TSI Launches HVAC & IAQ Training Center

Press Release from TSI Incorporated

TSI Launches HVAC & IAQ Training Center

TSI Incorporated, a manufacturer of precision measurement instruments, is pleased to introduce the HVAC & IAQ Training Center as part of TSI University. The Training Center is designed to provide easy-to-use educational tools to drive efficient HVAC and IAQ assessments.

Visitors to the Training Center can expect to view valuable education videos and download training documentation from one easy to access source. By enrolling as a member, one can ensure to receive notification as new content is added and the site is expanded. The information provided is aimed at providing consistent and easily accessible application and product knowledge specific to HVAC and IAQ instruments that TSI provides.

"TSI is committed to providing the HVAC and IAQ community with information that can maximize profitability on the job site," says Jim Schumacher, TSI Product Specialist. "In today's competitive business environment, TSI realizes how important it is to have such real-time information at your fingertips." v