11/30/2020 Leaderboard - Occ Health & Safety

White Papers for Occupational Health and Safety

  • Drug use hits new highBy

    Companies are rapidly hiring professional workers while workforce drug test positivity rises sharply. Have we reached a tipping point? Find out now and download the infographic. Learn more at DrugTest.QuestDiagnostics.com/Industries
  • The Most Effective Training TechniquesBy

    This TrainingToday article dives into a handful of different and useful training techniques that you can implement into your current training processes.
  • Do's and Don't's of Air SamplingBy

    Casella explores the Do's and Don't's of Air Sampling.
  • Occupational Health Programs: In House Or Outsource?By

    In this white paper provided by Axiom Medical, you’ll learn 3 components of an organization that’s most affected by an occupational health program, and how you can meet these challenges with a streamlined solution.
  • Why No Code is the best approach to digital transformationBy

    Are you ready to use digitization to redesign and reinvigorate your business processes? Streamline workflows, access data from anywhere, and save time and money. Digital transformation is simple when you use a no-code approach. Download our guide to get started!
  • Background Checks for Employment: A Complete GuideBy

    This complete guide on how to run a background check for employment will help ease any anxieties you have about the background check process. While we can’t guarantee you’ll like what you see on your potential employee’s report, after reading this article, you’ll know how to run compliant...
  • A Guide to Establishing an OSHA-Compliant Occupational Hearing Testing ProgramBy

    This guide will cover the specific OSHA requirements for compliant audiometric testing including testing environments, test frequencies and levels, required equipment, calibration, testing processes, scheduling, audiological review, actioning hearing shifts, providing notifications to employees,...
  • Pallet Rack Safety Netting InstallationBy

    Installation of Rack Guard pallet rack safety netting off-set from cross beams using eye-bolts.
  • Keep Your Employees Safe: 7 Ways To Prepare For Workplace EmergenciesBy

    Millions of workplace injuries documented. This year's flu season the worst in nearly a decade. Dangerous perpetrators flooding headlines. Yet, statistics can’t prepare managers or employees for what to do when their workplace becomes a target for any type of critical issue. Crisis...
  • Set Your Workers Up for Success Building a Successful On-the-Job Training ProgramBy

    On-the-job training (OJT) can the gold standard of training, as many workers learn better by doing. But OJT can be dangerous if an unqualified person is teaching others. Bad habits and non-standardized training can pass from person to person quickly. Download this eBook for an easy read on how...
  • Back-A-Line Experience ReportBy

    The safety industry has come to question whether back belts provide real reduction in back pain or injuries. The need and hope for a solution to the serious and expensive issue of back pain and injury in the workplace remains. The Back-A-Line belt design is quite different from...
  • The Health & Safety Risks and Solutions Unique to Retail, Commercial Offices & Service SectorsBy

    This white paper discusses why the current EHS country compliance resources and tools currently on the market are not well suited to the unique risks faced by retail, service sectors and commercial office operations.
  • ElectrolytesBy

    Electrolytes are essential ions in the human body for proper electrical activity. Maintaining the concentration of electrolytes is crucial for proper fluid balance, nerve function, muscle contraction, and other physiological processes in the body. Some of the main electrolytes in the human body...
  • 2018 Update on OSHA Post-Accident Drug TestingBy

    February 2018 - Recent years have brought about a myriad of changes in the screening industry, both big and small. 2017 brought updated Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, including an expanded panel that better reflects the drug...

    Standardizing on white hard hats and using BrimGuard ID products, HSE Supervisors will see a reduction in summer heat related injuries (if a variety of colored hard hats are used to ID job site personnel). Also, third party contractors are readily identified in company sensitive areas at a...
  • Training Assists 2016By

    Help Us to Help you With Technology Enhanced Learning
  • OSHA Standards on Machine GuardingBy

    The OSHA standards on general guarding of machinery and mechanical power transmission apparatus (29 CFR 1910.212 and 1910.219) are very broad and generally minimum guarding standards. One standard was predicated on the 1970’s version of the ANSI/ASME B15.1 standard, which itself had undergone...
  • Perpetual Award Programs Provide Daily MotivationBy

    The traditional year-end award ceremony provides an opportunity to acknowledge excellence in a formal setting. On-the-spot recognition is ideal for offering instant informal affirmation. Somewhere between these two very different approaches lies the often-overlooked perpetual award program.
  • Choosing a Modular Sign SystemBy

    Every sign shop needs to have a modular sign system to offer to their customers. Even if you consider yourself a “custom shop” or a “specialized manufacturer” for specific types of signs, like electric or vehicle graphics, it’s a good idea to be able to offer a modular sign system. It’s only a...
  • Vapor Intrusion: An Emerging Indoor Air IssueBy

    This SKC white paper provides information on and discussion of the definition of vapor intrusion, protocol for assessing risk and conducting an investigation, and air measurement methods for both soil gas and indoor/ambient air.
  • Respirator Inspection Checklist with Proper Donning & Doffing StepsBy

    An estimated 5 million workers are required to wear respirators in 1.3 million workplaces throughout the United States. Respirators protect against environments with inadequate oxygen, harmful dusts, fogs, smokes, mists, gases and sprays. They can also protect hospital personnel against...
  • Gas Monitor Bump Testing vs CalibrationBy

    We are often asked to explain the difference between calibrations and bump testing. This is a controversial subject. OHS would have you do a full calibration before each use. In practice, our customers come up with their own intervals. If the gas monitor is used infrequently, say once a month,...
  • Build vs. Buy: Why Sharepoint Doesn’t Meet Document Control Demands for Quality and ComplianceBy

    Although SharePoint provides features that you can use to build out your own rudimentary document management system, the costs of programming and IT support, maintenance and training as well as the possible legal ramifications due to the lack of verifiable audit trail make using SharePoint or...
  • Achieving Certainity & Flexibility in the Identification Product Supply ChainBy

    Industries throughout the United States and the world face an increasingly challenging marketplace in which to provide superior quality, innovation, and sustainability. Business relationships that foster these values are essential to transform today’s challenges into advantages. In meeting the...
  • Do you know your chemical footprint?By

    Addressing domestic and global regulatory issues for chemicals along with having a chemical data management strategy are critical components to a complete risk management model in the industry. With the increase in regulations from agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, it has...