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Hazmat Ground Shipper Certification (DOT)

Lion’s Hazmat Ground Shipper initial certification is a top rated 2 day course designed to help compliance professionals meet the US DOT’s hazmat training standard. Using Lion's Ten Steps™ for hazmat transportation as a foundation, students will learn a systematic approach for applying the most... Read More

Hazmat Ground Shipper Certification (DOT) - Recurrent

For experienced hazmat employees and managers, this streamlined recurrent training is designed to satisfy the US DOT's recurrent hazmat training requirement at 49 CFR 172.704(c)(2). Available in 3 convenient formats, Hazmat Ground Shipper Certification - Recurrent provides a review of the US... Read More

Hazmat Air Shipper Certification (IATA)

Lion’s IATA hazmat air shipper training will build on your 49 CFR knowledge and guide you through the latest unique rules for shipping hazmat by air. At this one-day course, you will learn to navigate the IATA DGR and find the fast answers you need in real-world shipping situations. Gain a clear... Read More

Hazmat Vessel Shipper Certification (IMDG)

Shippers who offer hazardous materials for transport by vessel are subject to different regulations than those who ship only by ground or air. Failure to comply with the standards set forth by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) can result in rejected shipments, costly port delays and... Read More

Multimodal Hazmat Shipper Certification Workshops (DOT, IATA, IMDG)

Ensure your hazmat shipments comply with the latest rules for ground, air, and vessel transport. You can sign up for all three workshops for Complete Multimodal Training. Ground Workshop (49 CFR) At Lion's nationally recognized two-day Hazmat Ground Shipper Certification (DOT) Workshop, you... Read More

Shipping Lithium Batteries

Lion’s Shipping Lithium Batteries course provides full hazmat/dangerous goods training for shipping lithium batteries by ground, air, and vessel. Whether you ship lithium-ion or lithium-metal batteries—large or small, in equipment, with-equipment, or stand-alone—this course guides you through... Read More

Shipping Lithium Batteries (Function-Specific)

New requirements for lithium battery shipments take effect on January 1, 2017. Major updates for 2017 include stricter IATA DGR Operator Variations from FedEx and UPS, new lithium battery labels, and more. Get up to speed with the latest 49 CFR, IATA, and IMDG requirements for shipping lithium... Read More

8 Hour OSHA HAZWOPER Refresher—Contaminated Site Cleanup

This course is designed to meet the annual 8-hour HAZWOPER refresher training requirement for employees, supervisors, and managers who work at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites. Professionals who must complete refresher HAZWOPER training include those who work at Federal Superfund sites, those... Read More

2 Hour HAZWOPER Emergency Response First Responders Awareness Level I

This 2-hour online course provides Level 1 awareness HAZWOPER training for first responders with responsibilities for sounding alarms and/or evacuating in the event of a hazardous substance release. The course will satisfy the initial or annual refresher of classroom-based competency training... Read More

8 Hour OSHA HAZWOPER Refresher—Emergency Response Technician Level III

This course provides annual refresher HAZWOPER training for emergency response technicians. OSHA requires annual refresher training for HAZWOPER emergency responders. Level 3 emergency response technicians—also called hazardous materials technicians—are personnel who take “aggressive” response... Read More

10 Hour OSHA General Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace injuries cost American businesses more than $1 billion per week. Studies have shown that companies that adequately manage workplace safety and health perform better financially than those that don't. Employers have a responsibility both to... Read More

Managing Hazard Communication

Any employer whose employees handle or are exposed to hazardous chemicals must have a written hazard communication ("HazCom") plan. Failure to develop or maintain a HazCom plan is consistently citied as the #1 violation of OSHA's General Industry Standards. OSHA's adoption of the Globally... Read More

Personal Protective Equipment

If your employees are required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), OSHA requires you to provide training on what PPE to use, and when and how to use it. This OSHA training must also cover the limitations of PPE, proper care and maintenance, and more. [29 CFR 1910.132(f)] This one-hour... Read More

Respiratory Protection

Employees who work in environments with insufficient oxygen, or where harmful dusts, fogs, smokes, mists, fumes, gases, vapors, or sprays are present need respirators. Since different hazards require specific respirators, effective training on how to select and use the proper respirator, is... Read More

Ladder Safety

Working on an elevated surface exposes employees to a variety of dangers. If an employee fails to use a ladder correctly, that employee puts himself and others at risk. Understanding the principles of ladder safety is critical to keeping workers safe. This online course is designed to provide... Read More

Hearing Conservation

Employees exposed to loud noise in the workplace may suffer from temporary or permanent hearing loss, as well as other negative health effects. OSHA's hearing conservation program requires that employees exposed to a noise level that averages at or above 85 dB per 8 hours worked be trained... Read More

Forklift Safety

When operated by an untrained employee, a powered industrial truck, or forklift, can cause serious injury or death to both the operator and bystanders. Because forklifts pose significant dangers, no employee may operate one without training. Retraining is required if an employee has operated a... Read More

Lockout / Tagout

This online course is designed to inform employers and employees of the general safety requirements to be implemented in the workplace under OSHAs Control of Hazardous Energy Program (Lockout/Tagout.) The training is applicable to those who perform servicing or maintenance on equipment that is... Read More

Confined Spaces Entry Awareness

Employees who work near hazardous confined spaces must be trained on the serious dangers they face if they enter these spaces without authorization. This online course builds employee awareness about OSHA’s standards for confined spaces and permit-required confined spaces. Employees who do not... Read More

RCRA Hazardous Waste Management

Lion’s RCRA hazardous waste training is a top rated - 2 day course - that will meet your annual EPA training requirement. This course will help you build a streamlined approach to identify, manage, and dispose of your site’s hazardous waste in full compliance with the latest RCRA generator rules... Read More

RCRA Hazardous Waste Management - Refresher

This top rated RCRA refresher training is designed to satisfy EPA’s annual training mandate for hazardous waste personnel and can be completed in approximately 7 to 8.5 hours (1 day). Students get a thorough review of critical RCRA management, storage, and disposal requirements for hazardous... Read More

Advanced RCRA Hazardous Waste Management

Designed for experienced hazardous waste managers, this workshop will help you discover new strategies to streamline your hazardous waste processes and make informed decisions that protect your company’s bottom line. Expand on your RCRA expertise and learn new ways to minimize waste, treat and... Read More

Complete Environmental Regulations – FULL TRAINING NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!

This two-day workshop provides EHS professionals with an overview of the major air, water, and chemical program s implemented by US EPA (40 CFR). Attend to learn the critical elements of major EPA programs, keys to applicability, critical requirements, and how to locate regulatory mandates that... Read More

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