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Igloo® Announces Collaboration with Artist Andy Davis

Press Release from Igloo Products Corp.

KATY, Texas, Oct. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Igloo Products Corp. ("Igloo"), the industry leader in coolers, is pleased to announce its collaboration with artist Andy Davis. One of the most prolific artists to come from surf culture, Andy guides you on a visual vacation with his bright, bold and colorful designs on the iconic Playmate® cooler, which celebrates 45 years this year. The Igloo and Andy Davis collection will be made available for retailers just in time for the 2017 holiday season.

Custom Andy Davis for Igloo® Playmate® Cooler

"As a wee munchkin growing up in sunny Southern California I had many wonderful adventures with family and friends. Packing up the VW bus in my early years and then on to the trusty Oldsmobile wagon a few years after that, we would head to the coast, the mountains and lakes, parks and ball fields that surrounded us in all directions. Everywhere we journeyed to we had a companion that accompanied us. Yes, sometimes it was the family dog or a distant cousin, but it was always, without fail, the tried and true trusty red, white and white and blue Igloo Playmate. Filled with Hawaiian Punch, peanut butter sandwiches, orange slices and all other sorts of goodies," said Davis.

Family road trips, beach days, and work site lunches have had one thing in common for the last 45 years – the trusted Playmate cooler. "I still have one from those days, the damn things practically as old as I am. If someone would have told me back then I would be putting my art on them when I was a grown man I am sure I would have told them they were nuts. But alas that's what happened and I couldn't be more excited and thankful. Grateful for family, friends, fun times and for always trying to keep things chill."

Generations of cooler users have grown to love their iconic Igloo Playmate for its grab-n-go convenience and dual-access lid opening. And while those favorites remain, adding Andy's artwork increases the fun factor to the lovability of this American icon. "I'm excited to collaborate with a company with a 70 year legacy like Igloo who still makes coolers in America. Thanks Igloo for choosing me ... Stay cool… " – Andy Davis

Available at retail during the 2017 holiday season, the custom Playmate will be launching in select accounts including Thalia Street in Laguna Beach, Surf Side Sports in Newport Beach and Igloocoolers.com. In addition to the Playmate, the Igloo and Andy Davis collection is set to include a soft cooler and stainless steel hydration in 2018. Igloo is pleased to be joining the likes of other Andy Davis collaborations such as Billabong, VANS, Captain Fin, and Nixon to name a few.

Learn more about Andy's work at www.waywayoutthere.com.

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Prolific surf culture artist Andy Davis guides you on a visual vacation with his bright, bold and colorful designs.

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