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Products by e3 Occupational Health Solutions

  • Acoustic Systems Mini Screening Booth

    Providing a self-contained environment for hearing conservation programs, the Acoustic Systems Mini Sound Booth is a space-efficient sound booth that is quick and easy to set up. Choose between 2”- or 3”-thick single wall panels to effectively block out sound and create the perfect testing... Read More
  • Depisteo Spirolyser® Q13® Spirometer

    With so many noise hazards in the workplace, frequent screening of employee hearing is of the utmost importance. That’s why e3 Diagnostics offers a wide variety of premier industrial audiometers. Our industrial audiometers offer touchscreen function keys and user-friendly operation. Sound... Read More
  • Depisteo VT1® Visual Screener

    Vision screeners are an efficient and cost-effective way to identify visual impairment or eye conditions that could cause vision loss. Test results can be referred to an appropriate eye care professional for further evaluation and treatment. Whether you're screening students, employees, or... Read More

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