11/30/2020 Leaderboard - Occ Health & Safety

Scaffold Inspection Checklist

A free white paper by Emilcott

The BLS reported that in 2009, 54 fatalities as a result of scaffold failures. OSHA requires scaffold inspection by the competent person every day that employees will be working on the scaffold. OSHA Scaffolding Definition: Means any temporary elevated platform (supported or suspended) and its supporting structure (including points of anchorage), used for supporting employees or materials or both. This checklist provides a means for documenting the inspection. Competent Person should inspect the following: • Inspect scaffolding and components prior to each work shift • Determine feasibility of providing fall protection and access • Evaluate connections to support load and prevent swaying • Determine structural soundness when intermixing components manufacturer • Train erectors and dismantlers to recognize work hazards

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