the revitalized ACE brand, which is SHOES FOR CREWS premium industrial collection for men and women. ACE boots and shoes push the boundaries of work footwear by incorporating proprietary technology and quality materials that address not only safety but also the requirements of specific job functions and external conditions. Purpose-built for those who work in wet and slippery environments as well as those who transition across multiple surfaces over the course of a shift, ACE has products suitable for food processing and manufacturing, dairy and beverage, transportation and merchandising, retail automotive, aerospace, packaging, home service fleets and building services. "TheSHOES FOR CREWS work lineis designed specifically for industries and companies concerned primarily with slips and falls on wet surfaces," said Jenkins, "and now the ACE brand expands our utility to the periphery, where durability and traction are as important, and serve workers who move across a variety of surfaces all day long, keeping them safe every step of the way."The proprietary clog-resistant outsole on many ACE styles makes the brand especially useful for environments with dry particulate matter on the floors.


SHOES FOR CREWS is a leading designer and manufacturer of slip resistant footwear worldwide. Headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida, SHOES FOR CREWS began producing slip-resistant footwear in 1984 with a mission to create a safer workplace in industries where floor hazards are a reality. Culinary footwear brand MOZO and work boot brand ACE are also part of the SHOES FOR CREWS family of brands. The December 2016 acquisition of SureGrip has made it possible for SHOES FOR CREWS to offer brands including New Balance and Dockers, and coming soon Johnston & Murphy. CEO Stuart Jenkins, a footwear industry veteran with 38 years of experience, joined the company in February, 2016 and has since brought in a seasoned design and development team based in Portland, OR. The team's focus is delivering the ultimate in slip resistant outsole technology, unmatched comfort and on-trend styling, through a complete line of slip resistant footwear designed to bring each employee home safely. For more information on SHOES FOR CREWS, visit www.shoesforcrews.com.

The New Balance 510 with slip-resistant outsole, now available through SHOES FOR CREWS

The Burren, a new style from ACE with traction by SHOES FOR CREWS


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