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Seirus Invalidates Columbia's Omni-Heat Patent

Press Release from Seirus Innovation

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A San Diego jury returned a verdict finding Columbia's patent covering its Omni-Heat technology invalid. The jury also refused to find that Seirus' HeatWave technology infringed Columbia's patent.

Columbia sued Seirus alleging Seirus' HeatWave product line infringed a Columbia design patent in 2013. Columbia added two utility patents relating to its Omni- Heat technology in 2014, U.S. Patent Nos. 8,424,119 and 8,453,270. Columbia dropped all allegations against Seirus relating to the '119 patent on the eve of the trial. The jury found the Columbia '270 patent invalid both as anticipated and obvious based on prior art references submitted by Seirus during trial.

"We have asserted all along that our HeatWave innovation was our own. We have opposed Columbia's efforts to claim Seirus' development as their own from the beginning of this lawsuit," said Mike Carey, company founder and CEO. "We feel completely vindicated in this process and thank the jury for its hard work. This means a lot to our employees who have worked hard over the years on our HeatWave line of products."

The jury was also required by the Court to find that Seirus owed money for infringement of a design patent relating to the old Seirus design. "We are confident that the basis of the design patent award can be successfully challenged on appeal," Mr. Carey stated. "In the end, we are glad to have the trial behind us, and look forward to being able to move forward unencumbered by Columbia's threat of patent infringement."

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