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Products in the Occupational Health & Safety Buyers Guide

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  • Wall Frames By Vista System

    Create wall-mounted signs with the Vista frame extrusions using any flat, flexible substrate to create a curved-face sign. Substrates: Paper + lens, engraving plastics, thin metals, laminates. Compatible signage methods: Cut vinyl, digitally printed vinyl, engraving, screen-printing, ADA Braille Read More
  • Wall Mounted Defender Net By US Netting

    Capable of stopping unmotorized handcarts & light duty electric pallet trucks, this model mounts on brackets specially designed to not interfere with dock door operation. It is easy to install, allows full door operation, has a low cost of ownership, reduces product loss, promotes workplace... Read More
  • WARNING TAGS By ComplianceSigns.com

    Now you can create the specific safety tag you need and order it quickly from ComplianceSigns.com. See a preview, Email a preview to a friend - or simply complete your design, add to cart and order. It's that easy! Our flexible PVC plastic safety tags with included cable ties can stand up to... Read More
  • Washing Unit By Georgia Steel & Chemical Co., Inc.

    SYSTEM INCLUDES: Two Stainless Steel Baskets (GS2102) Automatic Chemical Injection System Three chemical pumps Initial detergent (FK270-G), disinfecting (FG350-G), rinse agent (RP355) One year parts and labor warranty The GS1200 Respirator Washer is our most economical automatic facemask... Read More
  • Waste Compliance By VelocityEHS

    Effective waste management is critical to maintaining regulatory compliance, and to benchmarking environmental performance. For many facilities, the task of maintaining up-to-date records of waste management activities for multiple waste streams can be difficult and time consuming. VelocityEHS... Read More
  • Waste Management By Intelex Technologies

    The Intelex Waste Management System is a fully configurable comprehensive set of tools that enables organizations to easily manage, track, and report on the various stages of waste management and disposal; including categorizing potential wastes, tracking generated waste and recycled material,... Read More
  • Wastewater Reporting By Intelex Technologies

    Intelex has developed their Wastewater Reporting Software to enable industrial and municipal facilities to effectively manage Permits, Discharge Points, Parameters and Samples. Intelex’s Wastewater Module provides businesses and organizations the flexibility to comply with permit requirements,... Read More
  • Water Filled Barriers By United Safety Authority of America

    Full line of water-fill-able plastic barriers. Easy to transport, set up and remove. Available in a variety of colors. Made in the USA. Read More
  • Water Quality By VelocityEHS

    VelocityEHS Water Quality is a comprehensive monitoring, analysis, and reporting solution that helps you simplify compliance with a wide variety of federal, state and municipal water/wastewater management standards. Our software automates a variety of compliance tasks including unit conversions,... Read More
  • Weighted Spill Tray By Andax Industries, LLC

    The Weighted Spill Tray™ (WST), manufactured by Andax Industries LLC, is the latest innovation in portable leak containment products. The WST rolls up and is easily carried to the source of a leak. It’s constructed of heavy-duty, safety orange material with sealed in weights on both sides of the... Read More
  • WEIGHTROLLER Vanguard By Keytroller, LLC.

    * Most accurate hydraulic scale on the market today * Accuracy: .2-.3% of the rated load (10-20# in 5000# load) * Manifold takes out most of the pressure inaccuracy found in sensor only conventional hydraulic scales * Manifold mounted between bottom of lift ram and hydraulic... Read More
  • Wellnomics WorkPace By Workpace

    Intelligent Break reminder and exercise software with dynamic risk reporting for the health and wellbeing of computer users. Read More
  • WET FLOOR CONES By ComplianceSigns.com

    For WET FLOOR cones and stands, visit ComplianceSigns.com. Now you can order wet floor CAUTION cones / stands from your favorite safety sign supplier. Use these stackable cones, folding floor signs and pop-up cones to identify wet floor hazards throughout your facility. Styles include Read More

    Wilkuro Safety Toes — All Black CSA Certified and have been OSHA Accepted. Available exclusively online www.bottomlinesafety.com and shipping daily from Buffalo, NY to our US and worldwide clients and from Newmarket, Ontario to our Canadian clients. Businesslike and Stylish With or Without... Read More

    This Starter Kit is a selection of 10 Pair of CSA Certified Wilkuro Safety Toes in our most popular sizes: 1 X-Small, 1 Small, 2 Medium, 3 Large, 2 X-Large, 1 XX-Large Durable PVC slip resistant steel toe overshoe for industrial work environments not requiring puncture protection. The... Read More
  • Wind Power Fall Protection By HySafe

    Wind turbine construction, maintenance, rescue and evacuation pose several dangerous areas where workers are left open to high fall risks. Wind turbines are increasing in size each year, some reaching up to 400 feet- from the tower base to the top of the rotor. From anchorages to body fall... Read More
  • Wireless PA / Mass Notification System By Ritron, Inc.

    The LoudMouth wireless PA system is an ideal solution anywhere a hard-wired PA is either too expensive or is simply impossible to install. Get your message to everyone...from plant-wide to small pinpoint areas using your business band radio system. It even works with radio repeaters for... Read More
  • Wisteria By Light Corporation

    The underside of overhead bins or shelves is fertile ground for the Wisteria task light. It's ideal for lighting desk areas or work surfaces in an office, library, dormitory, or laboratory - anywhere storage units or cabinetry block overhead lighting. The Wisteria features multiple options that... Read More
  • Work Boots & Safety Shoes By Gearcor

    Gearcor is a nationwide safety shoe distributor supplying top quality leather work footwear, safety toe boots, slip resistant shoes, metatarsal protection shoes, "steel toe" shoes for men and women, plus specialized overshoes, ice-traction products and rubber boots to companies in industrial,... Read More
  • Work Platform / Mezzanine Netting By Industrial Netting

    Elevated work platforms - sometimes called mezzanines - can be a hazard to workers below. Make your elevated work platform safer by attaching plastic netting to guard rails that surround the perimeter, forming a safety barrier. The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) provides... Read More
  • Work Station Cranes (Free Standing and Ceiling Mounted) By Gorbel, Inc.

    Gorbel Free Standing and Ceiling Mounted Work Station Cranes are available in capacities from 150 to 4000 lbs. They offer rectangular Coverage with up to 34’ bridge and 124’ runway length standard. Our cranes make it easy to move and position loads, and their modular design gives you greater... Read More
  • Worker Emergency ID WSID-02 By Vital ID

    Worker ID – Data Window Like our WSID-01, the WSID-02 Worker ID is easily fitted to the exterior of each worker’s hard hat and provides first responders with the wearers vital lifesaving information in the event they are involved in an accident or medical emergency. Larger than the WSID-01 and... Read More
  • Worker ID Products By Vital ID

    Seconds count when responding to an accident or illness. Worker ID offers fast and secure access to a person’s medical and contact information. Information that an individual may not feel comfortable sharing with his or her employer or some company database. Store important information such... Read More
  • Worker Management By Avetta

    You put a lot of effort into prequalifying suppliers at the company level. But, what about the individual employees from each of those companies? Are they qualified to perform the work? Have they completed the appropriate training? Avetta makes it easy to verify individual employees’... Read More
  • Working Safely With Snow Plows and Other Snow Removal Vehicles By Wumbus Corporation

    Snow removal vehicles make the roads safe for others, an important job during the cold weather months. With so much at stake, snow removal vehicle operators must take responsibility by keeping track of their own safety out on the road. This snow plow video will educate operators on achieving... Read More
  • Workmaster Super Duty Rolling Metal Ladder By Cotterman Company

    The Workmaster Super Duty Rolling Metal Ladder is designed for multitasking in harsh work environments. The ladder is a high visibility mobile work center, built with extra heavy duty components to resist dings and bumps, but also for the optional tool peg board, a utility tray for storage or... Read More
  • Workplace Applications software By Workplace INTEGRA, Inc.

    Workplace Applications® occupational health and safety software provides companies an enterprise-wide solution to their workplace health and safety data management needs. The SQL server-based system is scalable from a single-user workstation up to hundreds of users on a corporate WAN. Read More
  • WorkPlace Safety and Security By Brady Corp

    Brady is the global leader in safety, security and identification products specifically designed to increase workplace safety. Brady provides innovative products and services that enhance the safety and security of the workplace environment with a wide variety of signage for confined spaces,... Read More
  • WSI: Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Video By Wumbus Corporation

    Follow two experienced workplace safety investigators as they make their way through an investigation of a serious blood borne pathogen incident. In this compelling WSI episode, as we watch the story unfold, we will learn how simple it is for some simple forgetfulness to create serious health... Read More