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Stretch Break

Stretch Break

Available from Para Technologies

Ergonomic software to prevent injuries. A team of health care professionals developed Stretch Break to increase circulation, relieve tension, boost your energy level, and help guard against Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs). Once installed on your hard drive, Stretch Break gently reminds you... Read More

GoLift 5 Compact Power Lift

GoLift 5 Compact Power Lift

Available from ERGOdynamics

Our GoLift Model GL5 is a unique, ergonomic, compact, portable, light to mid duty battery powered lifter, mini stacker, load positioner that offers manual push/pull and powered lift. The non skid casters roll with ease even with a heavy load. Turning ease is increased by placing the swivel... Read More

79SG012 — Syphon Spray Gun

79SG012 — Syphon Spray Gun

Available from Guardair Corporation

Features • High vacuum syphon delivers up to 16 gallons per hour • 12" extension allows for a longer reach • Includes a six (6) foot syphon hose with sinker • Adjustable trigger and nozzle tip control volume and spray pattern • Spray oils, solvents, cleaners, disinfectants, insecticides,... Read More

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Oral Microbiome: The key to better therapeutics

Available from OraSure Technologies, Inc.

Podcast episode highlights featuring Dr. Brian Klein, co-founder, from Brick Built. As most of our readers and podcast listeners know, the gut microbiome has been the primary focus of most research and talks at various microbiology conferences. The human microbiome is much more than just... Read more

Pallet Rack Safety Netting and Security Barriers

Available from Industrial Netting

Protect people and reduce product damage in warehouses and storage areas. Rack guard, storage rack safety netting, forms a durable load containment barrier designed to create a vertical see-through wall and contain loose boxes, palletized goods, and stacked materials on warehouse shelves and... Read more

IFMA Training + Credentials Prospectus

Available from International Facility Management Association

An in-depth look at the training and credentials IFMA offers your facility management professionals. Read more

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Industrial Netting

Industrial Netting was founded in 1981 as InterNet, Inc. to serve the converting and distribution needs of customers for specialty netting and mesh products. The company's goal, then and now, is to provide high quality products, custom converting and quick delivery. Read More

OraSure Technologies, Inc.

OraSure Technologies offers oral fluid convenience and laboratory confidence with its Intercept® and OraSure® drugs of abuse testing devices. When speed is important, try the Q.E.D.® alcohol and OralTox® drug tests for instant results. Read More

RJ Lee Group, Inc.

RJ Lee Group is an industrial forensics analytical laboratory and scientific consulting firm located in the Greater Pittsburgh area. We partner with our clients to deal with problems encountered during the manufacturing process, to ensure regulatory compliance, and to uncover and understand the... Read More

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