Products in the Occupational Health & Safety Buyers Guide

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By David Clark Co Inc

Radio Direct headsets and modular models with interchangeable comm cords for use with portable radios. Read more »

By MCR Safety

Both men and women benefit from the widest assortment of hand protection. From our leather tanning facilities to cut and sew operations, we offer the latest technology and safety offerings. Whether it’s cut, puncture, tear, abrasion, heat, or cold, we have a safe offering for you. . Read more »

By Omega Industrial Safety

Omega Industrial Products carry and manufacture Handrails and Stairways designed to meet any adopted building codes. Steel Handrails and Safety Rails are designed from pipe and structural tubing, constructed from heavy gauge steel to meet OSHA fall-protection requirements. Read more »

By STOKO Skin Care by Evonik Stockhausen LLC

Alcohol based formulations. Multiple product options to sanitize hands when soap and water are not available. Choose from spray, foam, gel, or wipes. Read more »

By Wells Lamont

• Heavy duty knit cut resistant glove • Combination of ultra high strength fibers and stainless steel provides exceptional protection against cuts and slashes • 3” cuff for wrist protection • CFR 21 – approved for food contact • For use in material handling; meat, poultry and... Read more »

By Glove Guard, LP

Designed primarily for the firefighting industry, the Handi Klip® glove clip uses a ball and socket joint that has a higher breakaway point and holds up to the brief flash temperatures of a fire. With its over sized jaws and interlocking teeth it will clamp even the largest pair of gloves. Read more »

By specializes in providing high quality signs that meet ADA requirements in all 50 states across the United States. The size of the ADA Handicap Parking Sign must be large enough for a vehicle to park, with enough space for a wheel chair to exit. The ADA Disabled Sign and... Read more »

By iSIGNS Inc.

Our hanging i-BAR Sign Series creates brightly colored extruded aluminum bars or tubes that are highly visible and carry brief messages using easy-to-read fonts and popular safety or warning symbols. They are specifically designed to hang overhead from ceiling or support structures using... Read more »

By American Airworks™

Haskel boosters are one of the best choices for SCBA refilling at the scene. Haskel air boosters have flow rates of 20 - 130 SCFM. The Haskel booster is a pneumatic booster, having a single stage double acting pump and is the most efficient air booster to use when taking air from the cascade... Read more »

By American Airworks™

Why send back oxygen gas you've already paid for? A Haskel oxygen pump will pay for itself in a short time. This Haskel oxygen pump is a two stage booster capable of boosting 100 PSI oxygen up to 3500 PSI. This is an ideal application for refilling EMS oxygen cylinders with low pressure oxygen... Read more »

By Activar Construction Products

The "Hatch Alert" is a patent pending design to alert personnel that the rooftop hatch door is in the open position. And that the threat of Danger Exists. A very bright red xenon strobe light emitting 60 double flashes per minute. Light is activated as soon as the hatch door is lifted upward... Read more »


For Lockout / Tagout and Accident Prevention safety tags, you’ve come to the right place: Our flexible PVC plastic safety tags with included cable ties can stand up to tough working conditions – and meet OSHA 50-pound pull test requirements (read more below). • Lockout /... Read more »

By Safe Buildings Corporation

2/4 Hour Classified Design The U425 and the U490 design offers 2 and 4 hour fire protection. The highest quality buildings in the industry, a chemical storage building from Safe Buildings Corporation allows placement close to, or inside the plant environment. Features of a Chemical... Read more »

By LEM Products, Inc.

Our offerings include PCB Labels, Drum Labels, Righ-To-Know Labels, Hazadous Material Tags and Pre-Printed Self Laminating Tags. Read more »

By Emergency Film Group

Best-selling 8-part DVD-based training series provides Operations Level, Technician Level & Command Level training for hazardous materials incidents, as required by OSHA's Hazwoper law and NFPA 472. Based on the highly-regarded manual, Hazardous Materials: Managing the Incident, this series is a... Read more »

By Chemical Safety Software

Managing waste generated in labs and other operations has never been easier. Chemical Safety’s EMS Waste Management Software (EMS Waste) works from the moment a waste has been identified and needs to be picked up, consolidated, treated and disposed of. EMS Waste is part of Chemical Safety’s EHS... Read more »


Our hazardous waste labels will help you comply with federal or state hazardous material shipping regulations. Choices include general-use labels as well as state-specific labels for California and New Jersey. All our labels are printed on gloss vinyl and covered with a clear PVC layer for... Read more »

By Lion Technology

Lion’s IATA hazmat air shipper training will build on your 49 CFR knowledge and guide you through the latest unique rules for shipping hazmat by air. At this one-day course, you will learn to navigate the IATA DGR and find the fast answers you need in real-world shipping situations. Gain a clear... Read more »

By Lion Technology

Lion’s Hazmat Ground Shipper initial certification is a top rated 2 day course designed to help compliance professionals meet the US DOT’s hazmat training standard. Using Lion's Ten Steps™ for hazmat transportation as a foundation, students will learn a systematic approach for applying the most... Read more »

By Lion Technology

For experienced hazmat employees and managers, this streamlined recurrent training is designed to satisfy the US DOT's recurrent hazmat training requirement at 49 CFR 172.704(c)(2). Available in 3 convenient formats, Hazmat Ground Shipper Certification - Recurrent provides a review of the US... Read more »

By Emergency Film Group

DVD-based training package provides 8 hours of OSHA Hazwoper training for emergency responders. The package comprises five DVDs plus a Leader's Guide and teaches the core competencies required for certification at the Operations Level. It helps set up a program to apply the lessons learned to a... Read more »

By Safe Buildings Corporation

Our hazmat drum storage units can be single or double stacked for ease of handling. At Safe, our mission is to give you peace of mind by helping to store hazardous chemicals safely in one of our hazmat drum storage units. Our hazmat pallet storage units come as single or double stacked for... Read more »

By Lion Technology

Shippers who offer hazardous materials for transport by vessel are subject to different regulations than those who ship only by ground or air. Failure to comply with the standards set forth by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) can result in rejected shipments, costly port delays and... Read more »

By MCR Safety

From ANSI to military ballistic impact resistance, we offer an assortment of function and fashion. Assorted lens offerings as well as multiple frame sizes provide a style for both work and play. Read more »

By Consolidated Digital Publishing Inc

You purchased a Learning Management System (LMS) for your company, or perhaps an eLearning module came with your HR or Talent Management platform. Now you need safety content to host or for additional classroom training! Safeworkday SafetyPoints Solutions offers our high quality safety training... Read more »

By Medcor

Medcor’s Health Security team was born out of necessity during the COVID pandemic. Health security services include convenient applications for vaccine verification, daily health screening, and work entry screening. Other services like screening, testing, consulting and medical training services... Read more »

By Healthbot

Where Will You Find Healthbot? - Municipalities - Manufacturing Sites - Retirement Communities - Hospitals - Independent Pharmacies - ​​County Health Departments - Clinical Settings - Onsite Clinics - Military Installations - Fitness Centers​ Healthbot's Benefits - Optimized workflow - Drive... Read more »

By E.A.R. Inc.

2009 OH&S Award Winning Product! HearDefenders-DF™ multi-functional dual-filtered hearing protectors are specifically designed to help the user hear speech and communications better while engaged in excessive noise or loud sounds and can be hooked up to radio communications. Unlike most filtered... Read more »

By Lion Technology

Employees exposed to loud noise in the workplace may suffer from temporary or permanent hearing loss, as well as other negative health effects. OSHA's hearing conservation program requires that employees exposed to a noise level that averages at or above 85 dB per 8 hours worked be trained... Read more »

By Magid Glove & Safety

Plug in to Magid for maximum comfort and savings in hearing protection. We offer an array of economically-priced corded and uncorded, reusable and disposable earplugs, earmuffs, dispensers and banded hearing protectors in many different colors, materials, and Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) levels... Read more »

By hearX Group

Reshape the way you perform ear examinations. hearScope is a digital video otoscope that captures high-quality images and videos from a smartphone or desktop, running the free hearScope application. This innovative solution offers an Artificial Intelligence (AI) image classification feature that... Read more »

By hearX Group

Pure tone audiometry, simplified. hearTest is a certified CE and FDA registered tablet-based, pure tone clinical audiometer offering rapid automated testing and ensuring fast and reliable results. Its user-friendly design allows automated or facilitated testing with real-time quality control and... Read more »

By hearX Group

hearTest Occ Health is a certified (IEC 60645-1) tablet-based audiometry solution that simplifies patient counseling with automated audiogram threshold tracking and assessments at the click of a button, allowing for efficient screening and seamless reporting. It provides attenuation equivalent... Read more »

By hearX Group

Reach more people in more ways. The hearX Self Test Kit is a tablet-based hearing self-test solution for diagnostic assessments outside a sound booth, hearing loss treatment referrals and hearing aid recommendations. A telecare solution that enables virtual audiology appointments counter-side,... Read more »

By American Sales Development LLC

K-Tec Custom Carts for industrial assembly and manufacturing are built to be used in trains throughout the lean material flow manufacturing or warehouse process. K-Tec carts and gravity or powered conveyors help to build a Fork Free industrial environment making a safer and more efficient workplace Read more »

By HySafe

The HySafe Heavyweight Anchor is a non-penetrating solution, which prevents leaky rooftops or damages. It also has anti-skid base plates and a swivel bracket that can connect to a variety of self-retracting lifelines which allows 360-degree rotation. This solution is ideal for flat rooftops with... Read more »

By Viking Acoustical Corp

A full range of single surface electric tables to large consoles supporting a dozen screens, with multiple surfaces and height ranges. Read more »

By American Airworks™

These Haskel nitrogen boosters have been specifically designed for helicopters, and/or small aircraft, where a portable self-powered booster is needed for ground support. The primary application is to service high pressure on-board Nitrogen or Helium bottles on helicopters, which are equipped... Read more »

By Factory Direct Filters

The Aerostar HEPA (High Efficiency Particular Air) filters remove a broad range of airborne contaminants, including fine dust, smoke, soot, pollen and radioactive particles. HEPA filters are used in final filter applications for hospitals, data centers, nuclear facilities, pharmaceuticals,... Read more »

By Heronrib Wet Area Safety Matting

Heronrib is the ultimate sports and leisure matting system for use in wet areas where barefoot traffic is extensive. Exceptionally strong and flexible, Heronrib is designed to give outstanding performance in wet area barefoot applications, making it the ideal matting system for these areas in... Read more »

By Human Factors and Ergonomics Society

HFES journals, books, and standards offer a wealth of research and applied articles to help OHS professionals improve workplaces of all kinds. Read more »

By American Airworks™

Air Storage, air cascade systems as they are often called, allow you to fill more cylinders faster than using just a HP breathing air compressor. Air in storage from your cascade system allows you to use a buy and use a smaller compressor to save on initial equipment cost and ongoing operational... Read more »

By American Airworks™

5000 - 6000 PSI (345-414 BAR) breathing air compressors for all markets, such as fire fighting, scuba diving, paintball fields, industry, manufacturing, laboratory and learning centers requiring CGA Grade E breathing air. We offer both mobile and stationary units with accessory items such as air... Read more »

By Haskel International Inc

Haskel International offers a wide range of high pressure valves and system accessories designed to assist in the controlled use of pressure and flow-generating equipment manufactured by Haskel and others. Continuous investment in the new machinery and technology keeps Haskel at the forefront of... Read more »


Electrical hazards can be present in many situations, increasing the likelihood of an injury in your facility. This is why the proper hazard labels and signage is important. Caution, danger and electrical hazard labels can warn people in your facility of high voltage areas. offers... Read more »


High Voltage Warning Signs High voltage areas present hazards that people are unaware of unless properly notified with high voltage signs. These areas can be dangerous and result in injury because high voltage hazards are often invisible threats. This is why high voltage safety signs are so... Read more »

By Lac-Mac Limited

Product Code: 707FR Features: • GORE-TEX® Tri-Laminate Waterproof Shell, High-Visibility Yellow. • Adjustable Hook and Loop Sleeve Cuffs. • Two Covered Cargo Pockets with Hand Warmers and Drainage Ports. • Zipper Front Closure, Covered by Two Full Length Storm Flaps. • Reinforced Stress... Read more »

By Lac-Mac Limited

Product Code: 706FR Features: • GORE-TEX® Tri-Laminate Water-Proof Shell, High-Visibility Yellow. • Reinforced Stress Points. • Two-Ply Knee Area for Added Durability. • All Joining Seams Reinforced with Topstitching and Sealed to Ensure No Leakage. • Pull-On Design with Extended Front Bib and... Read more »

By Troy Acoustics Corporation

Troy Acoustics™ has designed and built highway sound barriers and walls in many locations that have reduced the sound of highway traffic and have added a measure of aesthetic enhancement to local communities with our Troy System™ products and installations. Proven results show major noise... Read more »

By Safeguard Technology Inc.

Patented SAFEGUARD® Covers for ladder rungs provide confident antislip protection right where it is needed most. Typical ladder rungs, especially those made from bar stock, are notorious for slip problems, especially in wet and oily environments. This is one of the most dangerous locations... Read more »

By Safeguard Technology Inc.

Most slips on steps occur at the leading edge of a step, especially when the metal, wood or concrete surface becomes worn and the edge rounded. Water, ice, dust, dirt, grease or oil on the stairs further accentuates the problem, making for a dangerous condition with the stair nosing. Non-load... Read more »

By Safeguard Technology Inc.

Safeguard can turn your walkways, platforms and ramps into safer non-skid zones. SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction Walkway Covers enable you to create non-skid flooring surfaces for many different areas where slips and falls can pose hazards. Everywhere slippery, oily, greasy, and dusty conditions... Read more »

By NASCO Industries Inc

NASCO's HiVis line of outerwear was developed for workers in low light and/or foul weather conditions. Industries concerned about worker visibility and ANSI 107 high visibility compliance can choose from a line focused on comfort and safety. From our lightweight, breathable, and windproof... Read more »

By The Andersen Company

The Andersen Company manufacturers all types of matting including: Anti-Fatigue, Anti-Slip, Conductive, Non-Conductive, Entrance matting, and many types of Logo matting. Read more »

By American Airworks™

Honeywell/Survivair Fire and Industrial Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)are available from American Airworks. We sell new Titan (fire) and Cougar/Panther (industrial) SCBA and a multitude of SCBA support products too. We are also a Honeywell/Survivair Factory Authorized Warranty Center... Read more »

By HEMCO Corporation

HEMCO offers a wide variety of accessories, including Plumbing and Electrical Services, and Laboratory Casework Read more »

By GAME Workwear

The Mack Hoodie -12oz. Spun polyester fleece, feels like soft cotton -Meets ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 Class 3 and background color standards -Hood is lined, body is unlined with a generous cut for layering -Wicks away moisture -Soil release properties to reduce staining -Set-in sleeves -Full length... Read more »

By Martech Services Company

Martech Services Company offers a full line of breathing protection equipment to complete your supplied air breathing system. We offer air supplied respirators that are NIOSH approved and breathing air hoses that are fitted with matching quick couplers so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of... Read more »

By US Safety

Outstanding comfort and protection from airborne debris and high impact. Rx capable with insert, sold separately. Prevents eye injuries from airborne dust & debris and high impact. Hypo-allergenic, replaceable foam and removable strap provide an adjustable, goggle-like fit in a lightweight... Read more »

By IDinc

IDinc's Employee Injury/adverse event Manager allows on-line reporting of employee injuries by employees or their managers from any workstation in the organization. Designed to require zero training and easier than filling out paper forms, it encourages reporting of injuries by clicking on... Read more »

By Emergency Film Group

DVD-based training package provides safety training for hospital personnel who may participate in decontamination of patients during mass casualty events. Provides at least 8 hours of OSHA Hazwoper training, leading to Operations Level certification. Follows accreditation standards of the Joint... Read more »

By Employment Background Investigations

Date: Thursday, August 30th, 2018 Time: 1pm ET / 10am PT Duration: 60 minutes Presented By: EBI What You'll Learn: 1. The unique jurisdictional adverse action processing requirements 2. How to enhance your background screening program compliance 3. How to mitigate risk Please click 'Visit... Read more »

By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

The Howard Leight QB2HYG features smooth, ergonomic pods which are designed to fit partially in the ear for comfort and protection. Patented band design prevents ear pods from touching dirty or contaminated surfaces. Lightweight and portable–designed especially for environments with intermittent... Read more »

By Aires Consulting

Aires is a national, full service health, safety and environmental consulting firm that serves the commercial, industrial, manufacturing, institutional and governmental markets. Read more »

By Biotest Diagnostics Corporation

Complete system using Real-Time PCR for the identification of microbial isolates from environmental sampling Read more »


Hex-Pro Knee Pads Supreme Protection Expertly designed PVC caps prevent knee from rolling and protects against cuts or scrapes in the most extreme environments. Easy Convenience Quick Release Slip Buckle Clips with elastic adjustable straps ensures a quicker tment, comfortable wear and better... Read more »


Pro Pocket Knee Savers Supreme Flexibility Rough work conditions are no match for TSE Safety High Grade Closed Cell Foam. This foam has excellent memory keeping its shape no matter how rough you work. True Comfort TSE Safety Knee Savers are designed to fit most major brand double knee work... Read more »

By Biotest Diagnostics Corporation

Handheld, portable and high-speed particle counters for detection of particulate contamination in controlled environments Read more »

By Biotest Diagnostics Corporation

Individually wrapped contact media for collection and detection of microbiological surface contaminants in controlled environments Read more »

By Biotest Diagnostics Corporation

Collection and detection of airborne microorganisms in controlled environments. Read more »

By Simonds Tools

Simonds Inc., has developed this series of hydraulic crimping outfits to produce permanent, bilateral seal in ductile metal tubing by symmetrically collapsing, cold welding and severing tubulation with no loss of vacuum or pressure. -Hand guided, one step crimp/seal -For air conditioner,... Read more »