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About EarthSafe + EvaClean

EarthSafe® and EvaClean® make the world safer with innovative chemistries. protocols, and equipment that prevent infections and solve industrial cleaning challenges.

Renowned for safer, more effective infection prevention solutions, EvaClean is a trusted partner of facilities worldwide in healthcare, long-term care, education, athletics, retail, travel/aviation, the public sector, and many other verticals. PurTabs® and PurOne® NaDCC disinfectants have the highest pathogenic kill claims and the lowest toxicity, while EvaClean Disposable Wipes reduce cross-contamination. The tablets are sustainable and versatile allowing facilities to replace many single-use products. Protexus® Electrostatic Sprayers helped revolutionize cleaning with 10 times faster application over 3 times more area. A recent NYU Langone study confirmed PurTabs applied with microfiber cloth followed by an electrostatic sprayer was the most effective surface disinfection method. EvaClean's PurExcellence® Program provides partners with ongoing training and customized protocols to increase safety, improve processes, and reduce costs.

EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives is known for providing safer options over hazardous chemicals that are as eco-friendly as they are powerful. EarthSafe offers an array of products to solve cleaning challenges for industrial and commercial facilities in manufacturing, construction, military, government, healthcare, and disaster response. EarthSafe's industrial-grade cleaning products include FlashDry Spill Absorbent and Universal Rapid Response Spill Kits. Made from organic coconut coir, FlashDry has 6 times the absorbing power of clay at half the cost. FlashDry is a more sustainable way to clean up oil and chemical spills without the health risks common among other types of absorbents. Superstratum Smart Polymer Coating is the most powerful mold prevention treatment available yet won't harm people or the environment. The non-toxic water-resistant coating is activated by moisture to create an invisible high-performance protective coating that lasts long term.

EarthSafe and EvaClean serve partners in every industry including NYC Department of Education, NYU Langone Health, US Army, Hertz, Boston Celtics, and more. Whether environmental hygiene or industrial hygiene, safety is the foundation for everything EarthSafe and EvaClean do.

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