Driving Dynamics Wins a 2017 APEX Award of Excellence for its DrivActiv™ Microlearning Library

Press Release from Driving Dynamics

Newark, Delaware, December 11, 2017— Driving Dynamics Inc., a provider of advanced performance driver safety training for fleet-based organizations throughout North America announced today it has been named as a 2017 award recipient in the twenty-ninth annual Awards for Publication Excellence (APEX) competition.

The company was honored with its 10 th APEX award in the Electronic Media Education & Training category for the redesign and quality of writing of its driver safety microlearning library which currently includes 33 safety tip videos. Included as part of Driving Dynamics’ new DrivActiv elearning service, the microlearning library is available in multiple languages, meets SCORM standards and is optimized for mobile devices .

“The targeted approach of these micro lessons set them apart from other safety communications. The instructional design component of our safety tips address employee safety within a quick few minutes by delivering light-bulb moments that relate directly to their personal experiences on the road. Our micro lessons are sustainable, practical and thought provoking messages that can be easily distributed to help change the way drivers value, think and act about their own safety,” said Art Liggio CEO and president of Driving Dynamics Inc.


About the APEX Awards
The APEX Awards for Publication Excellence is an international annual competition for publishers, editors, writers and designers who create print, Web, electronic and social media. APEX is sponsored by the editors of Writer's Web Watch , published by Communications Concepts, Inc., an e-newsletter for communicators who write, edit and manage business publications. Awards are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the success of the entry—in the opinion of the judges—in achieving overall communications effectiveness and excellence.


About Driving Dynamics Inc.

A leading provider of advanced performance driver safety training and fleet risk management services throughout North America, Driving Dynamics’ unique and highly effective approach to behind-the-wheel driver education, elearning, simulator-based training, and driver risk management has helped numerous fleet-based organizations achieve significant reductions in their crash rates. In 2017 it was named as top-20 safety and health company by Training Industry Inc.

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Newark, Delaware, Driving Dynamics has earned its position as an accomplished provider of impactful driver safety training for drivers of light-to-heavy-duty vehicles by continually building and delivering programs based on sound research, proven learning methodologies, and expert instruction. The company is dedicated to improving drivers’ abilities to stay safe by leveraging risk management tools, principle-based learning, and applied techniques. In 2017 Center for Transportation Safety was added to the Driving Dynamics portfolio. Steer Toward Safety ™ .

For more information visit www.drivingdynamics.com .

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