10/27/21- Occupational H&S- Leaderboard
Products by Working Concepts Inc.
  • Ergokneel Handy Mats

    -Reduces knee trauma and low back stress -Pain free kneeling increases productivity -Providing ERGOKNEEL® mats shows that you care about your workers -Made of heavy, resilient, closed-cell foam rubber, not plastic -Will not compression set -Will not absorb liquids -Impervious to petroleum... Read More
  • Softknees

    SOFT KNEES® are for workers who frequently kneel for short periods of time. The sturdy, light weight SOFT KNEES® molded pad is barely noticeable to the worker when standing and walking, unlike the heavy, cumbersome, strap-on pad. Simply roll SOFT KNEES® into a tight roll and insert into the... Read More
  • Disposables

    Used by: -Nuclear Power Plants -Waste Burning Power Plants -Hazardous Waste Disposal Crews -Clean Rooms -Workers Wearing and Working Disposable Protective Coveralls -Less soft tissue injury -Increases time on the job -Worn inside or outside the garment -Protects workers knees in rough working... Read More