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By Superior Glove Works Ltd.

Introducing the world’s first 18-gauge ASTM cut-level 4 work glove with 1617 grams of cut protection. This is truly unparalleled cut resistance in a glove so dexterous and with such high tactile sensitivity. After two years in the research and development stages, we have perfected the... Read more »

By Simonds Tools

PTX-938 wire cutter used for large cable cutting up to 1/0 wire, as shown. Using either an SP-008/SP-008F or SP-005/SP-005F power packs, this tool has the power to handle the large jobs. Read more »

By Omega Industrial Safety

Protect cables from forklift impact and damage. Provides maximum protection. Only Omega Cable-Shield offers your company these six advantages: -Provides maximum without interfering with normal operation -Easy installation. -Protects against both front and side heavy duty... Read more »

By Tabs FM Ltd

Tabs FM Limited develop, supply and support Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) solutions. Our flexible portfolio of modules, mobile and web systems ensure that we offer an effective, end to end management and communication software solution. Our products are designed to meet the... Read more »

By LEM Products, Inc.

Our offerings include: Tamper Proof Vinyl Security Seals and Write-On Control Markers Self Laminating Vinyl Write-On Labels Vinyl Write-On Labels Debossable Foil Write-On Labels Tyvek Pocket Pack Write-On Labels PPCLGR Style Write-On Control Markers Removable Vinyl Write-On Control Markers... Read more »

By Light Corporation

Sprout® Calla, SPT LED personal task light, a simple form, but with an undeniable twist. A unique touch switch blends into the head of the fixture for simple on/off functionality and dimming capability. This personal task light is available as a stand-alone unit or plug it into an existing... Read more »

By US Safety

The Cambridge™ goggle provides splash and impact protection in a lightweight design for maximum comfort. Ultimate viewing area and maximum comfort in a lightweight design. Features: Ultimate Field of View, All-Day Comfort, Enhanced Fit, Blocks Harmful UV, AVP Anti-Fog Coating. Meets ANSI Z87.1... Read more »

By Wells Lamont

The Carbo-King™ Series is designed specifically for work environments exposed to extremely high temperatures using materials such as glass, iron, cooper, aluminum and steel. The unique and innovative fibers of Aramid, glass and partially carbonized acrylic (preox) materials provide excellent... Read more »

By International Enviroguard

Easy to apply carpet protector film is designed to be used for up to 45 days. Rolls are reverse wound for easy application. Adhesive is a water-based product that is designed to leave no residue behind. Carpet Guard® carpet film is designed to be used when moving or during construction to... Read more »

By Scientific Dust Collectors®

Scientific Dust Collectors manufactures a full line of Cartridge Dust Collectors to meet the needs of your specific operation. For over 35 years, SDC has provided customers with unmatched cleaning performance. This is primarily due to our superior cleaning system that employs a patented... Read more »

By US Safety

The full wrap design of the Catalina 926 provides superb optical performance and increased protection. Attractive, sturdy, and multi-functional, the light-weight nylon frame is shaped to match the contour of the head for a custom fit that is both secure and comfortable. Polycarbonate lenses... Read more »

By US Safety

The full wrap design of the Catalina 926 provides superb optical performance and increased protection. Attractive, sturdy, and multi-functional, the light-weight nylon frame is shaped to match the contour of the head for a custom fit that is both secure and comfortable. The polycarbonate lenses... Read more »


Choose Yellow, Green or Orange with Department, Facility or Word-Class verbiage. Accident Free, Injury Free or Safety First on top insert. Send email with choices or wait for us to confirm to you. Read more »

By Benson Medical Instruments

Value-priced, the CCA-100mini offers increased productivity for the lowest cost possible—all at the touch of a button. Now you can dramatically improve your testing productivity for a fraction of the cost. The CCA-100mini audiometer is designed for total testing control from your current... Read more »

By Benson Medical Instruments

As the acknowledged industry leader, Benson Medical Instruments is the only audiometric company offering a complete compliance package seamlessly integrating: audiometric testing, powerful analysis, and in-depth reporting. Now, the CCA-200mini is the same size as a small stack of index... Read more »

By Benson Medical Instruments

Benson Medical is the only company focused completely on hearing conservation for occupational health. This means that the ability to test, store all data, and output a comprehensive array of reports is integrated, by design! The CCA-220 offers extraordinary advantages over conventional... Read more »

By Benson Medical Instruments

The Benson Medical Instruments CCF-200 Fit Tester helps ensure that employees are getting optimal on-the-job hearing protection from earplugs. The CCF-200 Fit Tester operates with the CCA-200mini or CCA-100mini Audiometer and BAS-200slm Simulator/Sound Level Meter. It allows for integrating fit... Read more »

By Benson Medical Instruments

The CCS-200 Spirometer is the only spirometer specifically designed for occupational health. The CCS-200 Spirometer produces accurate and repeatable spirograms for use in OSHA and NIOSH-compliant programs. The single use disposable "U-tube" mouthpiece mounts easily and securely in the handle,... Read more »

By Andax Industries, LLC

Absorbs 2-3 times more than polypropylene. Use where other sorbents won't fit. No free silica—prevents health problems associated with clay. 100% organic—environmentally friendly. Read more »

By Rescue Essentials

Celox is made of chitosan, a compound derived from shrimp shells. Chitosan has proven antimicrobial properties and is not a procoagulant. Chitosan is broken down and absorbed through normal metabolic pathways and has an extensive history of use in vascular closure and in human cardiac surgery.... Read more »

By ECRI Institute

ECRI Institute’s CHEM provides continuing education and certification for acute and long-term healthcare environmental safety and security professionals worldwide. Recertification required every three years. The five day course covers compliance with standards from Joint Commission, The... Read more »

By Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)

Certified Safety Professional Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) are persons who perform at least 50% of professional level safety duties, including making worksite assessments to determine risks, assessing potential hazards and controls, evaluating risks and hazard control measures, investigating incidents, maintaining... Read more »

By Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc.

The cGas Detector Carbon Dioxide Transmitter is a low maintenance gas monitoring device designed for use in non-explosion rated, commercial applications that require continuous monitoring of CO2. It offers one 4-20 mA analog output or a user selectable in the field digital output with your... Read more »

By Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc.

The cGas Detector is a digital, one or two channel gas detection transmitter that offers greater flexibility at a lower cost with customized sensor combinations and specialized options for adding only the functionality you need. It is ideal for monitoring toxic, combustible and refrigerant gases... Read more »

By ProTELEC CheckMate

CheckMate is a proactive, automated communication service designed to check on people working alone. CheckMate calls the lone worker based on a schedule you create. If a call goes unanswered you will be notified. Whether the work schedule is fixed or unpredicatable CheckMate can accomodate... Read more »

By Andax Industries, LLC

Introducing the Chem Trap™. Provide instant containment for chemical spills, pesticides, acids, caustics and hydrofluorics. Optional accessories include a drain for transferring or storing liquids or linking several Chem Traps™, a ground tarp and Gravity Flow Bags for more capacity. The Chem... Read more »

By Chemical Safety Software

Create and manage shipping documents and labels for shipping chemicals Chemical Safety Bill of Lading Software (BOL) has been designed and created for companies that produce, sell, store and/or transport chemicals and other hazardous materials. It is a useful tool covering the process of... Read more »

By Center for Toxicology & Environmental Health (CTEH®)

Toxicology Environmental Consultants Timely toxicological information and guidance is a critical component in managing responses to chemical releases in the environment. CTEH®’s Toxicology Emergency Response Program (TERP®) is composed of highly trained professionals that respond to incidents... Read more »

By Gensuite LLC

1. Meet Hazard Communication obligations through easy to use, desktop & mobile friendly search 2. Maintain up-to-date MSDS for all chemical products with turnkey SDS version maintenance 3. Generate GHS, NFPA, HIMS compliant labels for container marking & shipping needs 4. Deploy customized... Read more »

By Chemical Safety Software

Track Chemicals from Delivery through Disposal EMS addresses all of the special issues associated with storing and using hazardous materials. True cradle-to-grave chemical tracking can be achieved by using EMS’ chemical inventory tracking software in conjunction with our hazardous waste... Read more »

By VelocityEHS

Chemical management is a critical EHS function and a core driver of safety and health excellence. In highly-regulated business environments, it can be difficult to stay up-to-date and fully compliant with the myriad requirements of global regulatory agencies. VelocityEHS - through its MSDSonline... Read more »

By Lac-Mac Limited

Product Code: 706A Features: • Pull-on design • Hook and loop leg cuff adjustment • Raised front panel • Fabric shoulder straps with size adjustment • NFPA 1992 certified materials and design • Bar code for accurate tracking Available in Royal Blue (255271) Protection Level: NFPA... Read more »

By Lac-Mac Limited

Product Code: 763A Features: • Stand-up collar • Raglan sleeves • Hook and loop sleeve cuff adjustment • Hook and loop leg cuff adjustment • Hook and loop strip to attached optional hood • 2-way Delrin zipper two external flaps over zipper, secured with hook and loop • NFPA 1992... Read more »

By Lac-Mac Limited

Product Code: 706C Features: • Pull-on design • Leg zippers • Raised front panel • Metal zipper covered with dual snapped flaps • Adjustable waist tabs • Fabric shoulder straps with size adjustment • NFPA 1992 certified materials and design • Bar code for accurate... Read more »

By Lac-Mac Limited

Product Code: 707CAA Features: • Calf length trench coat • Raglan sleeves • Stand-up collar • Two front double patch pockets with dome closures and fluid drainage feature • Adjustable wrist cuff with domes • Internal elasticized sleeve cuff • Heavy duty brass zippers • External flaps... Read more »

By Lac-Mac Limited

Product Code: 708XC Features: • Drawstring closure • Attaches to standard Chemical Splash Protective Jacket with hook and loop closure • Sized to fit over standard hard hat • Bar code for accurate tracking Available in Red (245400) Protection Level: NFPA 1992 One Size Fits All Read more »

By Lac-Mac Limited

Product Code: 708XD Features: • Drawstring closure • Attaches to standard Chemical Splash Protective Jacket with hook and loop closure • Sized to fit under standard hard hat • Bar code for accurate tracking Available in Red (245400) Protection Level: NFPA 1992 One Size Fits All Read more »

By Lac-Mac Limited

Product Code: 707A Features: • Hip length • Raglan sleeves • Stand-up collar • Hook and loop sleeve cuff adjustment • 2-way Delrin zipper • Two external flaps over zipper, secured with hook and loop • NFPA 1992 certified materials and design • Bar code for accurate... Read more »

By Lac-Mac Limited

Product Code: 763AAH Features: • Heavy duty water tight zipper • Sleeve liners • Leg liners, with attached booties • Hook and loop sleeve cuff adjustment • Hook and loop leg cuff adjustment • Hook and loop strip to attached optional hood • Two external flaps over zipper, secured with... Read more »

By Georgia Steel & Chemical Co., Inc.

The quality and effectiveness of our products are guaranteed. When used as directed, these products will not excessively wear, damage, or harm the surfaces or devices of protective breathing equipment. Read more »

By U.S. Chemical Storage LLC

The choice for chemical storage when fire rated construction is not necessary. Each CHEMloc™ building is welded from heavy gauge steel and features a built-in containment sump. Electrical options and accessories available. Read more »

By International Enviroguard

Our proprietary lineup of disposable chemical protection for reliable, comfortable protection against chemical splashes in a variety of environments. Our lineup includes both chemical protective coveralls and chemical protective aprons. Both our Chemsplash® 1 and Chemsplash® 2 product lines... Read more »

By ILC Dover Inc

When working in hazardous environments, you know that the safety of your people is your #1 concern. Your people trust you to make the right decisions about protective gear. Trust ILC Dover to help you make the proper choice. The Chemturion™ Suit is a durable totally encapsulating protective suit... Read more »

By PureAire Monitoring Systems

The Air check Lite is Smart Gas Monitor a low cost compact gas monitoring system that’s ideal for continuously monitoring gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes and process tool gas cabinets. Designed for Original Equipment manufacturers, (OEM) and larger installations, it features a sophisticated... Read more »

By Emergency Film Group

"Chlorine" is a safety video about the hazards of the industrial gas chlorine and safe response to incidents involving chlorine. It is part of the HazChem Series and is available separately or as a part of the series. Chlorine is found in almost every town because it is used in water and... Read more »

By Morphix Technologies

The ChromAir system consists of direct reading colorimetric badges and a color chart and allows the user to quantify the amount of the monitored chemical in the air. The ChromAir system is available for ammonia, carbon monoxide, chlorine, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide and mercury. The... Read more »

By CT International, Scientific Div

Textured Surface Low Protein and Contact Sensitizers Class 10 (M2.5) Clean Room Compatible or Higher Controlled Environments Double Chlorinated Double Bagged Tapered, Beaded Cuff 12" Length, Hand Specific Total Protein Content <50ug/g of Glove (ppm) Using Modified Lowry Method Leak Tested Meets... Read more »

By Chums Inc.

Ultra light stainless cable features a "Halo" effect for complete off-the-neck comfort. Low profile flat temple design eliminates pressure points and adjusts to accommodate both large and small frames. Available in black, royal blue and clear. Proudly made in the USA. Read more »

By American Airworks™

Circul-Air Roto-Jet Hose Washer This Circul-Air hose washer removes hydrocarbons that can carry 90% of the toxins produced by a fire. These hydrocarbons can also contain carcinogens. Potentially hazardous substances can be absorbed through the skin by contact. Rinsing the hose off only removes... Read more »

By American Airworks™

Circul-Air™ hose washers and Circul-Air hose roller, washers, dryers and hose racks make life at work so much easier. The Circul-Air dryer can also dry PPE products too. We offer reduced prices and low shipping rates of these units. Read more »

By RJ Lee Group, Inc.

RJ Lee Group’s experts represent decades of specialist knowledge with strengths in many scientific disciplines. Together with our substantial analytical resources, this depth of experience allows us to develop analytical protocols which we can use to deliver results that address specific key... Read more »

By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

This classic fall arrest device is constructed of a 1" nyon web and features a clear shock pack cover to ease the inspection procedure. This product features snap hook gates compliant with ANSI Z359-2007 and may be used in both General and Construction Industries. Read more »

By HEMCO Corporation

HEMCO Clean Rooms are engineered and built to your exact size and design requirements. Cost effective and time efficient flexible modular construction. Class 100 to 100,000 applications. Optional door types, airlock, windows, pass-throughs and environmental controls. Read more »

By Exterior Performance Coatings, Inc

Clear-Seal is an exceptionally tough, water based, low VOC, single-component, self cross-linking clear acrylic/urethane blended water based sealer and durable high gloss "Wet Look" finish for concrete, stone, masonry, wood surfaces. Clear-Seal™ is resistant to UV, chemical spills, staining... Read more »

By Kanomax USA, Inc.

The new Climomaster, our top-of-the-line hotwire anemometer offers unparalleled +/- 2% accuracy. This high level of accuracy is perfect for applications such as cleanroom certification and Product R&D where precision is vital. Other features include: 20,000 data record storage capacity,... Read more »

By Man & Machine, Inc.

Cure For the Common Keyboard The Really Cool is a water-resistant and contaminant proof keyboard with tactile feedback keys. Diverse Applications The sealed and rigid surface is ideal for medical, industrial, marine and education use, as well as other applications where moisture, cleaning,... Read more »


Order our bright yellow, bilingual, CLOSED FOR CLEANING doorway sign to clearly identify restrooms or other areas that are not available for use. • Twist-pole with hanging sign opens to 50 inches, blocks doorway • Durable sign material folds / wraps easily for convenient storage Read more »

By Magid Glove & Safety

Dress for safety success in protective clothing from Magid where you can get the look for substantially less. Our collection of protective clothing encompasses everything from coveralls, aprons, lab coats, smocks, vests, shoe covers, boots, spats, and sleeves to flame resistant and Arc-resistant... Read more »

By True North

Contact True North or visit the website to learn more about the Clothing for Chemical & liquid protection the company supplies. Read more »

By True North

Clothing for electrical workers and other utilities from DragonWear include: accessories, base layers, headwear, outerwear, pants, shirts, and more. Read more »


Production and shipping delays due to global supply chain issues may temporarily affect product availability. Learn More ATOM™ SERIES PERFORMANCE REIMAGINED The ATOM™ Series, our most comfortable harness line ever developed, is the culmination of stripping harness design down to the basics and... Read more »

By Exterior Performance Coatings, Inc

CMW 8000 is a clear, colorless deep penetrating lithium silicate designed to stop concrete floor coatings & coverings from de-bonding due to hydrostatic vapor pressure coming up through concrete by creating a negative & positive side moisture barrier. CMW 8000 will purge alkalai salts and... Read more »

By Driving Dynamics

A train-the-coach certification course that prepares safety training professionals to deliver effective and personalized coaching, guiding students toward recognizing and correcting poor driving habits, risky behaviors and diminished driving skills. Read more »

By PGI , Inc.

COBRA™ Ara-Tek FR CLASSIC™ SURE FIT™ HOOD Style # 3022185SF Material : Ara-Tek FR™ Tri-Blend Arc Rating : 10.7 HRC Level: 2 DESIGN : Double ply hood and bib, two piece overall design with notched shoulders Double-ply hood with 3" Sure Fit panel for customized fit Provides... Read more »

By PGI , Inc.

COBRA™ CARBON SHIELD™ ULTIMATE™ SURE FIT™ Hood Style # 3049298SF Material : Carbon Shield™ Arc Rating : 23.3 HRC Level : 2 DESIGN : Double ply hood, with Extra Long Double ply bib, two piece overall design Carbon Shield is a flame resistant fabric breakthrough based on carbon fiber... Read more »

By PGI , Inc.

COBRA™ ELITE™ SURE FIT™ Hood Style # 3802093SF Material : Para-Tek FR™ Tri-Blend Arc Rating : 34.4 HRC Level : 3 Para-Tek FR™ is PGI’s proprietary Tri-Blend that leverages the benefits of three fibers – Para-Aramid, Lenzing FR™, and High Tenacity Nylon. The end result is a lightweight,... Read more »

By Williams Jewelry & Mfg Co.

Recognition and challenge coins, dog tags and medallions made to your specifications with your design, logo or insignia. Read more »

By Sentry Protection Products , Inc.

Collision Sentry Corner Pro Collision Sentry Corner Pro is the collision warning system designed to reduce or eliminate accidents at blind corner intersections. When motion is detected on both sides of the corner, creating conditions for an accident, Collision Sentry Corner Pro sends a visual and audio alert to warn of... Read more »

By Omega Industrial Safety

Omega Column Guards are designed to keep your facility safe and secure from the potential catastrophic effects due to building column damage or failure. The Omega Column Guards take the beating instead of your building columns or the mechanical, plumbing and electric apparatus they support.... Read more »

By Frontline Safety Supplies

Protect your building's columns from damaging bumps by moving vehicles. Octagon configuration for more rebounding ability 100% rust proof Flexible deflection design - capable of handling a hit from a 7000-lbs. forklift at 6 mph Easy to assemble Nylon fasteners (included) for breakaway... Read more »

By Sentry Protection Products , Inc.

Column Sentry Column Sentry® is: -Incredibly Tough -Highly Visible -Easily Installed -Surprisingly Cost-effective -Extremely versatile Column Sentry® is the original, patented column protector, saving interior building columns by surrounding them with a cushion of air. This protector is very easy to... Read more »

By Sentry Protection Products , Inc.

Column Sentry FIT The Column Sentry FIT is a revolutionary column protector that addresses the challenge of variable column sizes. The product features four interlocking sides that slide into place to create a flexible, impact absorbing column protector with a custom fit. No more guessing at sizes or trying to... Read more »

By US Safety

The Comfort-Air Series 100 Half-Mask Respirator is molded from pure silicone with no extra additives. The Series 100 is comfortable, easy to clean and compatible with a variety of PPE. Comfort-Air's unique design sits low on the face, so it doesn't interfere with safety glasses and goggles.... Read more »

By Hapad, Inc.

Relieves Chronic Heel Pain Resulting from Plantar Fasciitis •3/4 length design will not change shoe fit •Provides remarkable comfort, cushioning and support •Ideal for long hours of standing or walking •100% natural wool felt •Available in women's, men's and extra wide sizes •Available... Read more »

By Hapad, Inc.

A Comfortable High Performance Anti-Fatigue Insole that Relieves Heel Pain Caused by Plantar Fasciitis •Anti-fatigue and performance insoles for those who lead a more active lifestyle •A combination of light-weight, breathable and resilient foam materials provides the ultimate in comfort... Read more »

By Lion Technology

This two-day workshop provides EHS professionals with an overview of the major air, water, and chemical program s implemented by US EPA (40 CFR). Attend to learn the critical elements of major EPA programs, keys to applicability, critical requirements, and how to locate regulatory mandates that... Read more »

By Rescue Essentials

Rescue Essentials has assembled a wide variety of Complete Medical Kits for everyone from the medical professional to the outdoor enthusiast. Our Casualty Response and Tactical Kits ere designed to meet the demanding needs of tactical and law enforcement professionals, while our workplace OSHA... Read more »

By Blackburn Group Inc.

Blackburn Group, Inc. offers compliance and quality assurance support services to various self-insurers, insurers, and reinsurers in the Property, Casualty, and Workers Compensation risk business. Our RiskPro products and services include: Risk Reviews and Solutions including Sarbanes... Read more »

By Trinity Consultants Inc

Trinity Consultants' Compliance Assistance includes: NESHAP and NSPS EH&S Auditing Emissions Inventories CEMS Support Environmental Outsourcing Recordkeeping & Reporting Litigation Support Industrial Risk Management Read more »

By VelocityEHS

Compliance Management is one of your most basic responsibilities as an EHS professional and an area that represents significant organizational risk. The VelocityEHS Compliance Management solution provides you with a central platform from which you can track and manage tasks, permits and... Read more »

By Siemens PLM Software

CompliantPro is the most comprehensive compliance management solution on the market today. CompliantPro offers the advantage of a robust, extremely flexible environment, adaptable to virtually any IT infrastructure. With CompliantPro, you can manage processes for communicating, monitoring, and... Read more »

By Sentry Protection Products , Inc.

Concrete Wrap Concrete Wrap™ provides a durable layer of protection around existing round concrete columns. Our concrete column wrap guards both the structural column and also vehicles from collision damage. Sentry's Concrete Wrap™ coloring scheme increases the visibility of the column to assist in providing... Read more »

By Emergency Film Group

Three titles provide a comprehensive examination of response issues in a confined space emergency. Addresses the requirements of OSHA's Permit-Required Confined Space Standard (29 CFR 1910.146), NFPA 1006, Standard for Rescue Technician Professional Qualifications, and NFPA 1670, Standard on... Read more »

By Skedco, Inc.

Please check out a list of Skedco products that designed for confined space! Read more »


Recognizing confined spaces is an important way to prevent injuries and fatalities in many environments. Posting confined space signs in these areas not only protects people in your facility, but also enables compliance with OSHA regulations. In addition to protecting people from injury or... Read more »

By Safety Provisions, Inc.

Confined Space Operator safety training kit on CD: $395 The Hard Hat Training Series is used by professional trainers and companies internationally. This is a complete Confined Space safety training course on CD. The PowerPoint training course meets the OSHA requirements. There are 3 complete... Read more »

By Lion Technology

Employees who work near hazardous confined spaces must be trained on the serious dangers they face if they enter these spaces without authorization. This online course builds employee awareness about OSHA’s standards for confined spaces and permit-required confined spaces. Employees who do not... Read more »

By Medcor

Our onsite and mobile clinics have served many complex construction projects with site-specific safety needs and risks. A combination of onsite care and telemedicine services reduce unnecessary offsite care and workers’ compensation claims, cutting overall costs. Our clinic staff and proprietary... Read more »

By Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)

Construction Health and Safety Technician The Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) certification is designed for individuals who demonstrate competency and work part-time or full-time in health and safety activities devoted to the prevention of construction illnesses and injuries. The CHST certification meets national... Read more »

By 1 Source Safety and Health

In recent years, onsite safety management expertise at construction sites to oversee day-to-day activities has been recognized as an important factor in reducing injuries, illness and fatalities. The professionals at 1Source have provided clients with onsite daily oversite, daily safety... Read more »


Construction sites can be a very dangerous environment to be in with many opportunities for injury or fatality. With high voltage areas, debris and heavy equipment in the area, it's important to make sure that construction workers and anyone in or near the construction site are made aware of the... Read more »

By convergence consulting LLC

-Outsourced Staffing: corporate or facility level -Compliance -Training: functional and in-country -Benchmarking Read more »

By Bausch & Lomb

When it comes to providing quality optics, there is no one better than Bausch + Lomb. From hand-held to hands-free, we offer precision optics and patented ergonomic designs for many different applications. Magnifiers with ErgoTouch Grip Only Bausch + Lomb magnifiers incorporate precision... Read more »

By InCord

Conveyor Guard Netting Custom Conveyor Guard Netting To save lost time due to spillage or injuries, employers must provide a safe workplace for any one working with overhead or ground level conveyor systems. InCord offers Custom Safety Netting Solutions and conveyor guards for passive overhead protection on racks and... Read more »


Conveyors can be helpful machinery in a variety of applications, but they also present some dangers. Conveyors can start up and stop on their own, which can cause injury to those around them so prevent with a conveyor safety label. In addition, they can be very loud. These reasons and more are... Read more »

By Dematic

Dematic’s market leading range conveyors offer more than just transportation. Our conveyors join processes together and deliver and take away goods - automatically and on cue. They can store goods until the next person or machine needs them, sort or merge them intelligently, and can facilitate a... Read more »

By Polar Products Inc.

The Cool Flow Adjustable Vest System (CFA) is a lightweight vest with a comfortable fit. Keeps you cool by continuously circulating cool water throughout over 50 feet of insulated lines built into the lightweight vest. Just add water & ice to the cooler and your personal Cool Flow System is... Read more »

By Polar Products Inc.

The Cool Flow Fitted Vest System (CFF) is a lightweight vest with a comfortable, slim fit. Keeps you cool by continuously circulating cool water throughout over 50 feet of insulated lines built into the lightweight vest. Just add water & ice to the cooler and your personal Cool Flow System is... Read more »

By Polar Products Inc.

The thicker walled tubing and higher flow rate of the Cool Flow Heavy Duty Vest System (CFA-HD) make it ideal for use under protective clothing such as lead aprons. Keeps you cool by continuously circulating cool water throughout over 50 feet of insulated lines built into the lightweight vest.... Read more »

By Air & Water Systems

Traditional Stainless Steel Piping System. For Spaces Over 20,000 sq. ft. & minimum 15' Ceiling. Individual Nozzles Spaced 4-5' in Ceiling Area. 5-35 Micron Atomization - Fully Evaporating. 5-1 Micron 2 Stage Prepump Filtration Water Filtration. Robust CAT High Pressure (1400 psi cap)... Read more »

By CoolShirt Systems

COOLSHIRT Industrial Kit COOLSHIRT Systems® introduces its new Industrial Kit. This complete kit comes with the Portable 6qt MOBILECOOL ice based cooling system, a black cotton COOLSHIRT, a rechargeable 7 hr. lithium battery with charger, an 8 ft. insulated hose, our endurance ice, and maintenance solution The... Read more »

By Core Products Intl

Our CoreBak™ Industrial Support offers comfort and support at an affordable price. Its design, including double side pulls and closures, provides strong support to the lumbar region for a wide range of activities and helps alleviate muscle strains, supplementing weakened or stretched abdominal... Read more »

By Omega Industrial Safety

Protect corners from forklift impact and damage. Provides maximum corner protection. Read more »

By Sentry Protection Products , Inc.

Corner Sentry Corner Sentry™ protectors add a protective layer to your vulnerable industrial corners. This product is a flexible EVA shield that absorbs impacts and guards both the corner and the vehicle. Vehicle impact is a constant problem for industrial corners in heavy traffic areas. Typically,... Read more »

By Successories

Employee gifts are often a challenge due to appropriateness, affordability and other factors. Our employee appreciation gifts, with their motivational quotes and inspiring messages, are always appropriate and fit into almost every budget. Our exclusive line of appreciation and motivational gifts... Read more »

By convergence consulting LLC

-Development of Management Systems -ISO, EMAS, OHSAS, etc -EHS2 Performance Strategies -Compliance -Management Systems -Metrics -Sustainability Read more »

By VelocityEHS

Corrective Action follow through is key to the EHS approach known as “Find and Fix.” Capturing an incident or near miss is just the first step in a critical process that doesn’t end until the right follow up tasks have been completed. The VelocityEHS platform makes it easy for you to reduce... Read more »

By HQ, Inc. (CorTemp Ingestible Temp Pill)

Research shows that external methods of temperature measurement are invalid in assessing hyperthermia in hot environments. The CorTemp® wireless, monitoring system, featuring the CorTemp® ingestible core body temperature pill enables you to make on the spot, preventive decisions to keep your... Read more »

By Chums Inc.

The Original Cotton retainer with a reconnecting breakaway for safety. Quality, comfort and the ability to fit most standard frames and an adjustable slider bead for superb fit. Machine washable. Read more »

By Chums Inc.

Since 1983, the world's first all cotton, fully adjustable eye wear retainer has remained the industry standard. The cotton construction keeps it durable, cool and comfortable. Available in a variety of colors, the standard end was made to fit all of the most common frame sizes and styles.... Read more »

By convergence consulting LLC

convergence has developed a suite of health and safety country compliance resources exclusively for commercial offices, service sectors and retail operations. The tools and resources include 70+ country legal registers, audit checklists and compliance calendars; presented in English and the... Read more »

By Cementex Products, Inc.

CCVL12-size • 12 cal/cm2 ATPV FR Treated Cotton Coveralls • Available in sizes Small through 5X • Standard inseam = 32” • Elastic back for ease of movement • Two-way covered FR Velcro® open front for easy entry • Nomex® knit cuff closure • FR Velcro® calf and ankle straps for ease of wearing... Read more »


The Crane Hand Signal Posters you need, from Our safe crane operation posters show the universal hand signals for crane operation and movement. Some also show descriptions of each motion and others include a space to include your company name at no additional cost. Poster... Read more »


Crane Hand Signal posters, wallet cards, labels and more for training use or on-the-job reminders. Order ready-made posters or Build-A-Kits to create your own custom crane hand signal chart. Also OSHA and ANSI worksite signs related to safe crane operation. Read more »

By HySafe

Crane Rail and Bridge Fall Protection Regardless of harsh or corrosive environment conditions, inside or outdoor, Hy-Safe’s crane rail fall protection system components are durable and reliable. A variety of connection and mounting options are available, giving Hy-Safe’s crane rail and bridge... Read more »


You, as the operator of a large mine, know best how difficult and stressful it can be to precisely locate your entire workforce in time with the blast schedule. Harsh environments like mines are places where safety matters most. Blocked tunnels, disrupted communication lines and blackouts will... Read more »

By Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting

Crossgrip roof walkway system is an open grid, self draining, non-porous roof walkway matting system which is used on flat roofs to provide safe access for maintenance of roof top services. The system comprises two mats, Crossgrip PVC, manufactured from polyvinyl cloride, and Crossgrip TPO,... Read more »

By CT International, Scientific Div

Tri-BlendTM 100% Inspected for Pinholes and Defects Orange Color for Safety Class 10 (M2.5) Clean Room Compatible or Higher Controlled Environments Raised Pattern Grip Double Chlorinated Low Protein and Contact Sensitizers Tapered, Beaded Cuff 16" Length, Hand Specific Total Protein Content... Read more »

By Mezzanine Safeti-Gates, Inc.

We know that no facility is the same, and that safety gates in standard sizes or configurations may not work for your requirements. If one of our existing models will not fit your application, we design a solution that works. Our engineers love a challenge, and have been customizing specific... Read more »

By Western Safety Sign

Banners for custom advertising, trade shows, showrooms, and more. Choose from - Stand-up Banner Vintex Banner with Grommets Tell us your needs and we can design an eye-catching banner for you. Read more »

By Williams Jewelry & Mfg Co.

Whether your needs are for 5 emblems or 5,000 let our experienced designers guide you. The proper design will not only enhance your award program but can also save your company hundreds of dollars in emblem production costs. Read more »

By Positech Corporation

Positech designs and manufactures custom end effectors for any type of application, from a 10 pound tote to a 3,000 pound tractor tire, Positech has the solution. Read more »

By PEC - Pacific Energy Concepts

At PEC we leverage modern technologies and design expertise to deliver optimized LED lighting retrofits. Improving business outcomes through energy efficiency is what we do. Our proven energy-saving solutions offer an immediate and significant impact on production, safety, environmental, and... Read more »

By Safe Buildings Corporation

Do you need of a safe, secure chemical storage facility? Whatever your needs, Safe Buildings Corp., will deliver custom hazmat storage facilities for purposes such as: The largest storage facilities in the world for chemical storage Forklift entry hazmat storage up to 1,500 sq. ft. Pallet... Read more »

By American Safety Vest

All vests from American Safety Vest can be custom printed. Common imprints include: POLICE, SHERIFF, FIRE POLICE, SECURITY, STATE POLICE, CROSSING GUARD, SAFETY OFFICER, TRAFFIC, STAFF, OFFICER, HAZ-MAT, and EMS. Other imprints are MEDICAL, PARAMEDIC, TRIAGE, and INCIDENT COMMAND. We... Read more »

By Glove Guard, LP

Customize your Glove Guard®, Handi Klip® or Utility Guard® clip with a custom imprint using your company name, logo, phone number, web address or even your own safety slogan. Imprints can be up to two colors and printed on both sides. Read more »

By Ergonomic Partners, Inc.

Ergonomic Partners designs, distributes and manufactures off the shelf and custom lifting devices for the HVAC, Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Food, Casting Facilities, Tire Facilities, Printing Facilities and many more. Read more »


Your needs are our #1 concern! However, if you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for in our standard stock list, then please allow us to provide you with a custom price. We have a simple quote request system to help guide you through the process. This ensures that we get the... Read more »

By Stonehouse Signs

It's time to change your expectations when you are looking for a custom safety sign, custom tag or a special product. Changing the wording, color or adding a symbol shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Stonehouse Signs wants to give you what you want, when you want it- so it’s time to Change... Read more »

By Machine Guard & Cover Co.

Machine Guard and Cover Company does far more than plastic machine safety guards. We also do custom vacuum forming and plastic fabrication. We can create custom vacuum formed solutions for almost any plastic fabrication need. If you need a plastic prototype for a project, we can do that as... Read more »

By Factory Direct Filters

Need A Custom Size Filter? Create the Perfect Fit for Your AC or Furnace. Read more »


Customized to your specifications. Supply us with your graphics, vectors or jpegs and we will design a custom count-up sign for you. Read more »

By American Thermoplastic Company

Custom-Imprinted Binders, Index Tabs and related loose-leaf products will help organize paperwork and enhance the image of your company. Ideal for sales catalogs, training manuals and employee handbooks, binders can be custom made to your specs in a variety of colors and sizes. Read more »

By Prescription Spectacle Inserts International, LLC

Prescription and reading lenses for the Smoke Spec and Scuba Spec inserts can be purchased through this website at significant cost savings compared to your local optician or optometrist. Available powers for reading lenses (magnifiers) are +1.0 through +3.5 in 0.25 power increments. -... Read more »

By Cementex Products, Inc.

Cementex has predefined kits created for varioius needs and/or industries. We can customize these kits or create a custom kit that meets your needs. All custom kits are designed with whatever storage option suits your need best. We offer various types of Pliers, Wrenches, Crimpers,... Read more »

By Southern Glove

Para-aramid is a composite yarn developed by DuPont and its attributes include high strength and outstanding slash and heat resistance. Styles using this yarn can also be coated for extra abrasion and grip. Read more »

By Keytroller, LLC.

The affordable way to “watch” your equipment. Location, usage, anti-theft, alarms and fuel. C Y B E RWA T C H transmits its GPS position and hour meter data automatically once per day via a cellular network to a password protected website that is accessed by the dealer or user. From this... Read more »

By Scientific Dust Collectors®

Scientific Dust Collectors continues its quality in dust collector manufacturing with its offering of a full line of Model-C* Cyclone Dust Collectors. Currently, SDC’s line of Cyclone Collectors are suited for 5,000 CFM to 50,000 CFM with grouping options (of two or more cyclones) available for... Read more »