Smart Phone Tech now available - Leak Alert Device - LAD™ from Killarney Metals

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July 29, 2020 Charlotte, NC  Leak Alert Device - LAD™

Take your home spill containment to a whole new level with the NEW Leak Alert Device (LAD)™ from Killarney Metals. Our metal drip and drain pans are excellent tools in the fight against water damage and mold development in your home. Now you can add LAD™ -- the Leak Alert Device -- and be notified with an alert whenever your appliance develops a leak into your water containment pan. The LAD™ will continuously monitor your system for the presence of water. If water is sensed LAD™ will send a notice electronically to your smart phone to make you aware of any problems. The device is simple to install and easy to use with its own operations app that can be downloaded off of Apple and Google app stores.  PROTECT and ALERT at every water supply with the Leak Alert Device (LAD)™. From washing machine pans, to hot water heater pans, to ice maker pans, to under sink pans and more, NOW be WARNED of a leak or spill from your home appliance - making it immediately manageable. Add the innovative and cost effective LAD™ to a quality containment pan from Killarney Metals - creating a full and complete system to protect your valuable home investment. 

To find out more about the  Leak Alert Device - LAD™  visit  or call toll-free (877) 801-7417 during business hours 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EST to speak directly with an experienced member of the Killarney Metals team.

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