Products in the Occupational Health & Safety Buyers Guide

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  • IBS QMS By Siemens PLM Software

    IBS Quality Management Software offers a full suite of compliance software, as well as solutions for quality assurance and quality control. Read More
  • IBS:prisma MES By Siemens PLM Software

    IBS offers a complete MES (Manufacturing Execution System) with its solution IBS:prisma. An average increase in productivity of 30% and a cost reduction of 10% with quality management software both prove that IBS:prisma can help achieve a clear competitive advantage. In manufacturing... Read More
  • Identicom By SoloProtect

    The award-winning Identicom lone worker wireless ID badge is the most widely used dedicated device of its kind worldwide. The product has a growing international presence and is helping lone workers to reduce risks to their personal safety all around the world with over 150,000 devices in... Read More
  • identity management By E-CARD ID Products Ltd.

    You need a single solution for the capture, retention and dissemination of information regarding employees access rights. In short, you need an Identity Management solution. Read More
  • IFCCFG209 Flame Retardant Heavy Weight Gloves By Southern Glove

    FEATURES • “Blowout Shield” heavy weight • Import • Green flame retardant • 100% cotton corded outer APPLICATIONS Ideal for the petrochemical, gas and oil industries Read More
  • IHS Corporate Responsibility Solution By IHS

    The IHS Corporate Responsibility Solution™ allows your company to identify new business growth opportunities, manage risk and realize cost reductions in the stakeholder engagement process. The IHS Corporate Responsibility software helps you implement, manage and document your organization's... Read More
  • IHS Energy & Carbon Solution By IHS

    The IHS Energy & Carbon Solution™ provides auditable corporate-wide management of greenhouse gas programs. The software spans from emissions inventories to cap and trade management and includes the ability to roll up internal data and incorporate external data. The software also manages GHG... Read More
  • IHS Environmental Performance Solution By IHS

    The IHS Environmental Performance Solution™ enables organizations to transform environmental management into a competitive edge. We help you comply with regulations, standards and voluntary initiatives while minimizing the impact of compliance processes on facilities, personnel and production.... Read More
  • IHS Health & Safety Solution By IHS

    The IHS Health & Safety Solution addresses a variety of critical challenges including: - Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Chemical Management. Manage a central SDS database to ensure right-to-know access and to track chemicals by transaction, estimate or both to facilitate regulatory... Read More
  • IHS Operational Risk Solution By IHS

    What if you could know and show where your risks are – then use that information to solve problems before they happen? The IHS Operational Risk Solution™ provides visibility into your risk profile, prevents losses and increases shareholder value through continuous improvement. We support risk... Read More
  • IHS Product Stewardship Solution By IHS

    What if you could ensure that your company’s products can be sold, shipped and consumed in their intended markets? The IHS Product Stewardship Solution™ supports compliance systems so you can maintain your ability to do business in current markets around the world and accelerate entry into... Read More
  • ImageWave - MSDSFinder® By ImageWave Corporation

    Advanced (M)SDS Management software with superior imaging capability, data tracking, and report generation. Manages (M)SDSs acquired from multiple sources, including the Internet, in one central database for wide availability over your network. Read More
  • Imak Back Cushion By AliMed

    IMAK Back Cushion Versatile support and superior comfort for home, office, or car. Unique design hugs your back to improve posture and reduce stress. Lightweight and durable. Elastic strap keeps the cushion in place. Fits nearly any chair or car seat. Read More
  • Impact Gloves By Southern Glove

    Our exclusive line of Sarco Impact Gloves help provide protection to the wearer's fingers and hand from crushing blows in oil drilling and heavy manufacturing environments. The Arma Tuff Glove and new Armadillo helps to provide medium impact protection and high dexterity. It offers midrange... Read More
  • Impacto Toes2Go Steel Toe Cap By Impacto Protective Products Inc

    The TOES2GO Protects the toe area from accidental impact, crushing or stubbing. Made of flexible, pliable PVC. Treads under sole to prevent slipping and help liquid flow away from the foot. Fully Adjustable 18" X 1" strap & hook and loop closure allow for versatility of use. •Ideal for any... Read More
  • IMPACTOE Steel Toe Cap By Impacto Protective Products Inc

    IMPACTOE SAFETY STEEL TOE CAP * Steel toe cap protects the toe area from against crushing or stubbing. * Fits tightly over existing shoes providing a protective solid steel cap. * Made of molded injected seamless vulcanized rubber. * Anti-slip sole, resistant to acid, oil, and animal fat. 100%... Read More
  • Incident Management By VelocityEHS

    EHS success depends on effectively managing and preventing incidents in the workplace. The VelocityEHS Incident Management solution makes it easy for you and your employees to record workplace incidents, near-misses and hazards of all types, perform detailed incident investigations, manage... Read More
  • Incident Reports By ZeraWare Safety Software

    Document important incident details easily and quickly with a user-friendly form. Sort your incident report database to reveal patterns and recurrent problems. Compile safety data to track trends, changes or problems. Analyze the details of past incidents and prevent future incidents. Produce... Read More
  • Incidents & Accidents By Chemical Safety Software

    The EMS- Accident / Incident module is a cost-effective and easy to use tool that can help you effectively protect the safety, health, and welfare of people engaged in your work or employment. This module will also facilitate compliance with OSHA standards. You can review previous or report new... Read More
  • Indoor Air Quality By Talosys

    TALOSYS smart wireless indoor air quality monitoring solution allows you to track the air quality within buildings, warehouses, offices, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and airports. Indoor Monitoring of pollution (PM2.5, CO, CO2, and other pollutants) Identify local pollution hot spots Determine... Read More
  • Indoor Air Quality Consulting By 1 Source Safety and Health

    When you are aware of Indoor Air Quality complaints caused by the presence of odors, irritants, allergens, thermal discomfort, disease clusters, or visual indicators such as mold growth or excessive dust, then investigative Indoor Air Quality surveys are your best choice. Surveys are conducted... Read More
  • Indoor Convex Mirror By Campus Crafts, Inc.

    The Sentinel convex mirror line is manufatured from the finest materials available to offer years of dependable service and satisfaction. These mirrors, made of Grade A optical glass or shatterproof acrylic, provide a 160 degree view, and are available in both round and rectangle shapes.... Read More
  • Indoor Round Convex Mirror By Lewis Safety Knife Co.

    This mirror is manufactured from shatterproof acrylic material and is furnished in an attractive non-tarnish able metal-like frame This model provides a 160 degree view and is available in 18”, 26”, 30”and 36” diameters. It comes packaged with all the adjustable hardware necessary for easy... Read More
  • INDUSTRIAL HAZARD Signs & Labels By ComplianceSigns.com

    Easy-to-read hazard warning signs from ComplianceSigns.com can help keep employees and visitors safe. Here you'll find a great selection of industrial hazard signs and labels for your workplace or worksite, including: Confined space, clearance and floor capacity, construction, conveyor, crane,... Read More
  • Industrial Hygiene / Occupational Health Surveys: Demonstrate CARE™ By 1 Source Safety and Health

    1Source staff has performed thousands of occupational health / industrial hygiene surveys and related services for clients in a variety of settings. These have ranged from one day sampling for a limited number of physical stressors and chemical substances to multiple-week sampling by a team of... Read More
  • Industrial Hygiene Consulting Services By Leonard & Associates

    Exposure assessments including silica, mold, asbestos and lead, Asbestos Project Designs, Negative Exposure Assessments, monitoring and oversight for employers and owners. Contact ASLAN Group LLC, Baton Rouge, LA Read More
  • Industrial Hygiene Services By RJ Lee Group, Inc.

    RJ Lee Group’s organic and inorganic chemistry laboratory provides services in response to regulatory requirements, as well as for material and product requirements and specifications. Our experts are educated on the methodologies mandated by government standards, using standard test methods... Read More
  • Industrial Hygiene Services By Center for Toxicology & Environmental Health (CTEH®)

    CTEH® certified industrial hygienists, industrial hygienists, and industrial hygiene technicians provide a full range of industrial hygiene services to our clients. Our professionals are committed to conducting thorough and accurate workplace exposure assessments and providing valuable health... Read More
  • Industrial Manipulators By Positech Corporation

    Positech Corporation manufactures industrial manipulators/lift assist devices for a variety of industrial applications. We design and build the largest selection of ergonomic lift assists and positioning equipment in the industry. Our extensive line includes hydraulic & pneumatic manipulators,... Read More
  • Industrial Matting By Frontline Safety Supplies

    Dealing with all types of Industrial Matting, Anti-Fatigue, Modular, Clean Room, Welding, Read More
  • Industrial Pillow By Andax Industries, LLC

    Ideal for use in streams, sumps and storm water runoff basins. And works great for bilge leaks, industrial spills and storm drain protection. This oil-selective pillow floats in water and has a wide mesh design for quick absorption and a sewn-in loop for fastening, connecting or grabbing. Each... Read More
  • Industrial Safety Eyewear By Hilco Vision

    A comprehensive workwear, sports, and recreation eyewear portfolio Read More
  • Industrial Spill Mat By Andax Industries, LLC

    Soak up oils, coolants, grease, water, battery acid spills and more. Protect your floor when parking forklifts. Tough construction for increased longevity. Jumbo rolls. Read More
  • Industrial, Specialty & Medical Gases By Airgas, an Air Liquide company

    Airgas, an Air Liquide company, is a leading U.S. supplier of industrial, medical and specialty gases, as well as hardgoods and related products; one of the largest U.S. suppliers of safety products; and a leading U.S. supplier of ammonia products and process chemicals. Dedicated to improving... Read More
  • IndustrySafe Safety Software - Dashboard By Vector EHS Management

    IndustrySafe's Dashboard enables senior executives, managers, and safety professionals to view key safety performance metrics. Users can drill down on these metrics and configure the Dashboard to display their top indicators. Read More
  • IndustrySafe Safety Software - Hazards By Vector EHS Management

    Hazards Module enables organizations to identify, analyze and remediate hazardous conditions. Early detection of hazardous conditions can prevent the occurrence of costly incidents and employee injuries. Read More
  • IndustrySafe Safety Software - Incidents By Vector EHS Management

    The Incidents Module enables organizations to collect relevant incident data and analyze trends through an extensive incident reporting and investigation module. Near misses, vehicle incidents, employee and non-employee injuries can be tracked in the Incident Module. Users can perform root cause... Read More
  • IndustrySafe Safety Software - Inspections By Vector EHS Management

    Includes forms and pre-built checklists, enabling users to perform and track compliance rates of on-site safety inspections. Users can upload their own checklists or utilize existing pre-built checklists. Checklist items are linked to detailed OSHA regulatory standards from 29 CFR 1910 and 1926... Read More
  • IndustrySafe Safety Software - Observations By Vector EHS Management

    Focuses on behavioral based safety techniques and allows mnagers, supervisors, and employees to conduct observations on employees involved in safety critical behavior. Read More
  • IndustrySafe Safety Software - Training By Vector EHS Management

    Training Module provides tracking and analyzing of training activities, including the training history of employees. With an extensive alerts function, users are able to generate reports identifying employees who need recertification and training for specific job assignments. Automatic e-mail... Read More
  • Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) for Healthcare Construction Activities Half-Day Workshop By ECRI Institute

    Get help managing the diverse challenges of today’s healthcare construction projects. Hands-on Learning for Construction Healthcare Management Professionals. This workshop teaches practical use of infection control risk assessments (ICRA) and management techniques. Seminars feature... Read More
  • Infinity® Delta and Delta XL By Draeger

    With the Delta multiparameter series of monitors, you can continuously monitor adult, pediatric and neonatal patients both at the bedside and on transport – eliminating the need for separate transport monitors. Supports all patient acuity levels hospital-wide. Read More
  • InfraSpec - Protective Eyewear By US Safety

    Convenient, Flip-up Infrared and impact protection in a lightweight, Rx'able design. InfraSpec™ is IR Protection On Demand. InfraSpec™ offers the ultimate versatility for protection against IR hazards. The flip-down IR filter lens can be deployed instantly when you need it, without the need to... Read More
  • Initial Clearing By Geese Chasers North Jersey , LLC

    The Initial Clearing Program is set up to make the quickest and most effective impression on resident Canada Goose. Length: 4 to 12 weeks Clearings: Multiple daily visits, as needed Read More
  • InspectNTrack By Brady/TISCOR

    InspectNTrack from TISCOR is a web-based inspection management software that will help you schedule, track and document inspection activities on any type of equipment or location. Used with or with-out Pocket PCs, it’s the ideal solution for compliance-based inspections regulated by any... Read More
  • Installation and Integration Services By Rockford Systems LLC

    The Rockford Systems installation crews are highly skilled and trained, with a background in electrical engineering and many hours of on-the-job experience on all types of equipment. Electrical System Installation and Integration Electrical System Installation and Integration Rockford Systems... Read More
  • Insta-Mold Custom Ear Plugs By E.A.R. Inc.

    Industrial accounts looking for an excellent cost effective solution in protecting their employees, look no further than custom-made Insta-Mold's. Having a registered CE number for European distribution, Insta-Mold silicones continue to be recognized worldwide as the leader in proven... Read More
  • Insta-Mold Custom Molded Earplugs By Insta-Mold Products

    Insta-Mold custom molded earplugs are the most effective earplugs on the market today. With Insta-Mold, the person's ear is used as the final negative. That's right, the impression becomes the final product. The net result is the most functional earplug available. No preformed or laboratory... Read More
  • Instant Hand Sanitizer (Fresh Scent) By SAFETEC OF AMERICA Inc

    Safetec Instant Hand Sanitizer (Fresh Scent) kills 99.99% of germs in 15 seconds* and evaporates completely to leave hands not feeling sticky. It contains aloe vera for added moisture with each use, increases skin hydration and preserves skin’s health. Effective Against: MRSA, HIV-1, E.Coli,... Read More
  • Instant Hand Sanitizer Dispensers (Fresh Scent) By SAFETEC OF AMERICA Inc

    Safetec Instant Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs in 15 seconds* and evaporates completely to leave hands not feeling sticky. It contains aloe vera for added moisture with each use, increases skin hydration and preserves skin’s health. Effective Against: MRSA, HIV-1, E. Coli, VRE, Avian Flu A Read More
  • InstaScreenTM By AmeriWide Screeners

    InstaScreenTM, our cutting-edge, cloud-based platform gives you 24/7 access for ordering, viewing, and monitoring your reports. Our platform is secure, and constantly updated to help us, and you, comply with new legislation on the national, state, and even city level. InstaScreen uses... Read More
  • Insulated Electrician’s and Linesman’s Knives By Cementex Products, Inc.

    Individually tested to exceed ASTM Standards. Double layered orange over yellow insulation provides protection against electric shock. Rated and labeled with the 1000V industry symbol. Tough, tempered-steel blade provides maximum sharpness and durability. Rugged insulated handles provide a firm... Read More
  • Insurance Underwriting & Support Services By Blackburn Group Inc.

    Blackburn Group, Inc. offers underwriting placement services to various insured in the Property, Casualty, and Workers Compensation risk and claim businesses. Our RiskPro products and services include: Comprehensive exposure identification, placement, and management for all Property,... Read More
  • INTEGRAfit By Workplace INTEGRA, Inc.

    INTEGRAfit® is a hardware/software solution for the measurement of noise reduction as the worker actually wears his or her earplugs. INTEGRAfit is a hardware/software solution for under $3,000.00 Read More
  • Integrated Management By Intelex Technologies

    To extract real value from performance data, organizations need an accurate and comprehensive, real-time view of their business. The Intelex Integrated Management System makes achieving that view easily attainable. By integrating the environmental, quality, health & safety and business... Read More
  • INTERCEPT® ORAL FLUID DRUG TEST & ASSAYS By OraSure Technologies, Inc.

    The Intercept® Oral Fluid Drug Test is an FDA-cleared laboratory-based oral fluid drug testing system that enables accurate testing for drugs of abuse including marijuana, cocaine, PCP, amphetamines and opiates. With a fast and easy-to-administer collection process, Intercept® is ideal for... Read More
  • Internal Audit Checklist and Guide how to Audit (ISBN 1-881006-85-5) By Quality Control Systems and Services

    This is a 24 page Internal Audit Checklist and Guide How to Audit; it addresses each ISO 13485-2003 and ISO 9001-2008 Standard requirement in form of 328 questions including a simple to use Rating System, enabling the user to measure and provide metrics in regard to quality management system... Read More
  • INTERNATIONAL BILINGUAL Signs & Labels By ComplianceSigns.com

    Our bilingual safety signs and labels send your safety message in two languages. These US-made signs are ideal for operations with both English- and non-English-speaking workers, visitors or customers. Choose from OSHA, ANSI and other formats in a variety of sizes and materials. We currently... Read More
  • International Screening By RiskAware

    When your candidates have lived or reside outside the U.S. verifying backgrounds internationally is difficult. Foreign countries have individual standards, unique practices and technologies for maintaining records, as well as country specific laws and practices governing access to information.... Read More
  • Invizafilter By Texas Mold Consultants

    Especially effective against must odors, any type of smoke or smoke damage, pet odors, stale closed-up stagnant odors, hydrogen sulfide, gas and diesel fumes, formaldehyde, all VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) all noxious irritating odors and offensive gases. It significantly reduces odors and... Read More
  • IR400 Point Infrared Gas Detector By General Monitors

    The IR400 Infrared (IR) Point Gas Detector delivers reliable protection against explosive hydrocarbon gases with a low power design that installs in minutes and features heated optics to eliminate condensation and includes a dirty optics indicator for fail safe operation. The IR400... Read More
  • ISNetworld Support Services Consulting By 1 Source Safety and Health

    1Source Safety and Health, Inc (1Source) has met the safety and health program requirements and is a verified vendor for various refineries, pipeline transmission, steel, electric, and co-generation facility Client-Owners who are members of ISN. If your company requires ISN participation please... Read More
  • ISO 13485 By DNV GL Corp

    An ISO 13485 certificate proves your commitment to the quality of medical devices. It enables you to demonstrate that your quality management system has been assessed and found compliant in order to meet regulatory requirements and customer needs. What is the ISO 13485 standard? ISO 13485 is... Read More
  • ISO 13485-2003 Medical Device Quality & Procedure Manual (ISBN 1-881006-80-8) By Quality Control Systems and Services

    This all in one Quality and Procedure Manual meets ISO 13485 - 2003 as well as ISO 9001-2008 Standard requirements and is specifically designed for the Medical Devices Engineering and Manufacturing Industries. The Hardcopy Manual contains the following: Policies and Objective addressing each... Read More
  • ISO 14001 By DNV GL Corp

    An ISO 14001 certificate proves that your environmental management system has been measured against a best practice standard and found compliant. Issued by a third party certification body/registrar, the certificate lets customers know they can trust that you are actively minimizing the... Read More
  • ISO 3864-2 Safety Labels By Safetysign.com

    Often times there are situations in which internationally recognizable hazard alert symbols are necessary to ensure that everyone in your facility understands the dangers presented and follow proper safety precautions. ISO hazard alert symbol labels are a great way to make sure that your... Read More
  • ISO 9001 By DNV GL Corp

    An ISO 9001 certificate proves that your quality management system has been certified against a best practice standard and found compliant. Issued by a third party certification body/registrar, the certificate lets customers know they can trust that you have implemented the necessary internal... Read More
  • Isolation Capsules By i2k AirPad

    Permanent stock of inputs, accessories and parts. Easy maintenance. The device provides all the alerts about possible maintenance. Easy disinfection. It's Resistant materials can even sustain the most used chemicals. After the transfer of a patient, disinfection for the vehicle is not... Read More
  • IVT 1000CR Safe-Pak Cleanroom Vacuum By Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums

    IVT 1000CR Cleanroom Vacuum – Featuring Optional Safe-Pak Container. Our new line of cleanroom vacuums features everything our customers asked for in a cleanroom vacuum…and more. From the multistage filtration system to the standard stainless steel design to the quiet 61 dB(A) noise level, the... Read More