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New real-time Dust monitor from Casella CEL

Press Release from Casella

Capture dangerous dust levels on-site as they happen!

Setting a higher standard for accuracy and ease-of-use, the all-new CEL-712 Microdust Pro uses a laser diode based light-scattering sensor to instantly detect dangerous concentrations of airborne particles and aerosols in the workplace - great for spot checks and walk-through surveys, or when performing continuous evaluation of fast-changing environments.

  • Real-time concentration displayed on color LCD
  • Rugged design for extreme environments
  • Ultra wide range: 0.001 to 250,000 mg/m3
  • Unique field calibration cell included
  • Engineered to precisely measure dust, aerosols and powders
  • Comes with Casella Insight data management software.

Click here to download the CEL-712 Datasheet

With its large graphical color display, the CEL-712 Microdust Pro you can quickly identify events and trends by showing precisely when and where excessive dust levels occur. It has an on-board level alarm so immediate action can be taken. With the widest maximum measurement range of any hand-held real-time dust monitor available today (0.001 to 250,000 mg/m3), the CEL-712 can be zero- and span-calibrated in the field for maximum accuracy using its unique on-site calibration reference cell!


Limited Time Offer

As a preferred customer, you are qualified to purchase the CEL-712 at a special low introductory pricing. Call 1-800-366-2966 or click to contact our customer service department.

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