Building a Solid Training Program: Strategies for Success

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Whether you work in Safety, Quality, HR, or Operations, optimizing your frontline workforce the key to optimum performance. Ensuring frontline workers are trained not only on the what’s of safety and operations, but also on the why’s of compliance, makes a huge difference. Why does a robust training program matter? Research suggests effective training increases engagement, which can boost your bottom line. In fact, data from Gallup shows that businesses with the highest employee engagement significantly outperform those with low engagement. High turnover, product recalls, and safety incidents are often the result of ineffective training. In today’s manufacturing world, a strong training foundation is necessary to protect your people, profits, and brand. Want to learn how to build an effective training program that will get the entire company to buy in? This e-book will do just that, walking you through the necessary steps and best practices — before, during, and after launch.

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