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Products in the Occupational Health & Safety Buyers Guide

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  • B-22+MHS® Sideshields By Safety Optical Service

    The SAFEMATE® B-22+ MHS® SHIELD Compliments the Safety Optical B-52+® and B-26+® line of Universal Sideshields. The B-22 MHS® Multi-Hazard-Shield® utilizes pliable FDA approved polymers that provide expanded coverage, protection and comfort for extended wear in the Medical, Personal and... Read More
  • B-26+® Sideshields By Safety Optical Service

    The B-26+™ Universal Sideshield is designed to meet all of the compliance issues of ANSI Z87.1-2003 on small to medium safety frames. Glacier Clear Tint reduces objectionable distractions from glare, increasing visual comfort and productivity. Read More
  • B-27+ Sun-Mate® By Safety Optical Service

    B-27+ Sun-Mate® Available in the SM-5327 Compliance Safepack® Plus! Attenuates harmful UV Rays up to 380 nanometers. Sun-Mate® tint is exclusively for Glare Protection from the Sun. Patent No.5,748,278,6,393,609 B1 and others Read More
  • B-52+® Sideshields By Safety Optical Service

    The new B-52+® PLUS adds the exclusive SAFETYWING® to its impressive list of patented protected features. It is easily adjustable for universal attachment to the broad spectrum of safety frames found in the real world workplace, large-medium and small. EXCLUSIVE SIDEWEAR™ FEATURES The... Read More
  • B-53+ Sun-Mate® By Safety Optical Service

    B-53+ Sun-Mate® Available in the SM-5327 Compliance Safepack® Plus!. Attenuates harmful UV Rays up to 380 nanometers. Sun-Mate® tint is exclusively for Glare Protection from the Sun. Patent No.5,748,278,6,393,609 B1 and others Read More
  • Back-A-Line RX with Medical Magnets By Back-A-Line

    This new product has all the posture-improving benefits of the standard Back-A-Line, but NOW with the proven pain-relieving benefits of magnets. Not any magnets but the only medically approved and tested magnets available. This combined product addresses both the cause and effect of back pain... Read More
  • Back-A-Line Sport By Back-A-Line

    Back-A-Line incorporates a curved and firm lumbar pad, encased in a non-stretch belt, making it absolutely unique for back supports. The curved and firm pad - broadly patented by Back-A-Line - has been proven in peer-reviewed university studies to create "proprioceptive feedback", improving... Read More
  • Back-A-Line Tool Belt Accessory By Back-A-Line

    With one belt, you get the utility and convenience of your own tool belt along with the therapeutic and protective advantages of the Back-A-Line Belt. Read More
  • Bag Filters Occupational Health By Factory Direct Filters

    This Synthetic Pocket filter is constructed with a moisture resistant, ultrasonically welded media. The synthetic media consists of strategically layered and blended melt-blown polypropylene fibers fastened to a non-shed, high density polypropylene backing. This design creates a dual-stage... Read More
  • Baghouse Dust Collector By Scientific Dust Collectors®

    Scientific Dust Collectors manufactures a full line of Baghouse Dust Collectors to meet the needs of your specific operation. For over 35 years, SDC has provided customers with unmatched cleaning performance due to our superior cleaning system that employs a patented supersonic nozzle to clean... Read More
  • Baghouse Retro Fit By Scientific Dust Collectors®

    If the cost of a NEW dust collector is not reachable at this point, Scientific Dust Collectors has just the solution. A retrofit system designed to improve the cleaning systems in all existing baghouse dust collectors. This cleaning system improvement can be applied to all reverse pulse jet... Read More
  • Banana Board By AliMed

    It’s YOUR keyboard - Put it where YOU want it ! The Banana-Board® is a keyboard platform and palm support, with a movable mouse platform that slides out as needed. When you slide out the mouse platform, the tray takes on a 'banana' shape, hence the name. You adjust the keyboard tray and... Read More
  • Banner Safety Kits By Western Safety Sign

    Banner Safety Kits are available as a single or double-sided message and include: Bungee or Polypropylene Cord, Reflective Strips, Metal End Clips, and a convenient Drawstring Storage Bag. Customize cord type and length, colour, and message. Read More
  • Barrel Pac By Andax Industries, LLC

    This is the ultimate portable spill response to contain or clean up to a 50 gallon spill. Dual Modular Rapid Response (MRR) system distributes materials equally. UN/DOT approved drum; all-weather, onsite SPCC plan compliant. Barrel includes: 150 sorbent pads, 6 Sorb Sox, 16 pillows, 4 pairs of... Read More
  • Barrier Spill Matting By Andax Industries, LLC

    Ideal for work benches or stations and tool boxes. Thick, non-slip poly backing prevents leak through. Heavy-duty universal sorbent. Read More
  • BAS-200slm Bio-Acoustic Simulator / Sound Level Meter By Benson Medical Instruments

    Benson Medical Instruments has created the first integrated Sound Level Meter (SLM) that continuously monitors ambient noise during audiometric testing. Perfect for “quiet room” testing, the SLM works automatically to create legal documentation for guaranteed OSHA compliance. If this sounds too... Read More
  • Basic Full Body Harness By Equipment Direct, Inc.

    T Basic vest-style, compliance-grade full body harness with back D-ring for fall arrest. Built with our standard-duty 6,300 lb. polyester webbing for long life and an added measure of safety. These harnesses are a cut-above when compared to other entry-level products. * Single back D-ring. *... Read More
  • Baxter CSP 40278 Safety Glasses By Bolle' Safety

    BAXTER, a new alternative to the TRACKER model, offers total comfort thanks to its highly wraparound frame. With its waterproof foam and ingenious system for attaching the strap, BAXTER is rated D3, D4, D5 offering the ultimate protection from liquid splash, dust and fine dust. Read More
  • BayNets Safety Systems® By InCord

    BayNets Safety Systems from InCord help guard against accidental falls into service pits. The safety netting system installs to virtually any pit and slides away for easy access when working. We customize safety netting for every type of service bay application - from passenger cars to truck... Read More
  • BayNets™ By InCord

    If your facility has service pits, you must comply with OSHA regulations by regularly using a protective covering or guard to prevent dangerous falls into the pit. Injuries resulting from a fall into an open pit can amount to fines, lawsuits or both. Using BayNets™ systems makes your workplace... Read More
  • Beacon 800 Controller By RKI Instruments Inc.

    The Beacon™ 800 is a simplified, versatile, low cost fixed system controller for one to eight points of gas monitoring. It is microprocessor controlled and is capable of accepting up to 8 separate 4-20 mA sensor transmitters, which can be either 2 or 3 wire. The Beacon™ 800 can be powered by... Read More
  • Bearing Covers By Machine Guard & Cover Co.

    Uncovered bearings and rotating shafts can cause injury on the shop floor. Machine Guard & Cover’s bearing covers fit over the entire housing of the bearing, ensuring safety. Our plastic bearing covers are secured with self-tapping screws, making our bearing covers safer than snap-on bearing... Read More
  • BearKat Safety Glasses with Indoor Outdoor Lens By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

    MCR Safety's BearKat Indoor Outdoor safety glasses are the safety glass of choice for employees seeking a suitable lens for moving from indoors to out and back again repeatedly throughout the day. The single piece wraparound lens style has become the most widely accepted design in recent years.... Read More
  • Behavior Based-Safety Basics Instructor Start-Up Package By Aubrey Daniels International

    Aubrey Daniels International's world-class Behavior-Based Safety Implementation Process Can Now be Part of Your Training Curriculum! BBS Basics is a turnkey solution built on ADI’s more than 30 years of expertise in implementing behavior-based safety in a wide variety of industry types and... Read More
  • BG408 Anti-Vibration Air Glove By Impacto Protective Products Inc

    NEW!!! IMPACTO® AntiVibration Mechanic's style AirGlove® Full finger style provides maximum hand protection. Helps prevent Hand-Arm Vibration syndrome (HAVS) and White Finger Disease . Utilizes patented Air Glove® technology in the palm, fingers and thumb. Meets anti-vibration glove standard... Read More
  • Bilingual Signs By Western Safety Sign

    We produce a full range of Bilingual signage in a variety of sizes and materials. We can also customize any sign to incorporate your preferred languages. Read More
  • BinVent Dust Collectors By Scientific Dust Collectors®

    The SPJ-BV Series heavy-duty, reverse-pulse bin vent dust collector has no moving parts and ships completely assembled for quick installation. The heavy duty bin vent is available in different sizes - our LOW PROFILE model is only 36” high. High efficiency pleated bags, using a patented cleaning... Read More
  • BIOPAK 240 REVOLUTION By Neutronics Biomarine Inc.

    BIOPAK 240 REVOLUTION THE 4-HOUR REBREATHER The BioPak Revolution 240 Rebreather was developed to protect the men and women who put their lives on the line in dangerous and demanding conditions. Whether it’s a mine or tunnel rescue, an industrial accident, a HazMat clean up, search and rescue,... Read More
  • Biosystems Complete Confined Space Gas Monitoring Kit By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

    Biosystems complete Confined Space Kits (CSK) contain a four (4) gas monitor, standard accessories, standard sized calibration gas and fixed flow rate regulator conveniently packaged in a rugged waterproof carrying case. Standard Accessories # Operators guide # Training CD-ROM # Clothes Clip #... Read More
  • Biosystems MultiPro 4 Gas Monitor (Alkaline) By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

    Biosystems LEL / O2 / Duo-Tox (CO/H2S) Alkaline powered Instrument only. Standard Accessories # Operators guide # Training CD-ROM # Clothes Clip # Laminated quick reference guide # Calibration adapter Read More
  • Biosystems ToxiLtd H2S By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

    Biosystems ToxiLtd is a 2-year disposable gas detector that offers maintenance-free monitoring H2S. The ToxiLtd has a large LCD display and a 20-incident event logger. Instrument Type: Single-sensor gas detector, 2-year disposable Dimensions: 3.33" x 2.19" x 1.16" (8.44 cm x 5.56 cm x 2.95... Read More
  • Bird Deterrents By Bird B Gone Inc.

    Bird deterrents are physical bird control products used to keep pest birds from landing, roosting or nesting in concentrated areas. Bird-B-Gone has the widest variety of effective, humane bird deterrents. Including: - Bird Spider - Bird Wire - Bird Slope - Bird Gel - Solar Bird Repeller... Read More
  • Bird Exclusion Netting By No Fly Zone, Inc.

    The use of Bird Exclusion Netting provides a safe and humane method of completely excluding pest birds from desired areas. A typical netting installation consists of the following: first, stainless steel support anchors (eye bolts) are mounted to the structure. Next, cable guides (j-brackets,... Read More
  • Bird Netting By Bird B Gone Inc.

    Bird Netting is used as a physical bird barrier to prevent birds from landing, roosting or nesting in unwanted areas. Bird Net 2000™ is the most efficient and effective method for 100% bird exclusion and is the #1 bird net specified by architects and government agencies. Bird Net 2000 from... Read More
  • Bird Netting By Bird-X

    Bird-X bird netting is 100% effective at excluding pest birds when installed properly. Netting creates a low-profile physical barrier that blocks all birds and wildlife from entering the treated area. Bird netting is widely considered the best practice solution for permanently excluding pest... Read More
  • Bird Proof® Gel By Bird-X

    Bird Proof® Gel is a surface repellent gel. The sticky texture of the gel feels uncomfortable on birds’ feet and keeps them from landing, perching, and roosting on treated surfaces. The clear gel is a low-profile and discreet solution for bird problems. Bird Proof® Gel applies easily to any... Read More
  • Bird Spikes By No Fly Zone, Inc.

    No Fly Zone, Inc. Bird Spikes Bird Spikes are a stainless steel deterrent product. They deter birds from landing and/or roosting on light to heavy pressure sites such as ledges, etc. The Bird Spikes have a long stainless steel spike that extends upwards and outwards in a way that makes it... Read More
  • Bird Spikes By Bird B Gone Inc.

    Bird-B-Gone’s bird spikes keep larger pest birds like pigeons and gulls from landing and roosting on flat or curved surfaces. Our bird spikes come in two foot sections for easy installation, and are sold 50 feet per box. They are available in a variety of sizes including super wide 8”. We... Read More
  • Bird Spikes By Bird-X

    Bird-X bird spikes are a 100% effective, maintenance-free, and permanent solution to pest bird infestation. Install bird spikes on common bird landing surfaces such as rooftop edges, ledges, window sills, chimneys, or anywhere pest bird roosting and nesting are a problem. Bird spikes are a... Read More
  • BirdXPeller PRO By Bird-X

    The BirdXPeller® PRO broadcasts naturally recorded bird distress calls that confuse, frighten, and disorient pest birds. The sounds warn birds of an emergency or an unsafe situation. Sonic bird control is a safe, humane, and sustainable way to deter from outdoor areas. The BirdXPeller® PRO is... Read More
  • BLACKMAXX New Vibration Glove By Impacto Protective Products Inc

    These economical nylon/cotton knitted vibration damping gloves are coated with "pods" of lightweight cellular Chloroprene. The combination makes for extremely comfortable vibration reducing gloves that use encapsulated air to cushion and dampen vibration, giving the user good dexterity, a... Read More
  • Blank Count-up Clock with Remote By COUNTDOWN TODAY, INC.

    Print your own graphic inserts (top and bottom). See Site for sign dimensions and printing. This blank has 4 digit days (9999) and comes with remote. Read More
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training Kit By National Safety Compliance

    This Bloodborne Pathogens Training Kit was designed to train workplace employees about Bloodborne Pathogens as required by the OSHA regulations. This training program with DVD can be used to train an unlimited number of employees. Read More
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Train-the-Trainer By Safety Priority Consultants LLC

    3.5 hour course prepares trainers to present infection control programs that meet or exceed OSHA requirements. Refined over 20 years of delivery, the course includes a detailed resource guide, CD/ROM, PowerPoint, and more. Presented from Connecticut to California. Read More
  • Blueprints for Safety - Complete Safety Program Guidance By CLMI Safety Training

    CLMI's Blueprints for Safety® is acknowledged as the industry's best and most comprehensive system of safety training programs and videos. But Blueprints for Safety® is much more than a safety training program. It is a complete system that incorporates the detailed instructions and tools... Read More
  • Body Filter 95+® By International Enviroguard

    Our proprietary line of disopsoable protective clothing for advanced particle protection along with superior breathability. This breathable garment provides protection from hazardous and noxious particulates with a holdout down to 0.3 microns in the 95% to 99% range — similar to a N95... Read More
  • Body Glove 459 Biodegradable Safety Glasses By Body Glove Safety

    Body Glove's new 459 biodegradable safety glasses are created with material that, when thrown away, will attract microbes to speed up the breakdown of polycarbonate plastic. Stylish, ANSI Z87.1-2010 compliant 459 glasses are designed to meet your corporate and personal environmental goals.... Read More
  • Body Guardrail Systems By The Bodyguardrail Systems LLC.

    Your workers are the most valuable asset in your company. When you ensure their safety in the construction zone, your team is able to stay on task, maintain production schedules, and push your bottom line forward. Fall Protection Guardrail Systems makes it easier to uphold strict safety codes.... Read More
  • Bollard Guard By Omega Industrial Safety

    Omega offers Bollard Guard / Safety Barrier type products designed to protect people, machinery, building walls, shelving, racks, doors, manufactured product items, and more. Read More
  • Boom Truck Training Kit on CD - Hard Hat Training Series By Safety Provisions, Inc.

    Boom Truck Operator safety training kit on CD: $395 The Hard Hat Training Series is used by professional trainers and companies internationally. This is a complete Boom Truck safety training course on CD. The PowerPoint training course meets the OSHA requirements for this type of material... Read More
  • Boxer 700 By Safety Knife Company LLC, The

    The Boxer 700 complete with hook blade, straight blade and auto retracting guards. This is a heavy duty, versatile safety knife for general warehouse use. Replaceable and reversible blades are available and can be stored inside the knife handle. Read More
  • Boxer 800 By Safety Knife Company LLC, The

    The Boxer 800 series is available as a Boxer 800 'Lock & Limit' which allows you to set the blade depth of cut and a Boxer 800 'standard' which does not have the blade depth control and cuts to a standard 10mm. Both variations come complete with retractable guards which sit either side of the... Read More
  • Boyer Safety and Compliance Suite By Boyer Safety Services

    The Boyer Safety and Compliance Suite helps safety professionals create and maintain their safety programs. This product includes 29 CFR 1903, 1904, 1910 and 1926 plus OSHA CPLs, over 100 Training PowerPoints, 250+ Toolbox Talks, 100+ training topics in Spanish, Employee Handbooks, Safety Plans,... Read More
  • Bradley - Protective Goggle By US Safety

    The Bradley™ series provides serious defense against impact and splash hazards, with all-day comfort and styling for maximum protection. Maximum Protection, versatile fit and all-day comfort, even in the worst conditions. Features: Low Profile Design, Lightweight, Ultra-wide elastic headband,... Read More
  • Bradley® Combination Shower/Eyewash Unit By All Safety Products, Inc.

    Combination Drench Shower/Eye Wash includes 10" diameter yellow impact-resistant plastic shower head and eye wash bowl or stainless steel eye wash bowl. Shower activates with a stainless steel pull rod and 1" chrome-plated brass stay-open ball valve. Eye Wash activates with a highly visible push... Read More
  • Bradley® On-Site® Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash Station By All Safety Products, Inc.

    Bradley On-Site Gravity Fed Eye Wash On-Site is a portable, self-contained eye wash, ideal when plumbing is not available. Water stored above a fluid reservoir assures uninhibited 15-minute flow, even using only half the solution (7 gallons) of other portable units. Unique design consists of a... Read More
  • Braille ADA & Engraved Signs By Western Safety Sign

    Our shop produces American's with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant signs on site. Read More
  • Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) Certification By Lifeloc Technologies

    BAT qualification training is required by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to conduct valid alcohol screening and confirmation testing. BAT training covers the DOT rules and regulations as detailed in the government document 49 CFR Part 40, valid testing procedures, and the basic... Read More
  • BREEZE Risk Analyst By Trinity Consultants Inc

    BREEZE Risk Analyst is an advanced risk assessment software system designed to perform human health assessment modeling. It is a highly flexible and expandable GIS-based analysis platform for conducting multi-pathway human health risk assessments. Risk Analyst seamlessly combines all the... Read More
  • Brevio® NCS-Monitor By NeuMed

    With the Brevio NCS-Monitor, patients can be accurately and objectively evaluated for peripheral neuropathies, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, using a traditional (or conventional) test methodology. The Brevio has been designed to perform reliable cost-effective studies, display results... Read More
  • BrimGuard™ Hi Viz - DUAL By BrimGuard LLC

    BrimGuard™ Hi-Viz DUAL provides 360° night reflectivity that exceeds ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 combined with color coding. BrimGuard™ Hi-Viz DUAL is a cost effective solution providing both reflectivity and color coding for “at a glance” recognition and identification for employees, contractors, and... Read More
  • BrimGuard™ Hi Viz - MAX By BrimGuard LLC

    Exceeds ANSI/ISEA 107 - 2010 with over 50 square inches of 360­­° reflectivity using 3M™ 8712™ Scotchlite™ reflective tape for full brim hard hats. Excellent for flaggers and all construction workers working at night in high and low traffic areas. Read More
  • BrimGuard™ Hi Viz - ULTRA By BrimGuard LLC

    Patented beaded brim directs water away from the face in inclement weather and color coding provides for cost effective and professional looking work group identification eliminating the need to stock hard hats in different colors. BrimGuard™ is made of silicone which is not affected by heat and... Read More
  • BrimGuard™ ID - Full Brim By BrimGuard LLC

    Patented beaded brim directs water away from the face in inclement weather and color coding provides for cost effective and professional looking work group identification eliminating the need to stock hard hats in different colors. BrimGuard™ is made of silicone which is not affected by heat and... Read More
  • Brinks 4234-4KA Laminated Steel Padlock with 1-3/8" Shackle, Keyed Alike By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

    Brinks lockout padlocks feature a 1-3/8 inch chrome plated hardened steel shackle and laminated steel body resulting in the most cost effective and trusted security available. Lock bodies constructed from laminated steel (7/8" x 1-9/16" x 1-1/4") Shackles are 1-3/8" tall with a diameter of... Read More
  • Brinks 4234-4KD Laminated Steel Padlock with 1-3/8" Shackle By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

    # Brinks lockout padlocks feature a 1-3/8 inch chrome plated hardened steel shackle and laminated steel body resulting in the most cost effective and trusted security available. Lock bodies constructed from laminated steel (7/8" x 1-9/16" x 1-1/4") # Shackles are 1-3/8" tall with a diameter of... Read More
  • Broadcast / Recording By Troy Acoustics Corporation

    Troy Acoustics™ and its personnel have been involved in the Broadcasting, Movie and Recording industries for well over thirty years. Troy Acoustics™ has designed and installed acoustical treatments for dozens of facilities, for both new and updating purposes. The Troy System™ products, designs... Read More
  • Bubble CPAP By Draeger

    The Seattle-Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) plus system uses the proven advantages of Bubble CPAP therapy to help infants with respiratory distress breathe easier.1 This unique Dräger design offers oscillatory effects similar to high frequency ventilation2, 3. The system is safe, effective and... Read More
  • Bucket Pac By Andax Industries, LLC

    Fits easily in your truck or outdoor equipment. Screw top lid makes access easy yet is completely watertight. Includes 20 sorbent pads, 3 Sorb Sox, 1 disposal bag and tie and 1 pair of protective gloves. Contents will contain up to a 6.5 gallon spill. Sorbents come in either Universal or... Read More
  • Bulwark Contractor's Tan FRC Coverall By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

    Bulwark's CEC2KH flame resistant contractor's coverall meets HRC level 2 requirements with an ATPV 11.2 calories/cm2. Features: # Flame-resistant, 9 oz. 100% cotton # Concealed two-way brass zipper, gripper at top of zipper and neck # One-piece topstitched lay-flat collar # Hemmed sleeves # Two... Read More
  • Bulwark FR Stone Wash Denim Dungaree By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

    Bulwark's PEJ8SW Flame Resistant Stone Wash Denim Dungaree meets HRC level 2 requirements with an ATPV 20.76 calories/cm2. Material: EXCELFR® Flame-resistant, 14.75 oz. 100% Cotton Denim Protection: Arc Rating ATPV 20.7 calories/cm² # Care: Home Wash and Industrial wash One-piece waistband with... Read More
  • Bulwark FR Tan Button Front Shirt By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

    # Bulwark's SLU2KH button front uniform dress shirt meets HRC level 2 requirements with an ATPV 8.6 calories/cm2. Flame-resistant 7 oz. 88% cotton / 12% nylon # Banded, topstitched, button-down collar # Topstitched cuffs with adjustable button closures # Placket front with button closure #... Read More
  • Business Performance By Intelex Technologies

    The Intelex Business Performance Management System is a software application that is designed to enable organizations to optimize their business performance and measure their success through real-time, corporate reporting dashboards. The system allows you to streamline the critical business... Read More