Products in the Occupational Health & Safety Buyers Guide

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  • Safety Gas Cabinets (7000 Series) By Safety Equipment Corporation

    The Safety Equipment 7000-Series Compressed Gas Cabinets hold from one to four gas cylinders. They are constructed with high quality materials for long life and ease of use. Our compressed cabinets meet or exceed all existing code requirements worldwide. Custom features and cabinet... Read More
  • SAFETY TOE CAP TURBOTOE - PAIR By Bottomline Safety Inc.

    The CSA CERTIFIED TURBO TOE by IMPACTO protects your toe area from accidental impact, crushing or stubbing. They're made of flexible, pliable PVC with a tread pattern engineered to prevent slipping and to help liquid to flow away from the foot. Perfect for any working environment that carries... Read More
  • S3 Industrial Vacuum By Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums

    Available in a variety of configurations, the NEW S3 single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner features solid construction and cutting-edge innovations like an electronic keypad with LED indicators to monitor the performance of the main and HEPA filters. The S3 is available with 50 or 100 liter... Read More
  • S4000CH Combustible Gas Detector By General Monitors

    The S4000CH gas detector is suitable for a wide range of demanding industrial applications where the potential presence of dangerous hydrocarbon-based combustible gas is a threat to people, equipment, and facilities. The S4000CH Gas Detector features General Monitors’ precision catalytic bead... Read More
  • S4000TH Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector By General Monitors

    The S4000TH Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector is designed to protect people, equipment, and plants from the dangers of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and features the HART communication protocol for ease of field communications. Because of the detector’s multiple communication methods, a user can... Read More
  • S5 Safety Carton Cutter By Pacific Handy Cutter , Inc.

    The industry leading box cutter merges together a durable, integrated film cutter unit to bring you 3 tools-in-1. Standard innovative features include 3 box cutting positions, an ergonomic handle for precise cutting, permanent safety guard / guide with safety blade exposure window, and a tape... Read More
  • S7 Safety Carton Cutter By Pacific Handy Cutter , Inc.

    This revolutionary cutter is equipped with a long-lasting, rugged, cast metal safety blade / guard system, designed specifically for continuous or occasional (top) carton cutting and enhanced with additional safety features throughout. The safety blade / guard activation system safely extends... Read More
  • Safe By Accident? By Aubrey Daniels International

    Why is it so hard to get safety right? In attempts to improve safety, companies institute safety programs, purchase specialized equipment, and engage in safety practices that they believe have a positive impact. Unfortunately the measure of that impact is flawed. Having a low incident rate is... Read More
  • Safe Deck Anti Slip Coating for Exterior Wooden Decks By No Skidding Products Inc

    Safe-Deck SD Series Safe-Deck is a semi-industrial, hard-wearing acrylic coating system that has been especially formulated for use on sundecks, balconies, boat decks, steps, concrete areas, tennis courts, basement floors, etc. Safe-Deck is easy to apply and dries in 3 to 5 hours between... Read More
  • Safe Edge Fall Protection Trailer By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

    The Safe-Edge Trailer represents one of the most innovative and simplistic anchorages on the market today. This easily portable fall protection anchorage is suitable for up to two (2) workers in fall restraint or fall arrest. Weight: 1,950 lbs Self retracting lifelines are sold seperately. Read More
  • Safe Patient Handling (SPH) Consulting By 1 Source Safety and Health

    Patients: Handle with C.A.R.E. ™ Nurses and related healthcare workers have some of the highest incident rates for back and other injuries arising from ergonomic risk (now termed work related musculoskeletal disorders or WMSD) of any industry. These WMSD are associated with the physical... Read More
  • SafePath Safety Program Manager By SafePath Software

    Designed for safety leaders who want to go beyond "Get Legal" and who seek simple ways to raise awareness beyond enforcement and compliance. Build a culture of safety and health excellence as you help your leaders and employees adopt safety best practices across your enterprise. SafePath... Read More
  • SAFER HazMat Responder™ By SAFER Systems

    SAFER's HazMat Responder™ is a 24-hour a day mobile response solution that enhances the tactical decision-making abilities of chemical emergency response teams. Rather than the traditional methods of providing a "best guess", HazMat Responder™ is always ready to help you make the right decisions... Read More
  • SAFER Real-Time® By SAFER Systems

    SAFER Real-Time® is our flagship, integrated, chemical emergency management solution designed for industrial environments for use in detecting, measuring, analyzing, responding to and documenting hazardous chemical release events. The system is used by corporate and public responder and hazmat... Read More

    Engineering-grade chemical hazards analysis and assessment solution used by a variety of process safety, emergency planning and environmental engineers. Read More
  • Safety & Regulatory Compliance Training By The MARCOM Group, Ltd.

    Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment and complying with OSHA’s safety requirements is more important than ever before. OSHA has become increasingly aggressive enforcing their regulations. Worker’s compensation and healthcare costs keep growing. And the drive toward achieving more... Read More
  • Safety & Risk Consulting By Easy Safety Solutions

    If you have a pending audit, or recognize that your employee safety and/or training programs are long-overdue for improvement, we can provide you with years of experience and insight to help you design a program to fit your needs. ESS consulting team is dedicated to understanding your unique... Read More
  • Safety & Risk Control Services Inc. By Safety & Risk Control Services Inc

    National safety consulting firm providing risk assessment studies, safety training, program development and audit. OSHA compliance and DOT training and compliance assistance. Authorized Defensive Driving training instructors and OSHA outreach instructors in Construction and General Industry for... Read More
  • Safety & Security Mirrors By Se-Kure Controls, Inc.

    Shatter Resistant Mirrors Eliminate Blind Spots Convex detection mirrors are a retailerʼs first line of defense against shoplifting and pilferage. They increase aisle visibility, eliminate blind spots and are excellent as safety mirrors in preventing intersection accidents. Additional... Read More
  • Safety Analytics Services By Predictive Solutions Corporation

    Safety Analytics Services, delivered as customized consulting engagements, help organizations turn their data into actionable information without having to invest in another safety software system. The service is designed to compile data from a company’s various databases, analyze that data, and... Read More
  • Safety and Accident Prevention Tags By Stonehouse Signs

    Use Stoneouse's ANSI and OSHA accident prevention and safety tags to alert personnel to temporary hazards often associated with installation, maintenance, repair, or other transient conditions. Read More
  • Safety and Health Audits By 1 Source Safety and Health

    Safety and Health Audits offer the best return on investment when conducted by experienced and seasoned professionals. When planning a client audit, 1Source is able to provide a well-rounded audit team including Certified Professional Environmental Auditors (CPEA) experienced in all audit... Read More
  • Safety Apparel - Hi Vis Vests, Jackets & Coats By Traffic Safety Warehouse

    We carry a full line of wholesale safety gear. Hi vis jackets, high visibility t-shirts, safety rain gear and reflective clothing of all kinds to keep your construction staff safe. Durable, MUTCD compliant hi vis gear including LED safety vests and more. Read More
  • Safety Audit Management Software By Gensuite LLC

    1. Engage site, business and corporate teams in tiered regulatory compliance audits and program assessments 2. Audit regulatory compliance risk using internally developed or licensed auditing protocols 3. Enable scheduling of audits, manage auditors, and audit risk execution 4. Develop custom... Read More
  • SAFETY BANNERS By ComplianceSigns.com

    Worksite Safety Banners are a colorful way to send your safety message. Our safety banners feature: • Direct printing in color on 10-oz. semi-gloss vinyl for high visibility • Brass grommets for easy mounting • 5 sizes, from 4 to 10 feet • Prices from $69 • Dozens of different... Read More
  • Safety Barrier By Omega Industrial Products

    Safety Barriers / Guard Rails come in a wide variety of applications and are most often used to protect people, machinery, and your facility from the serious impacts that are often experienced when the three intermix. Our line of standard safety barrier products include: Safety Barrier Guard... Read More
  • Safety Captured Fasteners By Machine Guard & Cover Co.

    Our Safety Captured Fastener program has been designed for the maximum convenience of maintenance personnel while at the same time conforming to the most rigid “hand tool needed for removal” interpretation of OSHA regulations (ASME B15.1b-2000 Section E 3.2.1 Guards, Section c). At this time... Read More
  • Safety Culture Services By Predictive Solutions Corporation

    Safety Culture Services are delivered as customized consulting engagements, led by Chuck Pettinger, Ph.D., that help strengthen safety cultures and processes to ensure great safety performance. Safety Culture Services focus on an organization’s greatest asset – its people. Great safety... Read More
  • Safety Data Sheet Software By Chemical Safety Software

    Managing Safety Data Sheets Has Never Been Easier Are you still maintaining your safety data sheets in a paper binder? There is a better way! Migrating to a cloud-based database will not only lower your administrative costs, it will also improve workplace safety by making it easier for your... Read More
  • Safety Emblems By Williams Jewelry & Mfg Co.

    All Emblems are gold plate with hard fired enamels and are available for immediate shipment. If you don't see the title you are looking for, call or email us. This series of badges was created from your suggestions. We are licensed by the National Safety Council to Manufacture and sell "Green... Read More
  • Safety equipment By Supply Line Direct

    Give your employees a level of safety protection they deserve with safety equipment and safety supplies that are comfortable, stylish, and effective. These industrial safety supplies will guard against noise, dangerous equipment that can harm the eyes and hands, and chemicals that may affect a... Read More
  • Safety Guardrail Netting By PearlWeave Safety Netting Corp.

    PearlWeave Safety Netting’s accepted guardrail/toeboard system is designed and independently tested to provide Personnel Fall Protection in excess of standards. When properly installed from a compliant top rail and secured to deck level, PearlWeave also satisfies OSHA requirements for mid rail... Read More
  • Safety Hatch By Activar Construction Products

    The New Safety Hatch Integral Roof Access Safety System OSHA-Compliant Roof Safety Standard 14 gage Roof Hatch Gray Powder Coated Finish New Base Flashing Receiver Assembles in Minutes Tools & Hardware Included 5 Standard Sizes Options: Self Closing Gate "Open Hatch" Warning... Read More
  • Safety Hatch Post By Activar Construction Products

    The new E- Z Up Safety Post has a patented design that is easily installed and stows inside the existing roof hatch curb. After the user opens the roof hatch, the post is raised with one hand and locked into an upright position. The user can then climb from the ladder to the rooftop using... Read More
  • Safety Inspections By ZeraWare Safety Software

    ZeraWare provides a methodical and efficient system for eliminating safety hazards and ensuring compliance with OSHA safety & health regulations. Create customized safety inspection forms that will suit your workplace. Create in-house OSHA compliance audits to find and fix violations that could... Read More
  • SAFETY LABELS By ComplianceSigns.com

    Our Safety Labels come in general and universal “Prohibited” shapes, as well as circles and triangles. Available symbols include machinery hazards, radiation, poisons, electricity, protective equipment, fire and many others. Safety Labels from ComplianceSigns.com are the fast, easy and... Read More
  • Safety Labels (ANSI, ISO, CEMA) By Safetysign.com

    SafetySign.com offers ANSI Z535.4, ISO 3864-2, & CEMA Compliant Safety Labels that are designed to alert employees and others about the dangers of any machinery hazards or conditions. Our high quality hazard and safety warning labels are available in multiple sizes and harmonized formats. These... Read More
  • Safety Labels, Signs, Pipe Marking By Graphic Products

    Quickly address hazards and safety notices anywhere with premade safety signs, labels, and pipe markers. Read More
  • Safety Management By Intelex Technologies

    Keep your employees safe, reduce injuries, lower costs, and ensure regulatory compliance with the most complete safety management and reporting software system on the market. The Intelex Safety Management System provides a flexible software solution for managing your organization's safety... Read More
  • Safety Management Specialist By Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)

    Safety Management Specialists (SMS) are individuals with management skills required for a business’s safe operation, applying these safety skills on a full-time or part-time basis as part of their job duties. Some examples of an SMS’s activities include defining and utilizing an organization’s... Read More
  • Safety Management Systems Consulting By 1 Source Safety and Health

    1Source has been helping clients to develop and improve the performance of their Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems. Often, the first step in improving performance is to conduct a detailed safety and health audit of policies, programs, record keeping, and loss data. The... Read More
  • Safety Meetings By Intelex Technologies

    Safety meetings are the foundation on which an effective safety management program is built. They function as a forum for defining collective objectives, disseminating information, identifying issues, and establishing next steps. The Intelex Safety Meetings Management Module operates as a... Read More
  • Safety Meetings By VelocityEHS

    Stay in compliance and improve employee engagement with the VelocityEHS Safety Meetings product. Easily create, schedule, track and report safety committee meetings, pre-job “toolbox” or “tailgate” talks and other EHS meetings. Agendas can be pre-planned and topics carried over from previous... Read More
  • Safety Monitors By Alpha Omega Instruments - a Process Insights Brand

    Concerned over the possibility of unsafe levels of oxygen or carbon dioxide in the breathing air? Need a reliable oxygen deficiency monitor or carbon dioxide monitor? Alpha Omega Instruments manufacturers a complete line of oxygen deficiency monitors and carbon dioxide monitors to help preserve... Read More
  • Safety Net Support Array By L.G. White Safety Corporation

    L.G. White Safety Corporation has been providing innovative safety solutions for the aviation industry since 1995, specializing in fall protection systems for various large, fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Read More
  • Safety Officer's Noise Kits By Cirrus Research plc

    The Safety Officer’s Noise Measurement Kit is a complete set of noise measurement tools that can be configured to meet your needs. The kits contain a combination of an optimus sound level meter along with the doseBadge noise dosemeters and accessories for each instrument. All of these... Read More
  • Safety Performance Programs By C.A. Short Company

    With a properly structured, proactive safety performance program you can reinforce positive behavior, protect against preventable injuries and decrease days away from work. You can expect to be rewarded with lower disability costs, more satisfied workers and, ultimately, higher productivity and... Read More
  • Safety Program Development By 1 Source Safety and Health

    1Source professionals draw on their many years of technical and management responsibility for the development of policies and programs, to help you comply with regulations. Knowledge of the changing regulatory and business management environments not only helps in the development of programs,... Read More
  • Safety Rail 2000 Portable Guardrail Kits By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

    Blue Water Mfg, Inc's Safety Rail 2000 guardrail kits eases the process of designing non-penetrating guardrail systems by providing all of the basic components you need. Each kit includes one (1) safety rail 2000 panel of your chosen length, one (1) Safety Rail 2000 base plate and two (2)... Read More
  • Safety Shoe, Uniform & PPE Program Management Tools By Gearcor

    Gearcor’s online Safety Management System allows your program administrators to have total visibility and control of your company's workforce safety and subsidy program. Simplify administration with a single point of management and provide your employees with a one-stop-shop website for all... Read More
  • Safety Signs By Safehouse Signs Inc

    Safehouse Signs follows strict OSHA, ANSI, DOT, NFPA and other federal/U.S. standard organizations’ guidelines to produce our signs, labels and tags. All signs, except magnetic and vinyl press-on, are supplied with radius corners and pre-drilled mounting holes. Your company name, your wording... Read More
  • SAFETY SIGNS & LABELS By ComplianceSigns.com

    Easy-to-read safety signs and labels from ComplianceSigns.com can help keep employees and visitors safe. Here you'll find a great selection of industrial hazard signs and labels for your workplace or worksite. Sign categories include OSHA, ANSI and general format signs for: Chemical,... Read More
  • Safety Signs (ANSI & OSHA) By Safetysign.com

    We have a large selection of ANSI Z535.2 & OSHA Compliant Safety Signs that have a low price guarantee. Our extensive inventory of ANSI and OSHA compliant safety signs also have guaranteed durability. Browse our selection of affordable Safety Signs, Danger Signs, Warning Signs, and Notice... Read More
  • Safety Signs and Labels By SAFETYCAL, Inc.

    OSHA Safety Signs, ANSI Safety Signs, Custom Safety Signs & more! Have you been looking for a reliable, cost effective source for Safety Signs and Labels? Look no further, SAFETYCAL® is here to help you! Since 1974 we have been perfecting our manufacturing process to include a variety of... Read More
  • Safety Signs, Accident Prevention Signage By Brady Corp

    Brady offers more than 8,000 different signs for safety, maintenance and facility identification. Brady signs feature bright colors, bold text and intuitive pictographs to ensure that the communication is highly visible and easily understood. The signs are compliant with the latest standards and... Read More
  • Safety Software Solutions By S&W Technologies

    Our customizable safety software enables you to electronically capture safety observations, inspections, audits and incident information and provides the ability to instantly share best practices across multiple facilities. These valuable tools will help you reduce workplace injuries. Read More
  • Safety Solutions for Construction and HazWaste Operations By Emilcott

    The common EHS risks associated with construction operations and hazardous waste site clean-ups includes a long list of physical, biological and (frequently) chemical hazards—further complicated by the thorniness of a multi-employer workplace. The high level of experience of Emilcott’s Safety... Read More
  • Safety Surveys & Assessments By Aubrey Daniels International

    Organizations can’t always see what is right in front of them Surveys and assessments provide a deeper look into what is holding organizations back ADI’s suite of surveys and assessments provide a proven, science-based approach If you are looking for answers to safety concerns or just want to... Read More
  • Safety System Ladder Fall Protection By Safety Systems of America

    Vertical Lifelines Ladders on silos, water towers, cranes, smokestacks, and more...can benefit from the same continuous tie-off technology that is used on the horizontal systems. Read More
  • Safety Systems Horizontal Lifeline By Safety Systems of America

    Horizontal Lifelines Modern horizontal lifeline systems can allow a worker to traverse thousands of feet, if necessary, without ever having to stop and disconnect at cable support points. This means continuous safety - 100% tie-off - without a loss in productivity. Read More
  • Safety Tags (ANSI, OSHA, FIRE, AED) By Safetysign.com

    SafetySign.com is the leading manufacturer of high quality vinyl tags that can help you label inventory or warn people of hazardous equipment or scenarios. We have a variety of custom stock tags, plastic tags, vinyl tags, and other durable tags that are resistant to chemicals and extreme... Read More
  • SAFETY TAPE By ComplianceSigns.com

    For Safety Tape of all types, visit ComplianceSigns.com. Here you'll find a great selection of tough safety tape in a variety of colors. Choices include CAUTION and DANGER Barricade tape, Striped Hazard tape, No-slip tape / strips, and Marking tape in your choice of colors. Or choose Pipe... Read More
  • Safety Trained Supervisor By Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)

    The Safety Trained Supervisor (STS) certification provides a means for individuals and employers to verify safety and health knowledge important for first-line supervisors, managers, and any person with safety responsibilities. Workplace safety is enhanced the more employees are required to be... Read More
  • Safety Trained Supervisor Construction By Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)

    The STSC is intended for construction supervisors, managers, superintendents, forepersons, crew chiefs, and craftspeople who have responsibilities to maintain safe conditions and practices on construction job sites. These individuals may not have safety as a primary duty, but their knowledge of... Read More
  • Safety Training Management By Gensuite LLC

    1. Inventory and inspect all routine/non-routine tasks 2. Author Risk Assessments using standard/custom scoring models and approval workflow; publish to open access repository of Risk Assessments available to employees 3. Communicate Risk Assessments to employees and ensure safety training... Read More
  • Safety vests By Supply Line Direct

    Increase worker visibility with ANSI-rated high visibility safety vests and clothing. Class 1, 2 and 3 safety vests provide visual protection for construction personnel, vehicle operators, surveyors, traffic controllers, emergency responders and utility workers. Choose hi-viz orange or yellow... Read More
  • SAFETYCAL® Original Products By SAFETYCAL, Inc.

    At SAFETYCAL® we are inspired to create innovative and unique products that will serve our customers. By staying in touch, listening to your needs, adapting and creating products that solve the problems you face...that is what makes SAFETYCAL® different. Read More
  • SafetyNet By Predictive Solutions Corporation

    SafetyNet is the leading safety management system for saving lives by predicting workplace injuries. It helps customers collect and analyze safety data enabling them to predict and prevent injuries. It is the only software solution in the world that can help answer the question, “where and when... Read More
  • Saf-T- Rail By Heartland Steel Products

    Heartland Engineered Products Saf-T-Rail is designed to stop a 10,000 lb. load at 4mph rating. Bright OSHA yellow prowder coat finish. Triple, double and single rail applications avaiable. Simple layout with universal columns. Columns are 4" X 4" square tube manufactured from high strength... Read More
  • Salvage Master™ Wearable Water Vacuum By American Airworks™

    Fire Department's Best Public Relations & Water Tool! Salvage Master is a response tool for flooding problems caused by high water, broken water pipes, broken washer water hoses, etc. It is a wearable water vacuum that works great by removing water fast, before it causes serious damage to the... Read More
  • SAM Medical Products By Rescue Essentials

    SAM Medical Products is a developer and manufacturer of innovative medical products used for emergency, military, and hospital care. Products include the widely used SAM Splint, SAM Pelvic Sling, Soft Shell Splint, CELOX line of hemostatic agents, and Blist-O-Ban blister prevention bandages.... Read More
  • Sand Viper - Protective Eyewear/Readers By US Safety

    Uncompromised protection from wind, dust and airborne debris. Breathable, fog-free comfort with a secure fit for confidence even in the harshest environments. Now available in bifocal readers! (+1.50 to +2.50) Airborne particles are the leading cause of eye injuries in the workplace. The... Read More
  • SaniZide Plus® Spray By SAFETEC OF AMERICA Inc

    SaniZide Plus® Surface Disinfectant Spray is a convenient, fast-acting, multi-purpose, broad-spectrum disinfectant/ deodorizer for environmental surfaces. Our alcohol free formulation is a non-corrosive, EPA registered, quaternary ammonium compound. Effective Against: H1N1, MRSA, HIV-1, TB,... Read More
  • SaniZIde Plus® Wipes By SAFETEC OF AMERICA Inc

    SaniZide Plus® Germicidal Wipes are pre-saturated hard surface wipes that kill viruses such as MRSA, TB, VRE, and E. Coli in 10 minutes and HIV-1 in 2 minutes. The towelettes leave behind virtually no lint or particles to scratch or contaminate surfaces. Our dual quat, alcohol free formula is... Read More
  • SaniZide Pro® Spray By SAFETEC OF AMERICA Inc

    Safetec now offers a hospital-grade surface disinfectant that’s much faster than Sanizide Plus®. It is an alcohol-based, ready-to-use, multi-purpose broad spectrum disinfectant/deodorizer for hard and soft surfaces. This latest formulation is non-corrosive and fragrance free. SaniZide Pro® is a... Read More
  • SaniZide Pro® Wipes By SAFETEC OF AMERICA Inc

    Safetec now offers a hospital-grade surface disinfectant (a pandemic and infection control product) that’s much faster than Sanizide Plus®. It is an alcohol-based, ready-to-use, multi-purpose broad spectrum disinfectant/ deodorizer for hard and soft surfaces. This latest formulation is... Read More
  • Sanosil By Texas Mold Consultants

    Introducing "Sanosil" as a dry fog into office and work areas to kill 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria, mold spores, etc. on surfaces. The product is 5% hydrogen peroxide and .01% ionized silver. Many hospitals are cutting their HAI (hospital acquired infections) drastically by using the... Read More
  • SAS5135 Portable Gravity Fed Eyewash Station By All Safety Products, Inc.

    Our gravity fed portable eyewash station 16 gallon comes with water preservative, wall mounting bracket and an inspection tag for monitoring self inspections. Protect employees as required by law and guard against personal injury claims. Be sure to change water every 90 days. 1-hand operation... Read More
  • Satellite Plus By Jones Medical Instrument Company

    The Satellite spirometer set the standard for physician office efficiency and ease-of-use and opened the doors to vast new testing environments in; hospital ER/bedside, clinical trials, occupational health screening, and pharmaceutical marketing and spirometry screening programs. The new... Read More
  • Satellite/Base Station Spirometry System By Jones Medical Instrument Company

    Occupational pirometry screening should be simple. You should be able to turn on your spirometer, run your test, and get on with your day. The Satellite/Base Station3 allows you to do just that by providing the fastest test speed, the fastest print speed, and the lowest cost per test! The... Read More
  • SCape CBRN30 By ILC Dover Inc

    SCape® CBRN30 NIOSH Approved APER (Air Purifying Escape Respirator) Tested and proven for unparalleled protection, the SCape® CBRN30 hood represents the next generation of gas masks. This escape respirator gives a new meaning to the word "user friendly". Traditional gas masks employ face... Read More
  • SCBA Cylinder Storage Rack-Cart By American Airworks™

    SCBA Cylinder Storage Rack Secure your SCBA cylinders in the station and protect them from casual damage with our solid build and attractive SCBA cylinder storage rack. Polished diamond plate aluminum and 12 sturdy cylinder tubes. The SCBA cylinder rack is available for mobile applications... Read More
  • SCBA Cylinder Vise - Pneumatic By American Airworks™

    Your new cylinder vise makes removing your SCBA cylinder valves a breeze. Place your SCBA cylinder inside the non-damaging flexible belt and move the activation handle. The pneumatic vise tightly clamps down on the cylinder and holds it firmly while you go about removing or installing the SCBA... Read More
  • SCBA, SAR & APR Mask Respirator Washer By American Airworks™

    Today's health and safety dangers make the thorough cleaning, disinfecting and drying of protective face masks, particularly those that are shared, a major concern. The GS Series machines have greatly improved and simplified the hygiene of face masks. The GS Series washers use various... Read More
  • SCC Self Contained Controller By Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc.

    The SCC is a one or two channel, self-contained controller for monitoring carbon monoxide (CO) and/or nitrogen dioxide (NO2) or combustible gases (hydrogen, propane and methane) in vehicle exhaust type applications such as parking garages, auto repair shops, battery charging rooms, buildings on... Read More
  • Scepter By Wells Lamont

    • Thin gauge stainless steel wrapped in gray polyester • Launderable 15 times without shrinking • Moderate tactile sensitivity • Non-sterile glove can be used as a liner • Ambidextrous • Sold by the box (10 pieces per box) Read More
  • Scott, MSA, Avon, Draeger SCBA Flow Tester Posi3 USB Optional LapTop By American Airworks™

    Posichek Posi3 USB SCBA Flow Tester Posi3 USB Flow Testers are the only government approved SCBA flow test devices, which can be used on all American manufactured SCBA, for the mandated annual SCBA functional flow testing. Honeywell Respiratory manufactures the Posi3 USB units. American... Read More
  • Sealed-Blok™ By Capital Safety (DBI-SALA & PROTECTA)

    The Sealed-BlokTM Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL) series is available in 15, 30 and 50 foot lengths. The revolutionary sealed design keeps the critical working components, including the brake, power spring and energy absorber, free of dirt, grease, water and chemicals. The sealed design assures... Read More
  • Search by Gas By RKI Instruments Inc.

    For over 70 years, RKI has been at the forefront of sensor technology developing advanced detection techniques to provide solutions for specific applications. As a result we provide reliable, rugged gas detection equipment. We provide gas detection for life. Read More
  • SearchCam 3000 By Savox Communications

    The SearchCam 3000 locates victims trapped in collapsed buildings. The articulating waterproof camera head with LED lighting pinpoints the victims’ location so that rescuers can extract them. The SearchCam’s on-screen graphics direct the rescue team to where and how to begin extraction. The... Read More
  • Security By SAFETYCAL, Inc.

    SAFETYCAL SECURITY SIGNS are available in standard or custom formats. We carry a variety of materials and will help you choose the best option for your facility. Do you need to guide traffic? Check out our extensive selection of Traffic Control Signs. Do you need Custom Evacuation Signs?... Read More
  • Security Barriers By Industrial Netting

    Machine guarding is the perfect safety application for protecting and shielding manufacturing equipment from contact with body parts or other hazards that might come within a work area. It provides a safer working environment for workers preventing injury and also safeguarding the equipment from... Read More
  • Security Signs By Safetysign.com

    Safetysign.com offers a wide variety of highly visible custom security signs made to act as a deterrent for any malicious act. Our selection of security signs include video surveillance security signs, security notice signs, private property signs, warning security signs, and no bullying... Read More
  • Security Software Solutions By S&W Technologies

    Site-Wise provides instant access to photographs, floor plan maps and component details of a facility in the event of an accident, emergency or equipment maintenance and outage. Read More
  • Self Closing Safety Gate By Cotterman Company

    Adjustable - Easy to Install - Versatile - Promotes Safety Cotterman adjustable self closing safety gates assist your facility in meeting OSHA and ANSI requirements for guarding platform railing system openings. They easily install to existing platforms and stair openings. The unique gate width... Read More
  • Self Laminating Tags By LEM Products, Inc.

    Our offerings include Pre-Printed Self Laminating Tags, Blank Self Laminating Tags, Fiber Optic Tags, Quality Control and Equipment Tags, Equipment Banding Tags, Scaffold Tags and Hazardous Material Tags. Read More
  • Self-Fit DIY Custom Ear Plugs By E.A.R. Inc.

    An earplug that exactly fits the ear provides superior hearing protection and can be worn comfortably for extended periods of time. With over 40 years experience in the manufacturing of high grade silicones for hearing protection, E.A.R., Inc. brings you the highest quality available in a... Read More
  • SELF-LEVELING LOADER/UNLOADER By American Sales Development LLC

    Build up or break down bulk loads without bending over. Ergo Equipment self-leveling loader/unloader units are meant for manual loading and unloading of parts and products from skids, pallets or bulk containers. The units are portable and can be used line side, shipping and receiving or anywhere... Read More
  • Sensepoint XCD By BW Technologies by Honeywell

    The Sensepoint XCD transmitter provides comprehensive monitoring of flammable, toxic and oxygen gas hazards in potentially explosive atmospheres, indoors and outdoors—and is marked by installation ease and flexibility, user-friendly operation and cost-effective gas monitoring. Three... Read More
  • Sentinel Clear Hood By ILC Dover Inc

    Clear hood provides panoramic field of view No suspension system increases comfort and eliminates sizing concerns Adhesive tab system keeps hood in place even while bending Readily accommodates most head, hearing and eye protection Elimination of neckdam improves comfort while delivering... Read More
  • Sentinel Eyewear By US Safety

    Super lightweight wraparound design for men and women, combines a sleek appearance with rugged durability, features rubberized temple tips and integrated nosepiece. Fits comfortably with half mask respirators. Impact resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99.9% UV protection and scratch... Read More
  • Sentinel HP PAPR By ILC Dover Inc

    The Sentinel XL™ HP System is designed to protect healthcare workers from infectious diseases/pandemic flu. Sentinel XL™ HP PAPR Designed for protection against airborne infectious diseases Uses the same durable blower system found in our Sentinel CBRN PAPR One-size-fits-all head... Read More
  • Sentinel XL CBRN PAPR By ILC Dover Inc

    The Sentinel CBRN configuration can be worn with the NIOSH approved backpack or belt mounted design. The unique backpack approach allows the unit to be comfortably carried in a stowed configuration there by increasing your readiness Superior Protection and Comfort Sentinel is the only... Read More
  • Sereis 4 Communication System By EARMARK

    Maximize your team’s productivity in difficult industrial environments with EARMARK's Series 4 communication system. The Series 4 is a portable self-contained headset, body mounted belt or flex pack radio. With voice activation and hands free operation, the EARMARK system will maximizes your... Read More
  • Sereis 5 Communication System By EARMARK

    Maximize your team’s productivity in difficult industrial environments with EARMARK's Series 5 communication system. The Series 5 is a portable radio system built into noise reducing earmuffs. Up to 10 channels can be pre-programmed into the Series 5 giving you added flexibility with your... Read More
  • Series 9000 Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer By AMETEK MOCON - Baseline

    The Series 9000 analyzer provides unparalleled flexibility and offers continuous, fully automated gas analysis over a broad range of concentrations. The 9000 has a dynamic range from less than 10 ppb on the low range version and up to 100% as methane on the high range version. The analyzer has... Read More
  • Series 9100 Gas Chromatograph By AMETEK MOCON - Baseline

    This state of the art analyzer provides a multitude of features including lab quality analysis in an online fully integrated instrument. Multiple detector options including PID (Photoionization Detector), High Sensitivity PID, FID (Flame Ionization Detector) and TCD (Thermal Conductivity)... Read More
  • SEVERE WEATHER / RESCUE AREA Signs & Labels By ComplianceSigns.com

    Browse US-made Tornado Shelter, Evacuation Route, Area of Refuge / Rescue and other severe weather safety signs and labels. Our Storm Shelter and other signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials. All our severe weather stickers and signs are produced using industrial strength... Read More
  • SGPF: Latex Sterile Powder Free Exam By CT International, Scientific Div

    Textured Surface Double Chlorinated Tapered Beaded Cuff Class 100 (M3.5) Clean Room Compatible or Higher Controlled Environments Length: 12" (±0.5) Thickness: 6.5 mil (±1) Tensile Strength: 3400 psi/23 mpa Elongation: 745% Packaging: HDPE/Poly Wallet, 1 Pair/Pouch, 50 Pairs/Bag, 200... Read More
  • Shell Gift Card By RPG Card Services

    Rev up your employees and customers with the Shell Gift Card. There are over 14,000 Shell stations in the U.S., serving more than 6 million Americans each day. There's probably a Shell station near you - in fact, over 80 percent of Americans live within five miles of a Shell station. It’s the... Read More
  • Shipping Lithium Batteries By Lion Technology

    Lion’s Shipping Lithium Batteries course provides full hazmat/dangerous goods training for shipping lithium batteries by ground, air, and vessel. Whether you ship lithium-ion or lithium-metal batteries—large or small, in equipment, with-equipment, or stand-alone—this course guides you through... Read More
  • Shipping Lithium Batteries (Function-Specific) By Lion Technology

    New requirements for lithium battery shipments take effect on January 1, 2017. Major updates for 2017 include stricter IATA DGR Operator Variations from FedEx and UPS, new lithium battery labels, and more. Get up to speed with the latest 49 CFR, IATA, and IMDG requirements for shipping lithium... Read More
  • ShockWave™2 Shock Absorbing Lanyard By Capital Safety (DBI-SALA & PROTECTA)

    Our ShockWave2™ shock absorbing lanyards are stretchable for complete freedom of movement. There is certain to be a model that will meet your fall arrest requirements from this innovative product line. The ShockWave2™ incorporates a unique inner core that immediately begins to extend and absorb... Read More
  • SHOEBOX Data Management By SHOEBOX Ltd.

    Paperless Patient, Employee, and Client Data Management A Cloud-based Portal to Archive, View, Manage, and Analyze Hearing Health Data Features -Web-based portal -Secure and HIPAA compliant -Automatic backup of patient data and test results -Set baseline audiograms -Automatic threshold shift... Read More
  • SHOEBOX for Occupational Hearing Testing By SHOEBOX Ltd.

    Portable test equipment. Web-based data management. Plus optional audiological services. Everything you need to meet your OSHA requirements for occupational hearing testing. Read More
  • SHOEBOX PureTest By SHOEBOX Ltd.

    SHOEBOX PureTest improves accuracy by eliminating any deviations in the hearing testing process. Simple, Safe, Compliant & Cost-effective. Read More
  • SHOEBOX Standard By SHOEBOX Ltd.

    Easy-to-use, Automated, Accurate and Intelligent. Simply put, the world’s best automated audiometer. Read More
  • Shooting Ranges By Troy Acoustics Corporation

    Troy Acoustics, the worldwide leader in indoor, and outdoor shooting range noise control and acoustics, offers the world’s highest acoustic rating and the shooting range industry’s only guaranteed solution at a competitive per square foot price. Basic requirements must be met: Whether you are... Read More
  • Sierra Electric Air or Nitrogen Boost Pump By American Airworks™

    Sierra boosters are electrically powered and compress breathing air & inert gases to 5000 PSI from 1500 PSI or boost air to 2216 PSI from 800 PSI. The 12000 model will boost air to 6000 PSI. Sierra boosters are available in several models. Models 9000 and 12000 are pre-set to automatically stop... Read More
  • Signs By Brady Corp

    As a global leader in facility signage, there's no other company that can help you communicate critical information better than Brady. We offer more than 8,000 different signs for safety, maintenance and facility identification. Brady signs feature bright colors, bold text and intuitive... Read More
  • Signs & Signage - Awareness® By Encon Safety Products

    AWARENESS® multi-directional signs are available in the original collection of durable and highly visible Yellow, Green, and Orange ABS plastic with multi-language options for our worldwide clientele. Options are available for top/bottom or mid-point water inlets. AWARENESS 100™ is a compact... Read More
  • SIL By Bell Engineering Software Technologists Ltd

    Safety Intigrity Level - Assessment, Verification Read More
  • Silver Talon By Wells Lamont

    Patented yarn composition of high performance fibers and stainless steel provides exceptional protection against cuts and slashes • Unmatched combination of cut resistance, dexterity and durability • Unique colored cuff is highly visible • CFR 21 – approved for food contact •... Read More
  • Single Gallon Disinfectant By Georgia Steel & Chemical Co., Inc.

    Fresh Gear is a Hospital-Grade concentrated germicidal detergent. Simply mix one half-ounce of Fresh-Gear with one gallon of water to clean and disinfect personal safety equipment. Fresh-Gear is guaranteed safe for use on all makes and models of hard surface respirators and meets OSHA, ANSI,... Read More
  • Single Hose Line Systems By Martech Services Company

    Single Line Hose systems were designed to provide the ease of a single 3/8" breathing air hose, and to allow the painter the ability to breathe with and spray with breathable air. With Single Line Hose assemblies in 25', 35' and 50' lengths, this Quality Air Breathing System is a favorite choice... Read More
  • Single Serve By Kent Precision Foods Group (Sqwincher)

    When you need quick hydration on the job, try our lightest alternative to help replace what you sweat out. Read More
  • Sit Down Forklift Training Kit on CD - Hard Hat Training Series By Safety Provisions, Inc.

    This is a complete sit down forklift safety training course on CD. The PowerPoint training course meets the OSHA requirements for powered industrial trucks. Review Samples from the CD at hardhattraining.com * Student Manuals * Federal OSHA Regulations * PowerPoint Instructor Notes... Read More
  • Site Safety PPE Multi-message Signs By Western Safety Sign

    Prevent accidents with multi-message signage including PPE requirements and symbols. Available in a variety of sizes and materials. Read More
  • SiteHawk MSDS Engineer By SiteHawk

    SiteHawk MSDS Engineer is the industry’s first web-based MSDS authoring software available “on-demand”, allowing companies to author without costly and lengthy software implementations. MSDS Engineer enables organizations to classify material hazards according to global and regional standards... Read More
  • SiteHawk MSDS Hosting & Distribution By SiteHawk

    SiteHawk MSDS Hosting & Distribution delivers an online resource that helps you provide your customers with instant access to your product information. We’ve combined our technological knowledge with our industry expertise to create efficient, low-cost product MSDS delivery solutions. We host... Read More
  • SiteHawk Professional By SiteHawk

    SiteHawk offers a complete approach to MSDS and chemical data management via web-based, user-friendly software and managed services. Organizations in virtually every industry utilize SiteHawk solutions to manage their hazard communication programs, meet regulatory and environmental compliance... Read More
  • Size-selective Particulate Samplers By SKC Inc.

    SKC Size-selective Particulate Samplers provide innovative sampling solutions for current sampling criteria including inhalable, respirable, thoracic, and PM1.0, 2.5, 10, and coarse. In addition to samplers, SKC offers a complete line of top quality filters for O&EHS applications. Read More
  • Sked® Basic Rescue System (upgraded with Cobra Buckles) By Skedco, Inc.

    The original and still the best solution for confined space, high angle or technical rescue, and traditional land based applications, the Sked stretcher is a revolutionary design which provides outstanding patient protection and security. Skedco now has the Austrian made Skedco/Cobra... Read More
  • Skoop Chair By BioFit Engineered Products

    BioFit Engineered Products’ award-winning Skoop chair is an edgy, yet practical alternative to conventional multipurpose seating, combining color and contour with ergonomic performance and LEED® compliance. With the Skoop, BioFit joined ergonomic design and control with proven engineering and a... Read More
  • SkyGrip Permanent HLL System Kits in Stainless Steel By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

    The new Miller SkyGrip Stainless Steel Permanent Horizontal Lifeline System Kits are designed for quick, easy installation in corrosive environments. A variety of innovative features have been engineered into these new systems, making them extremely user friendly with enhanced safety... Read More
  • SkyNet™ Work Platform By InCord

    A revolutionary new work platform solution, SkyNet™ Work Platform Netting can be deployed at height, between beams and other superstructure to provide a durable walking-working surface. Ideal for stadium construction, SkyNet™ provides a safe, stable work surface where the height of the work area... Read More
  • Slice Ceramic Scissors (Small) By Slice, Inc.

    Slice® 10544 Ceramic Scissors bring our proprietary finger-friendly® grind to scissors. This means that, while our scissors cut materials effectively, they also resist cutting skin. Used in industrial, institutional, and educational settings alike, these lightweight scissors are ambidextrous and... Read More
  • Slice Craft Knife By Slice, Inc.

    The Slice® Craft Knife is ideal for intricate cutting, scraping, and handling. Its blade is non-sparking, chemically inert, safe to 1600 degrees Celsius, never rusts, and requires no oil coating. With a textured grip for superior control, this precision tool allows the user to make accurate,... Read More
  • Slice Manual Box Cutter By Slice, Inc.

    The Slice® box cutter revolutionized safety with its ceramic safety blade and unique handle. Slice’s safer ergo handle wraps around your hand, protecting you from staples while providing the perfect angle to expose only as much blade as you need. Used by more than half the Fortune 1000, our... Read More
  • Slice Manual Utility Knife By Slice, Inc.

    The Slice® 10550 Manual Utility Knife is one of three handle styles available. It offers five blade positions, allowing the user to choose the correct blade depth for the job. Slice’s proprietary manufacturing process creates a finger-friendly® blade edge. Like our other models, the manual... Read More
  • Slip Doctors By A+ Non Slip Surfaces

    Non slip treatments and coatings for various types of hard mineral walkway surfaces and bath tubs. Prevents slip and fall accidents and most products have a COF of 0.60 and above. Read More
  • Slips, Trips and Falls: Stranger Than Friction By Wumbus Corporation

    Slips trips and falls in the workplace are the cause of most incidents and injuries. In this story, we will follow a day in the life of Jim, an average guy who has no idea what he`s about to learn. As we follow Jim through an often humorous day, he learns the difference between slips trips and... Read More
  • SlouchBeGone Back Support Cushion By JP Healthy Back Ergonomic LLC

    The JP Healthy Back Ergonomics Company presents the New Slouch Be Gone Back Support System®, a complete sitting support device that targets those spend extended hours sitting throughout the day. Our user friendly product provides optimal support to the entire back. The Slouch Be Gone Back... Read More
  • Slow Moving Vehicle Signs and Decals By American Safety Vest

    These retro-reflective SMV aluminum signs meet the strictest state standards, including NY and IL, for Slow Moving Vehicles. They are certified in compliance with ASAE S276.6, with high intensity microprismatic conspicuity red. They have pre-drilled screw holes for easy mounting. The emblems... Read More
  • SMART TONE Automatic Audiometer By Smart Diagnostic Devices

    The SMART TONE Audiometer touchscreen with an intuitive icon-interface takes complexity out of hearing conservation testing. Simply touch and open the functions you need, test and save. The SMART TONE features automatic testing, storage, printing, transfer and a built-in talk-over microphone.... Read More
  • Smart Waste Bin System By Talosys

    The Talosys smart waste bin monitoring system for smart cities, buildings, and facilities can detect when the waste bin is nearly full. This allows the waste management administrators to collect data for analytics and route planning, only collecting trash from bins or dumpsters that need to be... Read More
  • SMARTER Dual Video Drive Recorder with GPS By Keytroller, LLC.

    DUAL Video Drive Recorder with GPS. The solution to the rising automotive accidents and fatalities caused by cell phone distractions. Additionally, this same device secures protection from false automotive accusations. The device creates driver accountability and video proof of accident... Read More
  • SmartMove Cloud By Smart Diagnostic Devices

    SmartMove Cloud is an Audiometric Data Management System that enables you to “Securely Access Your Hearing Conservation Testing, Anytime, Anywhere.” Combine it with a SMART TONE Automatic Audiometer, or a Tremetrics RA-500 audiometer and you have a powerful system for a reliable and flexible... Read More
  • Smog-Hog®/Mist Collectors By United Air Specialists Inc

    Manufacturer of Smog-Hog electrostatic precipitators. Commonly used on machine processes that create oil mist fumes. Read More
  • smoke emitters By Regin HVAC Products

    Regin smoke products provide an inexpensive method of generating swirling smoke. These smoke emitters are ideal for testing all kinds of pressure ductwork systems and air balancing. The smoke emitted does not contain any oil or zinc and will not leave any residue. The smoke is non-toxic and... Read More
  • Smoke Spec Prescription Lens Inserts By Prescription Spectacle Inserts International, LLC

    The Smoke Spec prescription lens insert provides the users of SCBA full facepiece respirators with clear, unobstructed vision when working in hazardous conditions. Features of the Smoke Spec Prescription Lens insert include: - Nylon eyeglass frame compatible with most SCBA Full Facepiece... Read More
  • SMS By International Enviroguard

    Disposable protective clothing with three layers of protection. SMS provides worker comfort and additional protection in the workplace. These breathable garments provide an excellent particulate barrier, along with a barrier for light splashes and spray. International Enviroguard’s SMS product... Read More
  • Snap-On Advantage Safety Lockout Hasp By Armor Personal Protective Equipment, LLC

    The Master Lock Snap-On Advantage Hasp accommodates up to 5 padlocks and simplifies lockout tagout procedures by combining the hasp and tag into one component. # Features spring-loaded jaw end # Padlock inserted in the holes prevents the jaws from opening # Accommodates up to 5 padlocks (sold... Read More
  • Soft Mallets By Impacto Protective Products Inc

    Non marring mallets for industrial use. Designed to reduce marring and damage during assembly applications. It conforms to surface irregularities, minimizing dents and scratches, and features high impact absorption, unique design and hand jarring shock dissipation. VEP head absorbs and... Read More
  • Soft Pouch Utility Bag™ tote By Glove Guard, LP

    The Soft Pouch Utility Bag™ tote is made of a soft fabric with drawstring closure and is perfect for safety glasses, flashlights and water bottles. It is available in four colors: Blue with black, High Vis Lime Green, High Vis Orange and High Vis Yellow. Read More
  • Soft Scrubs™ By International Enviroguard

    Our soft, smooth disposable scrubs for protection from germs, bioburdens and contagions. Shirts are available in both short and long sleeves, while pants come in a single style. SoftScrubs™ are made of a soft, blue, three layer SMS fabric that is designed for no-show through. Pants are designed... Read More
  • Softknees By Working Concepts Inc.

    SOFT KNEES® are for workers who frequently kneel for short periods of time. The sturdy, light weight SOFT KNEES® molded pad is barely noticeable to the worker when standing and walking, unlike the heavy, cumbersome, strap-on pad. Simply roll SOFT KNEES® into a tight roll and insert into the... Read More
  • Solaris - Protective Eyewear By US Safety

    This contemporary frame design combines fit, function and style for a clean sleek appearance. Molded from impact resistant nylon, the Solaris incorporates a cushion brow pad, soft PVC nose pads and rubberized bayonet temples. All Solaris lenses provide 99.9% UV protection, are molded from... Read More
  • Solo Occupational DBMS Software By Benson Medical Instruments

    Benson Medical Instruments continues to lead the way in easy data management with Solo™, a multi-user database that seamlessly works with all Benson audiometers (and interfaces with most manufacturers’ equipment). As the best data collection system available today, Solo™ is the only database... Read More
  • SOLOPOL By STOKO Skin Care by Evonik Stockhausen LLC

    For medium to heavy-duty cleaning of common industrial dirt. 100% solvent-free. Excellent skin compatibility. Contains all-natural walnut shell scrubbers. Read More
  • SonicAire® Engineered Solution By SonicAire

    We are committed to helping you control fugitive dust and giving you a customized, engineered solution specific to your facility. Before you purchase our fans, our team of experts will consult with you to develop a customized, engineered layout of SonicAire® fans for your facility. Based on... Read More
  • SonicAire® Fan Systems By SonicAire

    SonicAire has designed a full line of fan systems to address the specific needs of different industries. Our proven iDrive is a completely enclosed drive construction that allows for precise and consistent planning for cleaning ranges dependent on your facility. Simple and fast adjustments can... Read More
  • Sorb Sox Pac By Andax Industries, LLC

    Sometimes, all you need is a really big SOX! Use it to surround a spill, leaking equipment or block the flow of liquid to a storm drain in one step. This 10' long Sox is available in General Purpose or Oil-Selective and includes gloves, disposal bag and tie. Vacuum-packed—keeps it ready to use. Read More
  • Sorbent Pads By Andax Industries, LLC

    Available in Universal and Oil-Selective. These thick sorbent pads are perforated so you use only what you need. They won't fall apart when saturated and are ideal for indoor/outdoor use. The Oil-Selective pads absorb oil-based fluid only, including fuels like a sponge and floats on water. Catch... Read More
  • Sorbent Rolls By Andax Industries, LLC

    The practicality of a pad—the convenience of a roll. Catch leaks and drips under machinery, use to absorb oil or chemical spills, place under dispensing equipment or drums, reduce greasy footprints and grime on your floor. Rolls are perforated every 7.5" vertically and every 15" horizontally—use... Read More
  • Sorbent Sample Tubes By SKC Inc.

    SKC was the first to bring NIOSH sorbent tube design to the commercial market and leads the way today in sorbent tube research. SKC Sorbent Sample Tubes meet NIOSH and OSHA specifications and feature low backgrounds, accurate sorbent weights, consistent method-specified mesh size and separators,... Read More
  • Sound Dampening By UniTherm Insulation Systems

    Is your machinery too loud? Put the Wrap on noise pollution. Custom manufactured lightweight flexible panels can be hung on, or mounted to, numerous types of support frames, controlling noise problems in compliance with OSHA requirements. Various designs such as stationary panels, sliding and... Read More
  • Sound Deterrents By Bird B Gone Inc.

    Bird-B-Gone's sound deterrents frighten birds from large open spaces by playing recorded predator and distress calls of actual birds. When birds hear these sounds, their natural instinct is to flee the area. Birds hear on the same level as humans, meaning they will not respond to ultrasonic... Read More
  • Sound Level Meters By Casella

    Sound Level Meters are handheld devices, which can be used for workplace noise or environmental surveys. Casella's entry level CEL-240 series is an easy-to-use instrument designed to undertake noise measurements for a variety of applications. By implementing the latest digital technology, the... Read More
  • Sound Level Meters for Environmental & Community Noise By Cirrus Research plc

    A range of data logging sound level meters that are ideal for both Environmental and Occupational Noise measurements. Environmental noise impact assessments Occupational & Industrial Hygiene Noise Evaluations Hearing Protector Selection using HML or Octave Band Methods Tonal analysis... Read More
  • Sound Level Meters for Noise at Work & Occupational Noise By Cirrus Research plc

    A range of integrating sound level meters with options including Real-Time Octave Band Filters, VoiceTag Audio Recording and Data Logging. Occupational & Industrial Hygiene Noise Evaluations Noise at Work Surveys & Noise Exposure Calculations Hearing Protector Selection using HML or... Read More
  • Sound Level Meters for Simple Noise Measurements By Cirrus Research plc

    A range of simple sound level meters with Class 1 or Class 2 performance. Simple Noise Level Testing Noise Ordinance Enforcement Community Noise Assessment Fire & Emergency Alarm Testing Machinery Maintenance Fireworks & Pyrotechnic Testing Instruments optimus yellow (CR:150... Read More
  • Sound Level Meters for Special Applications By Cirrus Research plc

    For special applications, we have a range of sound level meters that can help you meet your noise measurement needs. Examples include: Vehicle Noise Testing to ISO 5130 High level noise measurement ie gunfire noise If you have an application that is a little unusual or that is not... Read More
  • Sound Sign Noise Warning Sign By Cirrus Research plc

    SoundSign™ is a highly visible noise activated warning sign that has been designed for use in environments where there is a need to clearly warn or indicate when a preset noise level is reached. Benefits at a glance > Lights up when a preset noise level is exceeded > Quick & simple to... Read More
  • Sovella Wall Shelving By Treston, Inc

    Sovella wall shelving is an easily modified, versatile shelving system. It is mounted directly on the wall keeping floor area clean and open. Read More

    SPARE SPIKE All Traction Footwear is an economical way to reduce slips and falls in winter conditions. SPARE SPIKE fits quickly and easily over all types of footwear and increases traction in ice and snow. If your employees must walk in slippery outdoor conditions, SPARE SPIKE is the ideal... Read More
  • SPCC-Spill Preparedness Control Center By Andax Industries, LLC

    Introducing the NEW Andax Spill Preparedness Control Center! Color-coded labels enable you to quickly identify which Spill Pac to use for a spill or leak. Each Pac comes with a highly visible 2" x 4" color-coded label you can place on machinery or equipment for which you need a specific spill... Read More
  • Specialty Gases By Airgas, an Air Liquide company

    On spec. All the time. If high-performance gases are required as part of your demanding application and analytical accuracy is key, Airgas can help. You can count on this during blending with the latest analytical equipment and techniques, in specialty gas labs where most are ISO 9001... Read More
  • Spec-Tec™ Stretch By Wells Lamont

    • High performance fiber blended with Lycra® for stretch and reusability • Up to 12 launderings without shrinking • Good tactile sensitivity; ambidextrous • Sold by the box (20 pieces per box) Read More
  • Spill Containment By New Pig Corporation

    New Pig offers a variety of containment products to help keep your facility in compliance and prepared for leaks and spills. A few examples of New Pig’s Containment Solutions include: •PIG®Collapse-A-Tainer® Containment System. Provides drive-in containment within minutes. The easy-to-carry... Read More
  • Spill Kits By New Pig Corporation

    Spill response kits are a convenient way to help ensure that adequate response materials are on hand. These kits can be positioned throughout a facility in spill-prone areas and stocked with absorbents, PPE and other tools that are likely to be used in that area. For outdoor situations,... Read More
  • Spill Pallet By Andax Industries, LLC

    This is our large capacity spill response utilizing our Modular Rapid Response (MMR) system. The Spill Pallet lets up to eight responders attack the spill and take control. The Spill Pallet contains 4 MMR units and 80' of boom. Keep your Spill Pallet ready with economical and convenient MMR... Read More
  • Spill Station By Andax Industries, LLC

    This new, convenient, portable Spill Station can be hung on a wall in any location where spills happen—including substations, warehouses, repair shops and more. It opens on the wall so you can work from where it hangs or carry it right to the scene of the spill. Available with Oil-Selective or... Read More
  • SpillFix HazMat & Chemical Spill Kits By SpillFix

    Our Spill Kits take 40% less time to clean up spills, and generate 30% less waste for disposal, to give you 10% more absorption capacity over other leading brands of spill kits. SpillFix Spill Kits all contain the world’s safest, fast-acting SpillFix granular absorbent. Used in conjunction with... Read More
  • Spiropalm Handset Spirometer By Futuremed

    Futuremed’s new Spiropalm is a handheld spirometer that is ideal for use in the office or at outside testing sites. Spiropalm is compact and portable, with a rechargeable battery that lets you perform hundreds of tests per charge. The maneuver is performed through a handset that is separate from... Read More
  • SpiroVision-3+ PC based spirometer By Futuremed

    Futuremed’s SpiroVision-3+ is a cost-effective device that turns a Windows notebook, netbook or desktop into a screening and diagnostic spirometer. Its smooth, ergonomic handset plugs directly into the computer’s USB port, making it easy for patients to hold. The colorful SV3+ software displays... Read More
  • Sports Facilities By Troy Acoustics Corporation

    Sports Facilities can be described as large areas with a predominance of hard, flat surfaces sometimes including large areas of water and large seating arrangements for spectators. Public address systems are utilized to convey pertinent information to both participants and spectators during... Read More
  • Spyder Sox By Andax Industries, LLC

    The stock Spyder Sox is made with three Sorbent-Sox connected with a 1" orange webbing handle. Use the convenient handle for retrieving the sorbent. Works great as a filter on drains by capturing the oil and letting water through. The oil-selective Sox float on water, absorbing oil fast by... Read More
  • SQ-LED SERIES By Mule Lighting

    Thermoplastic LED Emergency Light The SQ-LED thermoplastic emergency light is the most economical LED emergency light available today. Compared to typical “bug-eye” units, the use of LED lamps instead of traditional incandescent lamps reduces the size of the unit by 50%. The SQ-LED is ideal... Read More
  • Squeeze-Eze™ Power Pack By Simonds Tools

    This tool can develop 575 lbs. of force @ 80 psi and is designed to be used with the jaw sets listed below. The tool is small (51/2” long x 1 1/2” diameter), lightweight (11 oz) and can be operated at air pressures of 60-100 psi. A built in adjusting screw controls the opening of the jaw. A... Read More
  • Sqwincher Sqweeze™ Pops By Kent Precision Foods Group (Sqwincher)

    ASSORTED FLAVORS SKU# 159200201 Assorted Flavors: Cherry, Grape, Lemon-Lime, Orange and Mixed Berry Read More
  • SRC Slip Resistant Cleaner - 71378 By No Skidding Products Inc

    SRC Slip-Resistant Floor Cleaner #71378 For inside use on commercial & residential floors. Approved by Agriculture & Agri-Foods Canada. For use in the Food Industry. Helps reduce the potential for slip and falls. No rinsing required. Formulated for use over acrylic floor finishes or... Read More
  • SRM-3006 High Frequency Selective Radiation Meters (SRM) By Narda - Safety Test Solutions

    The SRM-3006 is Narda Saftey Test Solution's second generation, hand-held system for performing narrowband analysis of electromagnetic fields. Unlike our NBM series (broadband), the SRM-3006 has the ability to give you results of individual emitters and also generate a total of all emitters. The... Read More
  • SS Mercury Vacuum Cleaner By Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums

    The Nilfisk SS Mercury Vacuum recovers liquid mercury spills and granular mercury compounds effectively, while adsorbing mercury vapors in the process. Read More
  • SS Vapor Vacuum By Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums

    The Nilfisk SS Vapor Vacuum captures toxic semiconductor gases and ultrafine particulate. An impregnated carbon filter cartridge captures and retains such toxic gases as arsine,phosphine and chlorinated solvent vapors (carbon tetrachloride and chloroform) released during the cleaning of... Read More
  • SSL Series By Mule Lighting

    Compact Size LED Emergency Lighting The SSL Series is an architecturally pleasing LED emergency light offering emergency egress lighting in a very attractive housing. The sleek design blends seamlessly into any installation and provides a much nicer alternative to typical “bug-eye” units. The... Read More
  • ST8610 By Impacto Protective Products Inc

    The IMPACTO Carpal Tunnel Glove features a Unique channel over the carpal tunnel keeps pressure off the median nerve to alleviate symptoms of repetitive injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome caused by repetitive use and vibrating tools. - Half finger ensures tactile feedback - Visco-elastic... Read More
  • STABIL Grippers By STABIL

    STABIL Grippers™ is a new and innovative non-slip footwear product. The product employs a proprietary tread and sole compound that, when combined, provides one of the best non-slip applications on the market. STABIL Grippers™ are ideal for a variety of indoor environments where water and grease... Read More
  • STABIL StripGrips™ By STABIL

    STABIL StripGrips™ are designed exclusively for use when stripping floors. They are meant to be worn on flat surfaces only. Do not use on stairs. TensionFit™ upper is made to last through multiple stripping jobs. Replaceable pad is intended to be cleaned at the end of each use and its longevity... Read More

    Keep your crew safe on the job. Turf dramatically improves traction and therefore reduces the risk of slips and falls on wet, hilly, and uneven terrain. A fully-adjustable strap allows for one size to fit most shoes and boots, so the devices can be shared among work crews. Replaceable cleats... Read More
  • STABILicers™ Heel By STABIL

    The heel-only design is ideal for driving or when the job calls for repeated indoor/outdoor transitioning. Lightweight and extremely durable, they’re easy to take on and off, and slip into a glove box or coat pocket. A fully adjustable strap allows for one size to fit most shoes and boots.... Read More
  • STABILicers™ Hike XP By STABIL

    Be confident in doing your job with these high performance hiking cleats. The rugged tread pattern and cleats work together for optimum stability and traction in ice, snow, slush and on uneven terrain. STABILicers™ Hike XP are engineered with STABIL’s adjustable SureFit™ binding system, double... Read More
  • STABILicers™ Maxx By STABIL

    Winter can be tough, but our STABILicers Maxx are tougher. This is serious traction gear for people who work outdoors. Engineered for high-performance to keep your teams mobile in the harshest ice, snow, and wintry conditions. Long-lasting soles with heat-treated steel cleats bite into the... Read More
  • STABILicers™ Overshoes By STABIL

    Winterize any shoe or boot with arctic-ready overshoes that keep workers moving safely through ice, snow, and slush. The STABILicers Overshoe fits easily over workers’ own footwear. The weatherproof construction keeps feet and ankles dry and protected even when slogging through snow, sleet, and... Read More
  • STABILicers™ Run By STABIL

    Complete a winter run or make a timely delivery with reliable traction. An aggressive ice cleat and tread combination creates the mobility and traction you need to confidently run on icy pavement and ungroomed trails Engineered to be lightweight, flexible and provide a high performance traction... Read More
  • STABILicers™ Walk By STABIL

    The first step towards a safer and more productive workplace starts from the ground up. STABILicers Walk, with aggressive cleats and treads, grip ice and snow, prevent slips and falls, and allow your crews to work safely. Traction tread outsole and cleats meet any walking surface head-on,... Read More
  • Stand Firm! Solutins to Marijuana in the Workplace By Employment Background Investigations

    With the expansion of the number of Medical and Recreational Marijuana states -- most recently from the November 2016 elections -- employers may be left wondering how changes to their states' marijuana laws could impact their company policies. (Particularly if their workforce covers multiple... Read More
  • Stand Up Forklift Training Kit on CD - Hard Hat Training Series By Safety Provisions, Inc.

    Stand Up Forklift Operator safety training CD: $395 The Hard Hat Training Series is used by professional trainers and companies internationally. This is a complete safety training course for Stand Up Forklifts. The PowerPoint training course meets the OSHA requirements for powered industrial... Read More
  • Stand Up Sewing Machine Control Pedal By Johnson Technologies Corp

    Ergonomic Stand Up Sewing Machine Control Pedal Simply the best equipment solution in the world for stand up sewing -A trusted, reliable effective ergonomic solution for stand up sewing operations -Maximizes human performance, health and safety, and efficiency in a sewing operation -Proven,... Read More
  • Standard 4 Digit Count-Up Safety Sign (9999 days) with remote By COUNTDOWN TODAY, INC.

    For our Standard Safety Clock You can change the colors and add your logo for no additional cost. Send email with choices or wait for us to confirm to you. Read More
  • Standard Guards By Machine Guard & Cover Co.

    Our standard machine guards are industrial chain guards or belt guards that safely cover drives that have similar sized sheaves or sprockets. If standard sized guards do not fit machinery, several guards may be re-sized to make a longer or shorter guard. STANDARD FLANGED GUARDS Our most popular... Read More
  • Standards and Management System, Process Improvement Training - Public and Inhouse Solutions By SAI Global Limited

    Each year over 12,000 people partner with SAI Global for their training and business improvement needs. SAI Global is committed to providing you the most current and up-to-date training courses through a wide-range of innovative learning approaches and tool-based solutions to help you better... Read More
  • Standpipe Signs By Safetysign.com

    Safetysign.com has a variety of fire standpipe signs and fire standpipe signage that will help locate fire standpipes in the event of an emergency. We have fire standpipe signs by state and inspection labels to ensure you are compliant with the governing safety laws of your state. Our fire... Read More
  • START-SMART Small profile "SSD + SSM" keypad access--monitoring ignition systems By Keytroller, LLC.

    * Start + Stop engine directly from keypad----NO KEYS!! * Keeps untrained and unauthorized users from starting your equipment * Can shut down engine if low oil or high temp problem occurs * ANTI-THEFT wireless relay option prevents “hot wiring” and theft of your equipment Read More
  • Stat-A-Rest By STABIL

    Insuring that your team has the right tools for the job includes the proper footwear. Stat-A-Rest is an innovative, convenient ESD footwear solution that employs a unique static dissipation sole that securely fits to the bottom of the user’s footwear. Stat-A-Rest provides a superior footwear... Read More
  • Static Dissipative adn Conductive Anti-Fatgue Matting By Walter G. Legge Co. Ltd.

    Sponge base reduces stress on spine and lower back. Especially desgined for areas where static shock can harm materials. Read More
  • Steel Barriers & Protective Gates By Wildeck, Inc.

    Wildeck® guarding products are tested, trusted, and tough. Proven in thousands of applications and facilities: they provide an effective, easy-to-see barrier that contributes to a safer and more efficient working environment. An extensive range of guarding products are available to protect... Read More
  • SteeleVest - 6 pocket By Steele, Inc.

    In 1985 Sandra Steele marketed the first practical, modestly priced cooling vest that really worked, the six pocket SteeleVest. The vest has a shell fabric of FR Certified Indura cotton, and 6 insulated cooling pockets (3 horizontal on front of vest and 3 horizontal back pockets). The frozen... Read More

    Steel-Flex® Puncture Resistant Insoles are light and comfortable, similar in weight to regular insoles. Choose to wear them continuously in your footwear, or to install them occasionally as extra protection is required. They can be used in most types of footwear to replace any existing,... Read More

    Don't wait to get your plant ready for visitor safety. Order today, a pre-packaged kit which includes a selection of 14 pairs of Safety First Overshoes in our most popular sizes. The ONLY Safety Overshoe with a larger toe cap specifically designed to fit over a shoe, not inside of it, safely... Read More

    You'll be pleased to know that, unlike other safety toe covers / steel toe overshoes we carry, the Steel-Flex line incorporates a wider, deeper, stronger and thus, safer toe cap that is designed specifically and exclusively for this application. Your people will be pleased to know that finding a... Read More
  • STOKO BLUE FORCE By STOKO Skin Care by Evonik Stockhausen LLC

    Green Seal Certified™ Solvent-free, grit-free medium to heavy-duty hand cleaner. Excellent skin compatibility. Smooth liquid with advanced cleaning power for common industrial dirt and grime. Neutral, fresh fragrance. Read More
  • STOKO REFRESH 4 in 1 Dispensing system By STOKO Skin Care by Evonik Stockhausen LLC

    The STOKO® Refresh 4 in 1 dispensing system is the latest cost-cutting innovation from the worldwide leader in skin care solutions. Now, one durable, attractive, easy-to-use and economical dispenser is all you need for all of your hand hygiene programs. Read More
  • STOKO Skin Care By STOKO Skin Care by Evonik Stockhausen LLC

    As the skin care experts, we can help solve your toughest hand cleaning problems and can show you how to promote wellness through proper hand hygiene. No matter your industry, occupation or away from home destination, we have the answers for healthy skin and well being. STOKO® Skin Care:... Read More
  • STOKO SKIN RELIEF By STOKO Skin Care by Evonik Stockhausen LLC

    Moisturizing skin care gel helps maintain skin health. Contains Creatine, an element found naturally in the skin for smooth appearance and optimum skin health. Can be used on the face, as well as larger areas such as arms and legs to help maintain a smooth, healthy look. Silicone and... Read More
  • Stop-a-Ladder By Working Concepts Inc.

    Used by: Cable installers Telephone repair Gas companies Power companies HVAC work Electricians Many more… Read More
  • Stop-Time-Measurement Service By Rockford Systems LLC

    Rockford Systems can provide stop-time measurement services on various reciprocating (stroking or cycling) machines such as mechanical or hydraulic press and press brakes. We can also provide these stop-time measurements on machines that rotate such as lathes, mills, and drills. At your... Read More
  • Storage Solutions By Encon Safety Products

    Protecting expensive equipment and contents from potentially damaging and corrosive atmospheres is the prime objective of any protective wall case. Encon's wall case solutions provide a superior seal to protect vital equipment in dangerous atmospheres. Whether its to protect an SCBA, Fire... Read More
  • Strategies for the Indoor Environment By Emilcott

    Emilcott’s Strategies for the Indoor Environment staff specializes in providing high quality environmental, health and safety consulting services to owners and operators of non-industrial facilities such as commercial office and retail spaces, educational and healthcare establishments, hotels... Read More
  • Streamlight Flashlights By Andax Industries, LLC

    We are Flashlightdistributor.com. Your #1 site on the Internet for Streamlight® Flashlights! 82% of all our orders ship within 24 hours. We have everything from the popular, super-bright Stinger® to the lightweight, rechargeable Vulcan® to the high intensity Stylus® penlight, the Nano,... Read More
  • Stretch Break By Para Technologies

    Ergonomic software to prevent injuries. A team of health care professionals developed Stretch Break to increase circulation, relieve tension, boost your energy level, and help guard against Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs). Once installed on your hard drive, Stretch Break gently reminds you... Read More
  • Structured Settlements By Blackburn Group Inc.

    Blackburn Group, Inc. offers structured settlement products and services to clients in the General Liability and Workers Compensation risk and claim business. Independent advice and arrangement of a variety of qualified financial products tailored to the specific requirements of each Casualty or... Read More
  • Substance Abuse Testing By CORE Occupational Medicine

    CORE’S SUBSTANCE ABUSE SERVICES provide evidence-based, substance abuse testing that meets with all regulatory requirements including DOT, DOE, and NRC. We can also meet any specific requirements or customized panels detailed by our clients. Testing can be performed at one of our nationwide... Read More
  • Substation Operations By EITI - Electrical Industry Training Institute Global Ltd.

    Substation Operations Courses Substation Operations Certificate Read More
  • Sulfuric Acid & Hydrochloric Acid By Emergency Film Group

    "Sulfuric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid" is a DVD-based safety training program about the hazards of acids and safe response to incidents involving acids. Corrosives have a destructive and irreversible effect on tissue. This training program provides important safety information for workers who... Read More
  • Summit Online University Pay-Per-View Training By Summit Training Source, Inc.

    Quickly provide straightforward and concise online courses with Summit’s pay-per-view online training. Summit Trainingweb® Direct gives you access to the same award-winning Summit Trainingweb® content you utilize in the online platform, without the administrator capabilities. Summit Trainingweb®... Read More
  • Summit Streaming Video By Summit Training Source, Inc.

    Have your safety & compliance training on-demand with Summit. With just a click of your mouse, Summit Streaming Video gives you access to our leading video library of over 300 titles, including foreign language training! Summit’s effective streaming videos are accessible from any computer... Read More
  • Super Acrylic Slip Resistant with Integrated Traction 97300 Series By No Skidding Products Inc

    Product Description A tough, one part, moderate duty anti slip coating suitable for a variety of interior & exterior applications. No Skidding® Super Acrylic with Integrated Traction One Part also resists weathering, abrasion & mild chemicals. Significantly reduces the chances of slipping,... Read More
  • SUPERloc™ By U.S. Chemical Storage LLC

    With a 4 hour fire rating, the SUPERloc™ line of buildings is designed for storage of flammables for locations close to, or possibly within, other existing structures. With custom accessories available and a range of sizes, the SUPERloc™ offers safety and compliance. Built in spill containment. Read More
  • Supplier Audits By Avetta

    You’ve prequalified your suppliers, now it’s time for implementation. Do they have the proper policies and procedures in place, and are they being actively applied? Do their employees follow established procedures? Avetta’s auditing solution provides visibility of how your suppliers are... Read More
  • Supplier Insurance Verification and Monitoring By Avetta

    Are your suppliers adequately insured in the event of an incident? Who ultimately pays if something happens? Without complete visibility, your company is exposed to high levels of risk. Protect your company and your suppliers with Avetta’s insurance verification and monitoring. Our solution... Read More
  • Supplier Prequalification By Avetta

    Prequalifying suppliers is an important first step to managing supply chain risk. But collecting all the right documentation, verifying the data, and managing the process for a large number of suppliers is both complicated and costly. When you work with Avetta, our team of professionals does all... Read More
  • Support & Safety Software By Tabs FM Ltd

    We all have a responsibility for Health & Safety in the workplace. Common areas of concern are risk assessments, housekeeping, equipment safety, fire, incident and accident recording. Tabs Mobile and Web Extension offerings broaden the scope for capturing essential, accurate information for... Read More
  • Suspension relief ladder By HySafe

    Attached to the D-ring of a harness, this lightweight pack houses a manually deployed web ladder that can be used to prevent suspension trauma while the victim awaits rescue. It is completely independent of your fall arrest system. Simply step onto the web “rungs” and lean back to relieve the... Read More
  • Sweat GUTR® sweatband By Glove Guard, LP

    Sweat GUTR® sweatbands work better and save money! The Sweat GUTR® sweatband and hard hat accessory are the ultimate sweatband solutions. The patented MicroLip™ design works by capturing and channeling dripping sweat away from your eyes so you can safely focus on what matters. Its soft plastic... Read More
  • System Integration By Avetta

    Your business has multiple systems that help your company grow. Unlock the power of your internal ecosystem by enriching other solutions with Avetta’s supplier qualification data. Avetta’s easy-to-use integration makes communication across your systems a breeze and empowers you to make better... Read More