YES IMS: The Same But Better

Press Release from Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc.

May 15, 2014


Delta, BC – Identifying and preventing indoor air quality problems in homes and the workplace is made easier with Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI)’s improved YES IMS multi-sensor air quality monitor and recording instrument. We understand that our customer’s time is as valuable as the data being collected and having a reliable and accurate monitoring instrument with easily accessible data to analyze is vital for your business.

The recent enhancements that have been made to the YES IMS are intended to streamline the user experience and improve ease of access to the data log files. They include:

  • Modifications to the USB interface including an updated USB driver that simplifies the installation process.
  • Improvements to the data log file layout that increases the stability of the data retrieval process.
  • A new Client Mode coupled with a Wi-Fi component uprade that facilitates the setup of a remote server connection to which to download the log files.

Whether you choose the fixed wall mount version or the portable desktop version, the YES IMS is available with a wide range of sensors including particulate, electrochemical, solid state, infrared and photolonization (PID). Both versions allow for 24/7 continuous monitoring and logging with the ability to store over two months’ worth of readings (when logging once per minute). Data is saved in a Microsoft Excel® friendly cvs format and can be downloaded with a standard USB connection or over Wi-Fi.

The optional Wi-Fi module is particularly useful when monitoring multiple permanent locations or one location with multiple monitors. The device can be configured as a stand-alone wireless access point or it can be configured to join an existing wireless network. When you are within stable communication range (≤300 ft), simply connect to the monitor using a computer, tablet or mobile device and with a click of a button the data is transferred to your laptop, server or data stick, etc. Various data logging settings can be configured and reconfigured as needed while connected via a wireless connection.

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