Rinchem Builds One-Of-A-Kind Technology in Partnership with CAS.org

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., March 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Rinchem Company, LLC, a global provider of chemical supply chain solutions, is proud to announce the development of groundbreaking technology that will revolutionize the way they track, and report regulated materials. In partnership with CAS.org, Rinchem's new technology will provide data integrity, increased accuracy, and efficiency, while most importantly - improving compliance and safety.

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Rinchem Company develops groundbreaking technology that revolutionizes how they track & report regulated materials.

"Every year, we must report to the state government and track certain chemicals, which can take months to see if it is reportable. With this innovative technology, all we do is run a report to get the precise data we need on the spot," said Frank Lucero, Rinchem's VP of IT, PMO, and QEH&S. "We understand the importance of meeting these strict standards and we are committed to ensuring that our clients' dangerous goods are handled safely and efficiently."

The technology was designed to track all CAS numbers for regulated items and will live within Rinchem's proprietary software, Chem-Star®. The company will be able to run reports and provide exact data on regulated chemicals, ensuring compliance. This technology is a significant milestone in Rinchem's commitment to meeting strict standards due to the volatile goods they move and store globally. With the recent chemical incidents as seen on the news, this project becomes that much more imperative.

The software was developed by Rinchem's Chem-Star® team in partnership with their operations and QEH&S teams, as well as CAS.org. Together they were able to engineer a tool to better the organization's safety and compliance, ensuring that Rinchem meets strict regulatory requirements. Rinchem has raised the bar in safety standards and compliance with this new tool. The software is currently live and running.

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Rinchem has a network of 27 chemical and gas distribution centers globally with over 4 billion pounds of chemicals and gases safely handled annually. They set the standard in creating and managing safe and efficient supply chains for high purity, pre-packaged chemicals and gases. Rinchem applies four decades of expertise, industry thought leadership, and logistics transparency to provide the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for its customers. The primary industries that Rinchem serves include pharmaceutical, biotech, semiconductor and aerospace. For more information, visit Rinchem.com and follow Rinchem on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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