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UltraTech's Portable Spill Containment Is Faster Than A Leaky Locomotive

Press Release from UltraTech International

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Oct. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- UltraTech's latest addition to their spill containment product line provides hazmat responders with a quick and effective way to contain fuel and fluid leaks and spills from locomotives, tankers and other railcars.

New berm allows quick response to railroad leaks and spills

The Ultra-Track Berm is portable enough to be quickly and effectively moved by one person to a leak or spill and can capture up to 144 gallons. Find out more.

Leaky locomotives and tanker cars can wreak environmental havoc on a railroad site. The heavy-duty containment pool is designed to straddle a rail and provide spill protection beside and between the tracks.

If a larger spill occurs or greater capacity is needed, drain hoses (not included) can be connected to the camlock fittings. Spilled material can then be directed to a waste collection area or larger container.

Key features include:

  • Lightweight and portable spill containment unit is easily placed under leaking/spilling railcars.
  • Dual-sump design provides protection for areas on either side of the rail.
  • Two (2) stainless steel camlock fittings allow quick and leak-free drainage of spilled chemicals.
  • Closed-cell polyethylene foam provides a secure sidewall structure.
  • Durable 40 mil PVC construction withstands harsh railroad conditions and provides excellent chemical compatibility.

UltraTech International, Inc. was formed in 1993 with one goal in mind: to create the world's finest offering of spill containment and spill response products. Since then, its vision has expanded into additional product categories; and the company now features a product line that consists of over 400 unique products.

The company has introduced an average of 20 new products each year. Focusing intensely on meeting customer needs in an innovative and cost‐effective manner. UltraTech's design and development team is credited with over 60 patents. They are industry leaders in spill containment, stormwater management, facility protection, construction compliance and oil spill response.

Contact Info:
Mario Cruz, Marketing Manager
UltraTech International, Inc.
Phone: 800.764.9549
Fax: 904.292.1325
Email: mario.cruz@ultratechbrands.com
Website: www.ultratechbrands.com

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