Keep Spills Contained with the Hanging Pallet Rack Drip Tray from Killarney Metals

Press Release from Killarney Metals

September 11, 2020  Hanging Pallet Rack Drip Pan

Killarney Metals newest innovation, The Hanging Pallet Rack Containment Tray System is designed to cover spills in rack bays & fits under wire decking! The solution you need for spill containment under pallet rack stored materials is now available & proudly Made in the U.S.A.! The Pallet Rack Containment Tray uses supporting flanges to hold the pan within the beam seat of the racking bay -- while not interfering with existing rack components & wire decking -- or limiting storage area within the rack. Once you know your required coverage specifications, check out the Killarney Metals Pallet Rack Drip Pan Coverage Setup Table to calculate the necessary number of pallet rack pans for full coverage of standard bay sizing here:     

To find out more about the Hanging Pallet Rack Drip Tray visit  or call toll-free (877) 801-7417 during business hours 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EST to speak directly with an experienced member of the Killarney Metals team.   

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