Texas Mold Consultants

P.O. Box 160932
Austin, TX 78716

About Texas Mold Consultants

23+ years mold investigation experience
--Texas Mold License #MAC0273
--Texas Registered Professional Engineer #PE58122
--Certified Saferty Professional
--Over 10,000 mold samples taken
--Mold Expert Witness in Courtrooms

Safety Grapic Operations:
--Residential, Commercial, School, Governmental mold experience

-Mold Inspections
-Mold Sampling
-Mold Remediation Protocols
-Mold Clearances
-Texas Mold Certificates Issued
-Infrared Imaging for moisture detection
-Moisture assessments after water incidents for insurance documentation

"Dry Fog' hydrogen peroxide with silver - EPA Registered. SAFE - Decomposes into water and oxygen.
-Disinfection of Residences/Offices - mold/bacteria/virus
-Disinfection of Senior Living & Medical Facilities -infection control.

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Products by Texas Mold Consultants

By Texas Mold Consultants

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By Texas Mold Consultants

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