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About A+ Non Slip Surfaces

A+ Non Slip Surfaces is a safety based company specializing in non-slip treatments for various types of hard mineral flooring surfaces, from natural stone, terrazzo, tile, marble, concrete, to bath tubs, and has a 2 year warranty. Also the only provider/installer and brand Ambassador of Form A Tread products for customizable permanent safety treads that have a 5 year warranty and available in safety yellow, black and glow green for surfaces such as brick, concrete, stone, fiberglass, and metal. All of our services provide non slip solutions for slippery surfaces for residential and commercial walking surfaces to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents.

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Products by A+ Non Slip Surfaces

By A+ Non Slip Surfaces

Permanent customizable form in place safety treads that adhere to various types of porous and non porous surfaces such as concrete, stone, wood, fiberglass, metal. Available in safety yellow, black, and glow green for low light conditions and adds extra non slip properties and visibility... Read more »

By A+ Non Slip Surfaces

Non slip treatments and coatings for various types of hard mineral walkway surfaces and bath tubs. Prevents slip and fall accidents and most products have a COF of 0.60 and above. Read more »