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About Antris

Antris is a safety & communication solution designed for organizations with work-alone or at-risk personnel. The Antris system communicates with your mobile device, automatically notifying the necessary people of a trip’s progress. If the unexpected happens or a check-in is missed, Antris instantly notifies managers or emergency contacts.

Antris offers administrators access to a centralized web dashboard enabling them to monitor the status and location of personnel in real-time.

The Antris reporting tool compiles customized reports, providing powerful analytics & data-rich insights into the organization’s operational workflow.

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Antris As a staff manager, I want to stay in touch with my staff, so they come home safely. Your KPI’s Demand: • Safety Monitoring • Regulatory Compliance • Happy Connected Workers Safety is your top priority and it’s ours too. Our mission is to protect every lone worker with a smartphone. An... Read more »