Delta Prevention introduces new permanent safety line

Press Release from Delta Prevention

Delta Prevention introduces its latest fall protection system: the VSS SafetyLine is a permanent warning line designed and manufactured in Canada.

  • Safer Surroundings

The VSS SafetyLine warning line allows you to delimit a visual perimeter around your rooftop or between areas where fall protection is needed. The VSS SafetyLine meets OSHA fall protection regulation for permanent warning line.

  • No Perforation of the Roof Membrane

Make your fall protection plan more complete without roof achors. Our safety line is completely freestanding: its base act as the counterweight necessary to meet the load required by OSHA fall protection. The VSS SafetyLine protects both your workers and your roof.

  • Built for Life

Avoid rust or deterioration that affects steel or concrete components. The VSS SafetyLine uses a patented, eco-friendly recycled rubber base. Extremely durable to impact and severe temperature changes, the 50 lb bases insure a solid grip on any type of flat roofs.

  • Evolves With Your Needs

We both know it: your fall protection plan will evolve over time. That’s why we have designed the safety line so it can be easily converted to a full guardrail thanks to 100% shared components. Your benefits? You can start your fall protection plan with a safety line and upgrade to a guardrail over the next years without throwing your money over the roof.

  • Quick Installation

Looking to delimit a temporary safety perimeter, protect the drop zone or access walkway to the job site ? The VSS SafetyLine can be installed in minutes with limited hand tools and the components can be stored in very little space. The VSS SafetyLine offer a lifespan much longer the traditional portable or handmade safety line.

Check out the video trailer for a sneak preview of the VSS SafetyLine.


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