Met One Instruments Inc. New Product Announcement: THE eFRM SAMPLER

Press Release from Met One Instruments Inc

Met One Instruments, Inc. has been informed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA) that it has successfully completed all work on the eFRM Sampler necessary to gain designation as a new Reference Method (FRM) for fine particulate matter (PM2.5). The designation will become official as soon as the announcement is published in the US Federal Register. The eFRM joins the Met One Instruments BAM-1020 Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor and the Met One Instruments BAM-1022 Continuous Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor as Met One Instrument’s third EPA-designated method for PM2.5.

The eFRM is a portable, lightweight sampler suitable for use as an audit device or in a permanent installation. For further information contact [email protected] or Dr. David Gobeli at [email protected].


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