Medical Data Carrier

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About Medical Data Carrier

Medical Data Carrier (MDC) is a low cost, no tech means for a worker to provide crucial emergency contact and medical data about themselves to a first responder. Studies show that a first responder at a work site accident is usually a fellow worker or sometimes a good samaritan.

The MDC is comprised of a special vinyl sleeve that can be customized on the exterior with a logo, slogan or safety message in a variety of language and color options. It is applied to the helmet with a UL certified non exothermic 3M adhesive that is safe for helmet surfaces. It can also be utilized on PPE with a clip or attached/affixed to ID/Swipe cards for inside workers.

Inside is a two sided medical data form that captures everything and more that EMS and potentially the receiving hospital need to perform their triage and administration. The form is made of a synthetic paper that is water-proof and tear-proof.

Contact us for details and how to get custom branded MDC!

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