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Products by Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc.

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  • ART Infrared Refrigerant Transmitter

    The ART gas detector is a state-of-the-art, fixed, non-dispersive infrared refrigerant transmitter used to detect a wide range of refrigerant gases. It can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into a building management system (BMS) using the Modbus® RTU interface. Available in two... Read More
  • DCC Dual Channel Controller

    The DCC Dual Channel Controller is a comprehensive and dependable, self-contained gas detection system that offers one or two channel configurations for monitoring toxic, combustible and solid state refrigerant gases. Sensor configurations include, two internal electrochemical sensors (one must... Read More
  • DCC-MRI Oxygen Sampling System

    The DCC-MRI is an Oxygen (O2) monitoring system developed for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) room applications and other locations where compressed gases and cryogenic liquids are used. Nitrogen, helium and sometimes carbon dioxide when dispensed, will displace Oxygen, creating an Oxygen... Read More
  • DCC-SD Sample Draw Gas Detection System

    The DCC-SD is a self-contained, single sensor, sample draw monitoring system that is designed to draw samples of air from hard to access locations such as shafts, tall ceilings, wells, pits, small rooms and many other locations where it is difficult to install gas detectors. The DCC-SD system... Read More
  • LPT Low Power Transmitter

    The LPT is an economical, single sensor, analog transmitter available with either a carbon monoxide (CO) or nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensor. It features a two-wire loop power, three-wire VDC or four-wire VAC power, 4 - 20 mA linear output signal, automatic thermal resetting fuse, temperature... Read More
  • LPT-A Analog Transmitter

    The LPT-A is a full featured, single sensor, analog transmitter. It is available with a wide range of internal or external sensors, with over 20 types of gases to choose from. Operating as an analog transmitter or a standalone fixed system, the LPT-A offers 3-wire VDC or 4-wire VAC power, jumper... Read More
  • LPT-B BACnet® (Digital) Transmitter

    The LPT-B is a full featured, 1, 2 or 3 channel, digital transmitter for use an existing BACnet® communication network. It is available with a wide range of internal or external sensors, with over 20 types of gases to choose from. The LPT-B offers a BACnet® MS/TP output signal for communicating... Read More
  • LPT-M Modbus® (Digital) Transmitter

    The LPT-M is a full featured, 3 channel, digital transmitter designed to be part of our QCC and FCS gas detection system. It is available with a wide range of internal or external sensors, with over 20 types of gases to choose from. The LPT-M can operate as a standalone fixed system or be part... Read More
  • QCC Quad Channel Controller

    The QCC Quad Channel Controller offers four channel configurations for monitoring toxic, combustible and/or refrigerant gases with versatile control functionality for non-hazardous, non-explosion rated, commercial and light industrial applications. It is designed to accept inputs from up to four... Read More
  • SCC Self Contained Controller

    The SCC is a one or two channel, self-contained controller for monitoring carbon monoxide (CO) and/or nitrogen dioxide (NO2) or combustible gases (hydrogen, propane and methane) in vehicle exhaust type applications such as parking garages, auto repair shops, battery charging rooms, buildings on... Read More
  • YES Plus LGA Fifteen Channel IAQ Monitor

    YES Plus LGA is a multi-gas air quality monitoring and information recording instrument that simultaneously measures and records up to fifteen sensors. With more than 30 different plug and play sensors to select from, users can accurately monitor more within a single, easy to carry... Read More
  • YESAIR 8-Channel IAQ Monitor

    The YES AIR is a battery powered, portable air quality detection and data logging instrument designed for intermittent or continuous indoor air quality monitoring. Available in two models (Pump or Diffusion), each offers multi-channel operation, a selection of more than 30 different plug and... Read More

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