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At Condair, we are passionate about sharing and developing only the best solutions for humidity and environmentally conscious evaporative control.

We have made it our mission to develop market-leading solutions improving the comfort and health of our clients. Condair has developed a comprehensive suite of humidifiers that enable for properties of all sizes to introduce efficient and consistent hydration and comfort control. This is the result of decades of continuous research and innovation, which Condair continues to build upon to always ensure you get the most reliable and effective product possible.

Benefits of humidification for nursing and retirement homes include:

- Decreases transmission of airborne infections
- Improves respiratory issues
- Increase overall comfort by eliminating dry nasal passages, dry eyes, and sore throats
- Reduces premature drying and formation of scabs from coagulated blood
- Prevents electrostatic discharge

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By Condair Inc.

Condair's GS Series Condensing High-Efficiency Humidifier The Condair GS gas-powered steam humidification system is the industry’s first fully condensing and efficiency-leading humidifier. With over two decades of experience in manufacturing gas-fired humidifiers, Condair always strives to... Read more »

By Condair Inc.

The Condair DL hybrid humidifier is based exclusively on the advantages of the two humidification principles of atomization and evaporation. This results in the sustainable resolution of key problems which can emerge when these technologies are used individually. The humidification system is... Read more »

By Condair Inc.

Our team of industry-leading experts designed Condair's Steam Exchange Humidification systems to ensure reliable humidity from facility steam boilers throughout your entire facility. While the Condair SE-Series steam exchange humidifiers generate clean, hygienic, and atmospheric steam, all they... Read more »

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