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Cincinnati Sub-Zero Testing Services, a division of Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) Products, provides a wide range of testing services for medical products. Many of these tests include accelerated aging, stability testing, package testing, reliability testing.

Medical testing applications include, but are not limited to, medical packaging, medical test kits (sutures, safety needles), respirators, inhalers, medical electronics, medical devices, , adhesives and other products.

Testing services are available for virtually any product at any point in the design cycle. These services subject items to simulated environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, altitude, corrosive, shock, and vibration conditions. CSZ has recently added HALT & HASS testing to its service offering. Findings are used to improve design and/or production processes, to reduce after-sales service, and/or to ensure product quality and reliability. CSZ Testing provides confidential, accurate, and valid test results in 72 hours, or less.

CSZ provides testing services to meet a variety of ASTM test specifications including ASTM F1980 for accelerated age testing for medical devices, ICH Q1A guidelines for pharmaceutical stability testing along with a variety of other test standards, ISTA 7D and ISTA 7E for thermal controlled transport packaging for and parcel delivery system shipment thermal testing insulated shipping containers and insulated shipping containers.

  Because products are exposed to a variety of conditions both in transport and in use, we've developed internal testing procedures that ensure our customers receive the most thorough and complete analysis of the testing processes administered.

Both of CSZ Testing laboratories are outfitted with the most current testing technologies, and are staffed by a team of on-site test technicians who coordinate a tailored, cost-effective solution to meet specific product development needs. Because of our relationship with Cincinnati Sub-Zero Products, our facilities are equipped with the latest technologies to provide customized and combined testing for our customers.

Testing equipment includes more than 35 environmental chambers, six vibration tables, and two corrosion chambers. For temperature and humidity tests, the company's advanced testing chambers accommodate an extreme range from -73 degrees Celsius (-99.4 degrees Fahrenheit) to 190 degrees Celsius (374 degrees Fahrenheit). Altitude testing simulates conditions up to 100,000 feet above sea level (40,000 feet when combined with temperature testing conditions), while thermal shock testing accommodates transferring product between temperature extremes very rapidly (in most cases less than 10 seconds weighing up to 600 pounds.

Upon completion of testing, CSZ delivers a comprehensive data analysis detailing the total product assessment under test conditions. Meticulous, documented reports of all test results are backed by a test certificate and appropriate accreditation.

For more information, please contact Cincinnati Sub-Zero Testing Services in Cincinnati at (513) 793-7774 or in Detroit at (586) 997-3589, via email at [email protected], or visit their website on-line at

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About CSZ Testing Services Inc.

Cincinnati Sub-Zero Testing Services is a leading provider of testing procedures servicing the Cincinnati, OH and Detroit, MI areas; offering high quality environmental, corrosion, climatic, shock and vibration testing services. Established in 1988 as ESSC Test Laboratory, ESSC changed its name to CSZ Testing Services in 2008 and is a division of Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) Products, Inc. Both of CSZ Testing's facilities are A2LA Accredited laboratories with ISO/IEC 17025 compliance and proudly operate with high quality standards.


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