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Products in the Occupational Health & Safety Buyers Guide

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  • GammaGuard® CE By International Enviroguard

    Our sterile disposable protective coveralls, frocks and boot covers for controlled environments. GammaGuard® CE offers an unbeatable Sterility Assurance Level, plus low linting and strong tear resistance. All GammaGuard® CE products are gamma irradiated to a SAL of 10-6. Each case comes with... Read More
  • Gas Analyzers By GOW-MAC Instrument Co.

    GOW-MAC provides reliable and dependable gas analysers for a variety of industrial, research, process, and custom applications. Trace Analyzers: Series 1200 Trace N2 in Argon Series 1300 Trace N2 in Helium Series 1400 Trace H2O in Argon Series AR710 Trace detection of impurities in... Read More
  • Gas Booster By Haskel International Inc

    Haskel manufactures gas boosters, components and systems for gas boosting and mixing. Applications include oxygen boosters for pure breathing oxygen in fire and mine rescue, breathing air booster systems for industrial or municipal fire departments, air driven oxygen booster units for... Read More
  • Gas Chromatographs By GOW-MAC Instrument Co.

    GOW-MAC produces several different GCs, each specific for the application specified. -Series 110TCD GC - expressly configured for ppb trace gas analysis, 19” rack mount -Series 200 GC - streamlined, 19” rack mount analyzer. This instrument is capable of utilizing packed and micro-packed column... Read More
  • Gas Detection Equipment By Acme Engineering Products, Inc

    Acme now offers wireless gas detection equipment for quick and economical installation in new and retrofit applications. Gases detected include CO, CO2, NO2 (for Diesel fumes), refrigerants and VOCs. Control panels handle from four to 256 detection points, hybrid wired/wireless systems are... Read More
  • Gas Leak Detector By GOW-MAC Instrument Co.

    The GOW‑MAC® Model 21-070 Gas Leak Detector easily and quickly pinpoints gas leaks emitting from pressurized systems. Utilizing a thermal conductivity detector, the instrument responds to any gas mixture with a thermal conductivity different from that of air. Helium leaks of 1 x 10-5 cc/sec are... Read More
  • Gas Monitors By Pelsue Company

    Pelsue Gas Monitors are designed to be small, lightweight, and dependable. With easy-to-use software for datalogging, quick calibrations and a rugged housing, our gas monitors save time and money while offering solid performance. These units are watertight and easy to use: just turn it on and... Read More
  • GasAlert Extreme By BW Technologies by Honeywell

    Designed with durability and comfort in mind, the GasAlert Extreme reliably monitors for any single gas hazard within its wide range of available toxic gas models. With easy on/off operation, this single gas detector offers extended longevity with a two year field-replaceable battery and sensor.... Read More
  • GasAlertMax XT II By BW Technologies by Honeywell

    GasAlertMax XT II is the smart, simple, economical way to compliance. Workers feel safe and incidents are minimized so everyone will be able to do more. That means savings realized from business continuity and productivity. Simple operation, with SmartSample pump. GasAlertMax XT II reliably... Read More
  • GasAlertMicro 5 By BW Technologies by Honeywell

    Providing protection from up to five potential atmospheric hazards including oxygen, combustible and toxic gases, GasAlertMicro 5 is unparalleled in its versatility, capability and overall value. BW Technologies by Honeywell's newest addition to its water-resistant line of portable gas detectors... Read More
  • GasAlertMicro 5 IR By BW Technologies by Honeywell

    GasAlertMicro 5 IR portable gas detector simultaneously monitors up to five atmospheric hazards including carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), combustible gas (%LEL), and a wide selection of toxic gases. Compact and lightweight, GasAlertMicro 5 IR activates audible, visual and vibrating alarms in... Read More
  • GasAlertMicro 5 PID By BW Technologies by Honeywell

    •Smaller and over 50% lighter than competitive instruments •Water-resistant design in an integral concussion-proof enclosure •Continuous LCD shows simultaneous gas concentrations for five gases •0-1000 ppm measurement of VOCs •Integral motorized pump option for remote sampling •Two power... Read More
  • GasAlertMicroClip XT By BW Technologies by Honeywell

    The slim and compact GasAlertMicroClip XT provides affordable protection from atmospheric hazards. This multi-gas detector provides continuous visual confirmation of detector operation and compliance with the IntelliFlash™ feature and the simple one-button operation offers ultimate ease of use... Read More
  • GasAlertQuattro By BW Technologies by Honeywell

    Rugged and reliable, the GasAlertQuattro four-gas detector combines a comprehensive range of features with simple one-button operation. With flexible power options, the GasAlertQuattro is always ready. The graphic LCD displays easy to identify icons that indicate operational information, such as... Read More
  • Gastec Gas Detection Pumps By NEXTTEQ, LLC

    Nextteq offers a variety of Gastec Gas Sampling Pump options for every use and budget. You can choose a pump with or without a counter to automatically track strokes for applications requiring multiple pump strokes. You can also choose a pump with or without a one-hand adapter to convert the... Read More
  • Gastec Gas Detection Tubes By NEXTTEQ, LLC

    Whether for a routine inspection or a HazMat emergency, you can count on Nextteq’s complete line of Gastec Detector Tubes to precisely identify and measure gases and vapors—over 600 applications. Pre-calibrated, direct-read detector tubes offer distinct lines of demarcation for easier... Read More
  • GazTell By Delphian Corporation

    The GazTell modular gas monitoring system is available for infrared, catalytic and electrochemical sensors. Designed to be affordable, small in size and flexible. Relays and alarms can be added later. External display make remote calibration easy. Connects directly to conduit eliminating the... Read More
  • General Facility Signs By Western Safety Sign

    Outfit your facility with our wide variety of property related signs. Anything from No Smoking, Employees Only, Hygiene, and much more. Don't see it? We'll custom make it for you. Read More
  • General Purpose Photoluminescent Signage By AddLight

    A full range of aluminum signs and markings for evacuation, directional, location advice, emergency devices, and dangerous areas. Patented specialty markers for carpeting enable safety markings for churches, lobbies, and assembly areas. Outdoor markings for stairs and path marking. Custom... Read More
  • GENIE-KEY By Keytroller, LLC.

    (Software Not Required) Genie-Key units are programmed at the keypad with programmer code Keyless Ignition System Read More
  • G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device By Gorbel, Inc.

    Gorbel's G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device is a smart alternative to traditional hoists and air balancers. They enable operators to lift and maneuver loads naturally, as if they were an extension of their arms. The G-Force Q and iQ model Intelligent Lifting Devices help improvep roductivity,... Read More
  • GHS CHEMICAL HAZARD LABELS By ComplianceSigns.com

    All the labels/stickers needed to comply with the revised OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, which incorporates the GHS pictogram labeling system. Also Resources links for additional information. Read More
  • GHS Compliance By SAFETYCAL, Inc.

    Are you ready to meet the requirements of the new GHS portion of the Hazard Communication Rule? Safetycal can help. With a choice of materials and sizes, we can customize your GHS signs for you. OR we can show you easy ways to create your own! The NEW HCS Rule states the following: Signs and... Read More
  • GHS Conversion Service By Quantum Compliance LLC

    Equipped with 29 years of solid EHS experience, QSDS can help your company to have a smooth transition to GHS compliance. Quantum’s EHS Experts have 29 years of experience in EHS software, among which is the MSDS authoring software. MSDS Regulatory Expertise Quantum’s experts will ensure that... Read More
  • GHS Safety Data Sheets By Leonard & Associates

    GHS Safety Data Sheet conversion and authoring to the new OSHA-GHS format. Certified Industrial Hygienist available for general Industrial hygiene plans and surveys. Read More
  • GHS Transition Services By Safetec Compliance Systems, Inc.

    As your business expands globally, your communication needs become more complex and may require adaptive language support. In response, Safetec has developed the Dynamic Globalization Engine, a proprietary technology that allows your company to more easily communicate information across... Read More
  • Gibo Kodama Chairs By Gibo Kodama Chairs

    New 4000 Synchron Series (Capacious Chair) for companies who require larger seat pan rather than standard seat pan size. Capacious chair seat pan size 22" Wide X 20" Deep. Ergonomically designed for comfort. Different Size Heights Available. Read More
  • Glove Guard® clip By Glove Guard, LP

    The Glove Guard® clip is the original glove clip and the only one with the patented safety break-away design. For over ten years it has proven that its implementation can drastically reduce glove replacement costs and hand injuries because workers will have their gloves with them when needed. Read More
  • Gloves By Magid Glove & Safety

    Magid Glove & Safety has a work glove for every job. Our unrivaled assortment of hand protection includes leather work gloves, disposable gloves, cotton work gloves and chemical resistant gloves, each available in a variety of styles, constructions and coatings. Browse our selection of work... Read More
  • GLOVES ( HAND PROTECTION ) By Vigour Corporation

    ALL KINDS OF GLOVES MECHANICS/WORK/PERFORMANCE) IMPACT RESISTANCE & OIL-GAS FIELD GLOVES. We wish to apprise your goodself that we are since 1992 ,Manufacturers-cum-Exporters of all kinds of Work/Performance Mechanic GLOVES made of All Sort of latest Fabric like Leather ,Amara/Calarino,... Read More
  • Gloves (Hand Protection) By Wells Lamont

    Wells Lamont Industrial is a leading manufacturer of gloves, offering the most comprehensive line of cut and heat resistant gloves available today as well as leather, general purpose, liquid / chemical resistant, palm dips, critical environment and specialty gloves. Read More
  • Glow in the Dark (Photo-luminescent) Signs By Western Safety Sign

    After only minutes of charging, our photo-luminescent signs will produce a bright glow for up to 30 minutes in the event of an emergency or power outage. Available as Decals or Styrene plastic. Read More
  • Glueboard ILTs By Gilbert Industries, Inc.

    Place wall mounted ILTs down low to best catch day-flying insects like the housefly. Ceiling traps will catch flies; but it is the fly's nature to be below five feet high (even skimming the floor) when they are most responsive to ILTs. Generally speaking, the lower you place a trap, the more... Read More
  • GM 80 Vacuum By Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums

    Lightweight and portable, the Nilfisk GM 80 is a versatile machine providing the durability and performance required by dust control professionals. Featuring a 3 1/4-gallon tank capacity, it can be used in both portable and stationary applications. It features a standard multi-stage filtration... Read More
  • GM 80CR Cleanroom Vacuum By Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums

    The Nilfisk GM 80CR is a variation of the GM 80 – the vacuum cleaner that has become a vacuum icon in a variety of industries. Lightweight, portable and quiet, the GM 80CR is perfect for use in cleanrooms, research labs and other critical environments. Four-stage filtration system includes a 2... Read More
  • GoLift 5 Compact Power Lift By ERGOdynamics

    Our GoLift Model GL5 is a unique, ergonomic, compact, portable, light to mid duty battery powered lifter, mini stacker, load positioner that offers manual push/pull and powered lift. The non skid casters roll with ease even with a heavy load. Turning ease is increased by placing the swivel... Read More
  • GoLift 7 Compact Power Lift By ERGOdynamics

    Our GoLift Model GL7 Ergonomic Lift is a unique, ergonomic, compact, portable, light capacity battery powered lifting machine that offers power drive and powered lift. The single rear drive tire makes this machine turn 360 degrees within it’s own footprint! Two larger front casters and 2 smaller... Read More
  • GoLift 9 Compact Power Lift By ERGOdynamics

    Our GoLift Model GL9 is truly a unique, ergonomic, portable lifting device that offers battery powered forward & reverse drive and power lift. The GL9 is a high quality, multi-tasking, walk behind, lifting, moving, grabbing, stacking machine! This versatile lift can maneuver and work in small... Read More
  • GP21 Non-Hazardous Location Positive Pressure Ventilator By General Equipment Co

    General Equipment Company’s GP21 Positive Pressure Ventilator borrows heavily from the highly successful positive pressure technology utilized by fire departments for smoke removal. The gas-powered GP21 is the first positive pressure ventilator designed specifically for construction-related... Read More
  • GP8 Non-Hazardous Location Air Ventilation Blower By General Equipment Co

    General Equipment Company's GP8 and GP8H portable gas-powered air ventilation blowers can accommodate most confined workspace requirements. These compact units are ideal for supplying fresh air around construction sites, removing toxic and noxious atmospheres from confined work spaces, aiding in... Read More
  • Grain Industry Fall Protection By HySafe

    Grain Industry The grain industry poses various fall protection hazards that are often overlooked. Unloading rail cars and trucks, climbing ladders, and walking catwalks at a grain facility can have potentially fatal consequences if safety standards aren’t meant. Safety conscious grain... Read More
  • Grain Pigskin Leather Drivers with Keystone Thumb Mesh Back By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

    Pigskin gloves have excellent abrasion resistance and, compared to other leathers, returns to its natural softness after exposure to water. MCR Safety's 3425 premium pigskin leather driver features a breathable mesh back working in tandem with the natural breathability of pig leather to create... Read More
  • Gray Lens Safety Glasses By Equipment Direct, Inc.

    Polycarbonate temples and single-piece wrap-around lens provides superior protection. Scratch resistant coating Filters 99% of harmful UV rays ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard certified Gray Frame and lens polycarbonate temples Read More
  • GrayWolf Directsense Particulate meters By GrayWolf Sensing Solutions

    GrayWolf DirectSense®, AdvancedSense™ and WolfPack™ monitors interface with GrayWolf 6 channel handheld particle counters and with Thermo Scientific™ pDR particulate concentration meters. Display and log particulates right on the GrayWolf instrument or mobile PC. Measure Particle... Read More
  • GreenFumeHood By Erlab Inc.

    Committed to safety, performance, energy efficiency and sustainability, GreenFumeHood is an innovative technology that has become the standard-bearer for the next generation of fume hoods. The Revolutionary laboratory fume hood with proprietary Neutrodine® filtration technology for... Read More
  • Grip Tool Wrap By AliMed

    Grip Tool Wrap reduces power tool vibration. Great slip-resistant properties. Helps insulate against heat, cold, and electrical shock. Easy to apply: cut with scissors and remove backing. No heat guns or wrap tape. Great for drills, hand grinders, chain saws, pneumatic hammers. 4-1/2" x 7" x 1/8". Read More
  • Grip-N-Rip Pillow By Andax Industries, LLC

    Now you can have sorbents on the go. Each Grip-N-Rip Pillow is stuffed full of either oil-selective or general purpose particulate sorbents. Just pull the white steip on the top of the pillow for easy opening. Then spread the sorbent over the spill as needed or leave the pillow sealed and just... Read More

    GRIPPERS for STRIPPERS are designed to increase traction in wet, soapy and wax-covered conditions, particularly those areas common to stripping and mopping floors. Available in both a full waterproof overshoe as well as a lightweight, breathable device, GRIPPERS for STRIPPERS will allow your... Read More

    GRIPS All Traction Footwear is designed to increase traction ina variety of slick conditions - from snow and ice to oil and grease. The sole of GRIPS features band of sandpaper-like aluminum oxide that enable GRIPS to offer increased traction above and beyond that of normal rubber-soled shoes... Read More

    GRIP-X All Traction Footwear is designed to increase traction in outdoor winter environments. GRIP-X is a lightweight, compact traction device that fits over all types of work shoes and boots. The various patented features of GRIP-X that make it easy to use and extremely effective have made... Read More
  • G-TEK 3GX Cut Resistant Gloves with Dyneema® Diamond Technology By Protective Industrial Products

    PIP is proud to release three new cut resistant gloves featuring new Dyneema® Diamond Technology. Developed over a period of four years, the patented ultra-high strength yarns produced with Dyneema® Diamond Technology enable production of these lightweight gloves. They provide outstanding... Read More
  • Guard Dogs - Vented Purebreds - Protective Eyewear By US Safety

    Premium, lightweight panascopic fitting nylon frame with vented Elemental Deflectors™ for superior protection and hours of comfort in extreme working conditions. Rx capable with insert, sold separately. The wrap-around, high impact resistant, polycarbonate lens provides 99.9% UV protection,... Read More
  • Guard Post By Sentry Protection Products , Inc.

    Guard Post™ is 48" tall, tapers from 5"x5" (125x125mm), with a 14" (355mm) diameter round base. Each side of the guard post has a 2.5"x20" (63x500mm) inset available to place reflective tape or other signage. This water-tight hollow portable bollard can be filled with ballast to increase... Read More
  • Guard Rail By Omega Industrial Products

    Safety Barrier Guardrails protect people, walkways, machinery and buildings from collisions. The safety guardrails provided by Omega Industrial Products are constructed from the toughest steel and provide non-penetrable support and protection. Our Industrial Guardrail line of products include:... Read More
  • GuardDog Self Closing Safety Gate, 33" By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

    The GuardDog 33" adjustable self closing gate from BlueWater is tough, durable, easy to install and is a perfect safety solution for ladder access or in plant guardrail barrier pass through. The gate arm is dimensioned to match top and mid-rail heights of OSHA compliant guardrails. When the gate... Read More
  • Guardian Card Holder By EK Ekcessories

    The one of a kind Guardian Card Holder is designed to reduce the loss of important credentials, all while protecting you from the unauthorized skimming of your personal information. The Guardian features an impact resistant outer shell making it waterproof, while providing additional protection... Read More
  • Guidelines for Using Anthropometric Data in Product Design By Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

    Guidelines for Using Anthropometric Data in Product Design provides a path for the most efficient design of furniture, clothing, tools, or anything that must be used safely, comfortably, and efficiently by taking into account the dimensions of the human body. Basic and advanced methodologies to... Read More
  • GX-6000 By RKI Instruments Inc.

    This powerful hand-held instrument is capable of simultaneously monitoring up to 6 gases. In addition to the standard 4 confined space gases which include combustibles, O2, CO, & H2S, the GX-6000 has 2 additional smart channels that accept PID, IR or super toxic sensors. Equipped with a strong... Read More