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By E.A.R. Inc.

E.A.R. Inc. announces new "E.A.R. Sound Checker™" designed to protect hearing by easily checking surrounding decibel levels. The E.A.R. Sound Checker™ is a personal Sound Level Meter which indicates if sound levels are safe or dangerous and helps the user determine whether hearing protection... Read more »

By BW Technologies by Honeywell

E3Point is a toxic/combustible gas monitor that makes a commercial operation run more intelligently to protect people, property and the bottom line. It goes beyond protection to increase energy management, efficiency and economical value. E3Point is capable of detecting the widest range of... Read more »

By RKI Instruments Inc.

RKI is proud to offer the next generation of our popular EAGLE portable gas detector. Our Eagle 2 is equipped with features that are not available on competitive units, it is a powerful instrument that does more than just offer the standard confined space protection for LEL, O2, H2S and CO.... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

The Eagle-Grip™ 1 series of lift truck attachments utilize a light duty single automatic clamping mechanism for handling any size steel or plastic chimed drum. All models are knockdown units which bolt together, but are typically shipped assembled and ready for use. The fork pockets and safety... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

The Eagle-Grip™ 2 Series of lift truck attachments utilize a light duty double articulating automatic clamping mechanism for handling any size steel, plastic or fiber chimed drum. All Eagle-Grip™ clamping mechanisms are completely mechanical, requiring no electrical or hydraulic connections to... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

The Eagle-Grip™ 3 Series of lift truck attachments utilize a heavy duty Eagle-Grip™ single automatic clamping mechanism for handling steel and plastic drums in high volume applications. The clamping mechanisms are completely mechanical requiring no hydraulic or electrical connections. Positive... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

The top of the line Eagle-Grip™ 4 Series of lift truck attachments incorporates heavy-duty Eagle-Grip™ double articulating clamping mechanisms for handling any steel, plastic or fiber chimed drums in high volume applications. These attachments provide the safest available method of lifting and... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

The Model EL4F is an all mechanical lift truck attachment that utilizes automatic clamping mechanisms to handle from one to four drums at a time without any hydraulic or electrical connections to the lift truck. The EL4F is ideal for palletizing drums or unloading trailers. Simply position the... Read more »

By E.A.R. Inc.

With EarPlugz-PC™, E.A.R., Inc. has created a cost effective modular ear protection system that provides maximum flexibility for end users to design the product to meet their requirements - for example 3 different sizes with or without removable cords, and/or with or without metal inserts. +... Read more »

By Micro Audiometrics Corp

The standard Earscan 3 (ES3) is a fully programmable audiometer, allowing customization of the entire test procedure, from intensity step size to frequencies selected for testing and the order in which they are presented. ES3 can accommodate both the standard headset or optional insert... Read more »

By AliMed

Easy Cut Safety Cutter is easy to operate. Easy Cut’s patented ergonomic squeeze trigger design eliminates repetitive motion and can be used by both left- and right-handed users. The blade is extended when you close your hand, and retracts when you relax your hand. Easy Cut operates the way your... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

"NARROW AISLE 27” WIDE “SL” MODEL Finally! A simple, safe and effective method that addresses the risks in manual materials handling in moving, lifting and lowering drums without a forklift - all while the drum remains completely in the vertical position. The EasyLift Drum Transporter can... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

EasyLift™ AC & DC Powered Drum Dumpers are built to meet the needs of your specific drum dumping application. We will discuss your project with you in detail to determine the features that fit your application perfectly. We use both counterbalanced or straddle leg base frames, single or... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

"EasyLift Air Powered Drum Dumpers are built to meet the needs of your specific drum dumping application. We will discuss your project with you in detail to determine the features that fit your application perfectly. We use both counterbalanced or straddle leg base frames, single or two-stage... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

"The elimination of legs and compensated counter weight makes this unit ideal for placing drums in cabinets or under air piston pumps.This model is also perfect for placing drums on the side of pallets, scales, or containment pallets where the corner of the pallet in not accessible. Standard... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

The EasyLift Economy Drum Transporter can eliminate strained backs, pinched fingers and other injuries associated with manhandling drums on and off pallets, floor scales and secondary containment pallets. All models will handle any size plastic, fiber or steel chimed drums of any height raising... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

Manually lifting empty drums weighing 50 lbs or more to a height of 70"" in trailers can be an accident waiting to happen. This DC powered lift model eliminates injuries associated with manually double or triple stacking empty drums. Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

"Finally! A simple, safe and effective method that addresses the risks in manual materials handling in moving, lifting and lowering drums without a forklift - all while the drum remains completely in the vertical position. The EasyLift Drum Transporter can safely and easily pick up steel, poly,... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

"EasyLift™ Manual Clamp and Forward Rotation Drum Dumpers offer affordable solutions in dispensing drums in low level dumping applications. These models are offered with manual foot pump lift , DC powered lift or rechargeable air tank pneumatic lift functions. Drums are manually secured into a... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

Straddle Leg models are available with several different clamps for specific ranges of roll diameters. The I.D. between the straddle legs is built to the customers’ specification, such as the need to straddle a pallet. Most models can grip rolls from the corner of a pallet. The leg length is... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

EasyLift ELDR narrow aisle roll manipulators are typically used with our RCR 13/24 & RCR 16/26 clamps for handling rolls up to 500 lb./227 kg.   The 27" overall width permits gripping rolls of various diameters and lengths from the side of a pallet, while maneuvering through tight congested... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

EasyLift Ergonomic Roll Transporters are available with an aluminum roll posts or stainless steel V-Pans with manual rotation. V-Pans are built to accommodate a customers roll sizes up to 30"/762 mm in diameter, weighing as much as 600 lb/272 kg.  V-Pans can be lowered to floor level, being... Read more »

By American Airworks™

Our electric powered gas booster will work with all types of gases such as air, argon, CNG, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. Provides up to 18 SCFM flow rates and outlet pressure up to 10,000 PSI. Used by military, industry, fire service, mining rescue, aviation ground service, petroleum,... Read more »

By Protective Industrial Products

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: E-Cooline cooling vest. • High-tech fleece is able to absorb 1-2 liters of water; • Elastic material allows sufficient space to move; • No wetness or drop formation; • Wide velcro strip for the perfect fit. • Quick-drying outer fabric. Applications: For use in foundries,... Read more »

By Eco Safety Products, Inc

Eco-Tuff is a single component, zero VOC, ultra tough waterproof coating material. There are no hazardous ingredients, is non-flammable and virtually odorless. It is engineered for the most extreme environments from freezing cold temperatures to the hottest climates around the world. It is... Read more »

By Specialty Lighting

edge offers silky smooth and continuous illumination without any dark spots between directly connected fixtures for a seamless effect. With its advanced diffuser, the fixture provides a wide beam angle for bright and consistent illuminance. The exceptionally slim linear LED luminaire provides... Read more »

By convergence consulting LLC

Our Auditing & Assessment Services: -Legal Compliance -Management Systems -Internal Policies & Standards -Other Standards, e.g. World Bank Why Choose convergence? -Our global network of EHS management professionals offers in-country expertise with local language skills. -We have the skill set... Read more »


EHS Hero

A fully customizable BLR Environmental Health and Safety cloud-based platform with best-in-class tools and time-saving resources. EHS Hero combines all the tools safety, health, and environmental professionals need into one centralized dashboard while putting federal and state regulatory... Read more »

Product Website

By Intelex Technologies

Intelex's EHS Incident Management Module is a web-based software application that takes a complete life-cycle approach to managing all of the aspects and stages associated with environmental, health, and safety incidents including; internal reporting, investigating, implementing corrective... Read more »

By Emilcott

Emilcott understands that the successful implementation of any EHS program rests in the development and delivery of quality and thorough employee training. We have been providing EHS training services since our founding and have extensive experience creating programs for management/supervisory... Read more »

By Core Products Intl

The Elastic Industrial Back Support provides maximum compression to abdomen helps reduce inflammation while helping reduce stress on the lower back. The belt is constructed of a high-quality elastic with dual hook-and-loop side pulls. Detachable safety suspenders help maintain proper lifting... Read more »

By Easy Lift Equipment Co Inc

"EasyLift ELDR narrow aisle drum dumpers are 360 degree side rotating models for handling drums up to 500 lb./227 kg. Both the 27"" overall width of the straddle leg model and the 24"" overall width of the counter-balanced drum dumper permit gripping drums of various diameters from the side or... Read more »

By Bird B Gone Inc.

Electric Track. Bird-B-Gone electric track bird deterrent systems are low profile bird deterrents used to prevent birds from landing or nesting in unwanted areas. The unique electrically charged tracks give birds a mild electrical shock when they land on the tracks surface. The shock will not... Read more »

By American Sales Development LLC

Safe, ergonomic and economical, the ASD tug is a self-contained, battery powered, walk-behind power mover that aids production personnel in moving heavy parts and equipment in an industrial environment. It is a tool used to offset the physical strain that is felt by an operator in pushing or... Read more »


SAFETYCAL® Transformer Labels, Substations Signs and Reflective Markers are made to last. We use only quality products and add additional features such as UVI Over Laminate and Clear Coating to protect and insure lasting durability. Our Transformer Labels are available in a variety of formats,... Read more »

By Ericson Manufacturing

Ericson Manufacturing Company offers a wide variety of plugs and connectors to fit your needs. •5266 economy grade plugs and connectors •Light industrial plugs and connectors (Perma-Link®) •Industrial plugs and connectors (Perma-Grip™) •Extreme condition plugs and connectors (Perma-Tite®... Read more »

By Easy Safety Solutions

Electricity has long been recognized as a serious workplace hazard. OSHA's electrical standards are designed to protect employees exposed to dangers such as electric shock, electrocution, fires, and explosions. Electrical hazards are addressed in specific standards for the general... Read more »

By Jacman Group Safety

Although we specialize in NFPA 70E Electrical-Arc Flash Safety Training and Arc Flash Risk Assessment, we also provide comprehensive facility audits, program reviews, and program development to help companies work toward compliance with electrical safety and a safer workplace. Facility... Read more »


OSHA, ANSI and other popular safety and warning signs and labels related to workplace and worksite electrical hazards: Arc Flash, Battery Charging, Buried Cable / Utility Lines, Static & Grounding, Alternative Enegry, Voltage & Shock Hazards, Voltage Laabels, Pipe & Conduit Markers, Call Before... Read more »

By No Fly Zone, Inc.

Electrified Track (sometimes referred to as a “shock strip”) bird deterrent system is effective against all species of birds to deter them from loafing, roosting and/or landing on ledges at all pressure levels. Electrified Track is recommended for high pressure or high visibility situations.... Read more »

By Gilbert Industries, Inc.

Place wall mounted ILTs down low to best catch day-flying insects like the housefly. Ceiling traps will catch flies; but it is the fly's nature to be below five feet high (even skimming the floor) when they are most responsive to ILTs. Generally speaking, the lower you place a trap, the more... Read more »

By E.A.R. Inc.

Today we bring to the table several digital compression circuits that will be based on several things- applications, features, benefits and budgets. We hope that you will be able to understand our styles, options and descriptions described within each page. We are all here to help, so don't be... Read more »

By Bizmatics Inc.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) software from PrognoCIS offers a customizable workflow designed for your practice. PrognoCIS EHR also offers Medical Billing Services, Telemedicine with Custom Mobile Apps, Integrated Patient Payments, and more. - Customizable EHR workflow and content for your... Read more »

By Exterior Performance Coatings, Inc

If it's a porous surface, ELEPHANT SNOT Graffiti Remover is the right choice. Elephant Snot is the workhorse for the most difficult porous surface graffiti removal - ELEPHANT SNOT Graffiti Remover penetrates deeply into concrete, cement, brick, grout, stone, virtually anything porous to dissolve... Read more »


We offer a wide variety of elevator and escalator safety signs, including elevator pit warnings, equipment cautions, freight, out-of-order, directional and fire safety signs in English and bilingual formats. These are the same top-quality signs and plates we've sold for years on our... Read more »

By Elvex Corporation

Elvex® introduces the NANO™! Lightweight, frameless design provides maximum eye protection. Get Protected with Elvex®, Safety with Style. -Polycarbonate Sculpted Lens -Universal Nose Bridge -99% UV Protection -Red Rubber Temples with Lens: Clear, Clear Anti-Fog, Indoor/Outdoor, Grey -ANSI... Read more »

By Elvex Corporation

Avion™ safety glass offers 4x the impact velocity rating in a sleek and sporty design. - Hard Coated Polycarbonate Lens - Mono-Lens Wraparound Construction - Ballistic Vo Rated - Meets ANSI Z.87.1and CE EN-166 - 99.9% UV Protection - Frame Color: Matching Translucent Color with Soft Rubber... Read more »

By Elvex Corporation

Take the First Step Against Arc Flash Hazard. Protect Yourself with the Elvex® FaceGuard™ Arc Shield featured on the Tectra™ helmet – effective, reliable face protection. -Molded Light Green Polycarbonate Face Shield -ATPV Rating is 12 cal/cm², Exceeding requirement of 8 cal/cm² -NFPA... Read more »

By Elvex Corporation

The Go-Spec™ is an innovative cutting edge product that combines safety eyeglass technology with goggle design. It can be used in multiple work & outdoor environments, conditions such as dust, debris, sand, cement, chemicals, humidity, wind & heat. - SuperCoat™, Anti-Fog & Anti-Static -... Read more »

By Elvex Corporation

Our RX Bifocal Series Safety Glasses, protects the eyes from damage caused by machinery and equipment, while simultaneously offering vision correction. The main benefit of wearing bifocal safety glasses is that you will no longer need to remove or switch between safety glasses and non-protective... Read more »